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For the attention of :

Mrs Brochard, Legal Affairs, Council of Europe
Members of the European Parliament
Mr Kyprianou, EC Commissioner
Mrs. Defraine, Senator
The ambassadors to Belgium of the countries in question

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Re: European Convention for the protection of pet and stray animals

On 12 September 2006 we were received by Mrs.Spanou, Member of Cabinet representing Commissioner Kyprianou at the offices of the European Commission. During this meeting we learned that Commissioner Kyprianou whose portfolio includes the issue of animal welfare, had already proposed a European Convention on this subject.
However, when it was presented to the Member States, it could not be voted in as it lacked the necessary quotas of approval:

- At least 55\% of all votes cast
- At least 55\% of Member States
- At least 65\% of countries of the European Union
As a result, the proposal has been frozen. The above three criteria cannot be modified and the Convention will therefore never see the light of day. These criteria are obsolete, does not take into consideration the situation of animals in the new member states and its demands are out of proportion with the current plight of animals which has deteriorated tremendously throughout Europe.

We also learned that a European Convention was signed in Strasbourg on 13/11/1987. The Council of Europe is supposed to meet every five years to bring this Convention up to date but unfortunately this has not been followed through.

It should be mentioned that Romania and Bulgaria will become member states on 1st January 2007 and that these two countries are particularly representative of the cruelty perpetrated on stray animals. If the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the European Union on the whole want to be consistent with the values they preach, they need to bring in legislation to protect pet and stray animals.

Currently, public opinion is of high value to legislators and deserves to be listened to. The Parliament is duty bound to take into consideration all petitions addressed to it which is why we have prepared this one:

We would like :

a) The Council of Europe to sanction member states who fail to adhere to the Strasbourg Convention. We also request that it holds its meetings every five years as outlined in its mandate ;

b) The quotas necessary for the voting in of the project proposed by Mr Kyprianou to be revised to a more acceptable level of 50\% for each quota. Advancing along the road of civilisation means to take up the issue of animal welfare with all existing member states as well as those of the future.

c) A European Convention on animal welfare to be voted in and enforced as soon as possible and sanctions to be applied to any country which does not respect it.

Every day animal welfare organisations receive cries of help relating to the massacres perpetrated on domestic animals. We receive photographs and films which make simply unbearable viewing. It is common to witness the aggressive capture of stray animals which is then soon followed by a long-lasting and usually agonising death from methods such as poisoning, beating to death with iron bars or stabbing an animal while it is still conscious. These images are shocking and do nothing for the image of the countries carrying out these barbaric acts on a daily basis. An animal, just like a human being, is capable of suffering. It is our duty to speak out for and protect those who do not have the voice to do so themselves.
What we would like to see mentioned in the future European Convention

Severely punish those who publicly abandon an animal

Animals should be identified upon purchase by their owner with an electronic chip as the law foresees across Europe as of 2007

Severely punish all mistreatment of animals in accordance with a future law to be applied throughout the European Union

Establish a policy of birth control, i.e. draw up a budget with the aim of:

organising and funding a Europe-wide trap, neuter , release and vaccination programme
for Europes millions of stray animals
Constructing shelters which conform to the norms in place within the EU
Subsidising these shelters to ensure that the animals are comfortably housed,
fed and treated in time
Financing the post of a shelter director for each shelter and ensure that his
role is carried out to a minimum Europ- wide standard

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