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We, the undersigned, inveigh upon the right honorable members of the EU government to exemplarily expel United Kingdom from the EU.

This political course sought by this petition comes as a reaction to the sordid events that recently took place in the UK, which exposed the true and deeply disturbing face of the nation in question. We feel, based on these distressing events described further in this petition, that the UK is not a civilised enough a nation to play any role in a multinational union, safe, perhaps, for the children-killing and prisoner-torturing coalitions of the endlessly warring USA, which in itself is an indelible and inexcusable moral stain on the EU today. But under no circumstance does the UK belong to the EU, which holds, practices, and embraces the very ideals of democracy, liberty, and fraternity so dear. Prepare yourself to be deeply shocked and saddened by the following account exposing the true UKs lack of compassion, regard for human rights, children lives, accountability, responsibility at all levels of the UK society.

Let the senseless murder of C Blewitt be the final UK's assault on EU's ideals! Sign this petition. Spread the word.
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Recently a news broke, quickly swept into obscurity by the gargantuan crimes of the UK and US soldiers in Iraq, of an English couple named the Gays. This middle-age couple had recently adopted a 3 year old boy in England. They proceeded to torture him by feeding him salt only diet. Yes, you heard right! Salt only diet. Their crime resonating with very evil of Hitler's extermination camps caused the defenseless boy a brain damage about which the Gays actually had the gall to complain to the adoption agency. However, the adoption agency, although responsible for the well-being of the child, did nothing to investigate the arising crises. Their failure to do so cost the innocent and vulnerable 3-year old boy his very life.

Yes, the 3 year old died.

Consider that this is the 21st century, the EU, the place where we boast the highest standard of living on the planet, where we pride ourselves with the highest educational rates, where weve got electronics everywhere, where our satellites control everything, and yet where theres room for orphans to be tortured to death with no one, not even the government, to care for them.

We must not tolerate such abuse of human rights within the structure of the EU.

The Gays murdered him with the salt diet and apparently a blow to the head discovered later during the autopsy of the poor kid. Unfortunately, the shuddering story continues with the UK government turning the blind eye to such a horrendous crime. Not only the adoption agency had failed to save the boys life, the UK court system compounds and seals this moral bankruptcy by giving the Gays a token slap on the wrists. The Gays got 5 years for the torture and death of a child. Make no mistake, by giving these vicious murderers a mere symbolic sentence, the UK government de facto ratified this inhumane crime.

We must not tolerate this assault on human rights.

Children, not even one, must never be allowed to die in the hands of perverts under the flag of the EU if we can help it and we must not let the responsible governments get away with protecting such wretched murderers. And the UK did just that! Yes, the UK has violated and assaulted the very basic foundation of humanity -- and we must not stand by idle.

Yes, its time for us to act. Yes, its time for the EU to revoke UKs membership, if for no other reason than as an exemplary measure! Granted, some may argue that the UKs morals have been greatly eroded by playing the poodle part in the torture of prisoners in Iraq and in the US-led genocide of the oil continent, but the case of the Gays screams for action nonetheless.

For action before its too late for the rest of the EU. For action before this wave of bankrupt and diseased morals, undoubtedly moving eastward from the very shores of USA, washes upon the EU continent muddying up our own way of life, sense of justice, decency and upstanding morality. For action that will send a clear signal to all those who still dare in the 21st century to willfully assault or take childs life.

We therefore ask by means of this petition all members of the EU government, with the exception of the British representatives, to strike the UK from the list of EU members with exemplary permanence.

We thank you for executing the peoples will.

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