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About a week ago, my main account was banned for no apparent reason, along with my friend DutchStyle.

Neither of us had done anything wrong, so I sent an email to joyce. I just got her reply today, and she said that the reason I was banned was because "Dark_Rider charged back 65 EO codes. -KreatoR- benefited from this."

I was a bit confused from this, so I contacted Grace at Live Support, who proceeds to tell me that Dark_Rider had not paid for his 65 EO codes, and anyone who made trades with him for EP at any point in time were banned, and will remain that way until Dark_Rider pays the money he owes TQ.

Personally, I think this is bullshit. I have only ever traded with Dark_Rider once, I sold him a king Reindeer mount for 900 EP. That was a legal trade. I had nothing to do with him charging EP and not paying.

If anyone is to blame for this, it is TQ themselves. They should not have made it to where you can charge EP. Make them pay before they recieve the ep.

So now, because of TQ's stupidity, me and other innocent players have to suffer until Dark_Rider pays the money he owes, which will probobly never happen.

I just want to hear thoughts from other players on this.

Thank you for your time and reading.

Also, I'm making this into a petition to get mine and DutchStyles accounts back, so if you think this mess is bullshit just like us, or if you know either of us in the game please leave your IGN here, and a little message telling TQ what you think...

so 2 people who done nothing wrong here got banned. sign the petition now!

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Latest Signatures

  • 05 December 2015100. Leonard Pault
    I support this petition
  • 21 August 201599. Benson Boone
    Unban him! He hasn't done anything wrong, it was a fair transaction for his own mount.
  • 19 August 201598. Ryanrynsloth Joseph
    even more bullcrap courtesy of TQ... they wonder why everyone is quitting, yet they "fudge" people over who were still playing, and legit just because they unknowingly traded with someone who cheated TQ... how they allowed someone to get 65 codes without
  • 08 August 201597. Sterling Hines
    hahahahha u deserve it dutchstyle is a noob owned.justice was served
  • 18 July 201596. Dutchstyle Pearson
    yeah tq , banning people for trading someone is just lame..
  • 21 June 201595. Trillium Lynch
    Ive heard that people have gotten banned from not paying for their codes... but to ban people for trading with these people is a ridiculous business practice. TQ you should be more careful with how many codes you give out, maybe set up a get half of the p
  • 18 April 201594. Your Luckyimsigningt
    I support this petition
  • 08 March 201593. Mohanad Goodman
    | DevilDeity | hahahahah this happened to me before ^^
  • 27 February 201592. Shino Alexander
    really want to help. hope that this sign will help you alot.
  • 22 January 201591. Samhara Boyer
    I support this petition
  • 05 January 201590. Gomezthe G
    G-Man: i am sorry guys i hope you get your accounts back
  • 03 December 201489. Ladydoeveryone Faulkner
    ive played this game for 18 month this is a outrage.
  • 03 October 201488. Blackchaosking Clark
    I support this petition
  • 17 August 201487. Mahri Brennan
    I support this petition
  • 14 August 201486. Nemesis Tyler
    Tq do the right thing and give Dutch and his friends acc back
  • 20 May 201485. Gemdude Leonard
    Damn this sucks allot cuz u had nothing to do with it and got banned from something u didnt know of..
  • 11 May 201484. Andrew C
    Umm how can you ban someone for this stupid crap TQ, its your fault alone. You should of told everyone not to trade him or ban his account from the start when we started sending you emails about him scamming and stealing everyone things, yes? These guys d
  • 24 January 201483. Brom Castillo
    I understand banning Dark_Rider for not paying for the eps. I could also understand putting a temporary block on accounts that he GAVE eps to since this would be a way for someone to move the eps to an account before being banned for scamming TQ. But bann
  • 24 October 201382. Ricky Cooley
    give them back all of their things TQ!
  • 23 July 201381. Haruki Davis
    its just plain nonsence... what on earth is other innocent players to do with people who didnt paid their bill... its just plain unfair and stupid. Don't you know how much effort is needed to get into their current level?
  • 28 February 201380. Azzil Pacheco
    TQ, omg! It's not fair that you are taking away their accounts.. they did NOTHING wrong!
  • 22 February 201379. Runningelk Diaz
    I support this petition
  • 12 December 201278. Diggernutt Martinez
    This sucks. You deserve your account back.
  • 09 November 201277. Luccs Chen
    its just annoying. why would they get banned for trading a guy -_-
  • 07 November 201276. Finalrouge Cochran
    if they decided not to ban Dark_Rider its their own fault if people sell or buy things from him, they should really of locked his account untill payment went through, so its not Dutch's or KreatoR's fault its EOs fault
  • 27 October 201275. Dragonattack Nicholson
    these guys have NOTHING to do with Dark_riders theft. Why must they pay if u allow him to credit codes he hasnt paid for
  • 03 October 201274. Dragonheart Austin
    i know you both and its kinda messed up, im helping a friend that used to help me all the time, just because of this...this just isnt right.

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