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Dear Mr. President,

I write you as a desperate wife and mother! Im asking for your help in any way possible. Im asking you to picture yourself being forcibly separated from your family. Can you picture never holding one of your children? Can you picture in your mind one of your children legally blind and you not being there to help? Can you picture leaving your wife to deal with all this alone! Can you picture your girls wanting to know when daddy is coming home and tears filling up in their eyes? Please take a few minutes and put yourself in these shoes because this has been the life we have been living!
Sir, my husband and I have been together thirteen years and married for five of them. We have three beautiful boys, a 10-year old, a 4-year old, and a 1- year old. When our oldest son turned eight he began to have vision problems. When I had him checked by doctor after doctor they found by a mitochondrial DNA test that he had a rare disorder called LHON. This has caused him to be legally blind. When this all began his little face would look up at me and ask why is this happening to me? He asked me, If there is a God then why did this happen to me? In school he had always made average grades but just when he began to become a stronger reader he lost his vision. So he had to learn and is still learning a whole new way of reading, Braille. Naturally we all went through a process of denial that he had a disability but now I realize that we have to face it and accept it . My son has become very depressed, his self confidence has diminished, and the way he used to smile so brightly is now a barely noticeable dull. He doesnt have much to look forward to anymore. His father has been deported and he has lost his sight. Life as he knows it has forever changed! His dream was to become a doctor and now he doesnt know what kind of goals to hold for himself. With all of this going on, we had encounter even more changes: a new baby which I almost miscarried, his daddy being forcibly separated from him, and then having to leave his home and move in with grandma and grandpa due to the financial strain. Sir, Im asking for your help my Husband, Oscar Magallanes, was deported to Mexico and given a ten year bar from entering back in the United States.
We attempted to get his U. S. residence and at his interview at the U. S. consulate in August 2009 he was given a ten year bar. When asked had he ever been to the U. S. returned to Mexico and then back again and his reply was yes but, honestly I cant remember if it was 1997 or 1998. He told the consular officer this and therefore this is what created a ten year bar because of his uncertainty. Sir, I realize there are laws but he has always been an excellent provider for our children and a very hard worker. This should be taken into consideration. He has no criminal record except a few traffic violations. Sir, I have reached out by letters to just about everywhere and Im respectfully ask for your help!
Sir, he knew that our precious baby boy was coming and he wanted to come back because he said we have tried to do it the right way and that didnt work! I kept saying no just wait someone has to listen and care. This situation made my pregnancy very stressful and I almost had a miscarriage. It was very complicated, in and out of the hospital for about eighteen weeks. As miracles do happen I delivered him on December 27th 2009 and he is now a year old. This poor baby has never seen his father or felt his embrace! This tore my husband and me apart because he wasnt here for his birth! That March he did try to return knowing the laws but having only one thing on his mind and that was returning to his family and responsibilities. He was caught in Laredo, Texas where he was held as an eye witness against the smugglers. Ice officials called and said that he was not arrested and was only being held as an eye witness. If he would help him them they would help him. This gave us so much hope. They proceeded to say that since he was helping the U. S. Government, that it would look good on his credibility. He was moved to CCA in Laredo, Texas and feared for his safety if they deported him back to Mexico. He expressed this to the immigration judge and he simply said to stay away from the border. Then he was deported to Mexico. Basically the government got what they wanted but what he very much needed wasnt important. Sir, because of the various drug lords and mafia activity in his home town of Monterrey, Mexico people are being killed! Some towns are even closing up there stores early afraid of a group coming in and shooting it up or stealing money. I fear that my children may not have a father to return home because of the obvious and now it is out that he is a snitch.
Sir, I give you one final thought if you could only visualize. Picture how difficult it would be for Sasha and Maliah to be losing their sight and all the adjustments coming along with that. Then BOOM no dad to help deal with it all! Sir, I ask of you to think of your children being raised without you! Please Im asking with the petitioned supporting signatures Im asking you to allow him to be with us, even if this means paying a fine. We desperately need some way for him to stay here permanently. We have an extreme hardship without him here! Please help our family to be reunited! Sir, I saw when you were campaigning to be our President how you truly stepped out in the community with the people. This is why I voted for you because I felt you would be the perfect example of truly giving our country hope. Please reach out and touch our family! Thank you for your time!

Clarissa Magallanes

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