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A Rant by Dillon Robinson

Aboriginal Rights, Unfair Advantage?

I'll cut straight to the point.
So. I live in Canada, eh? A large portion of Canadians are aboriginals.

So let's backtrack: The aboriginals are Canada's version of your American Native Americans. Only the ones in the US got treated even worse than ours. And yet your government does the RIGHT thing: it disregards their complaints and treats them like any other person. Good. Very, very good.

Now let's look at Canada's: Some were killed, blah blah blah, some were moved against their will, blah blah blah, and a LOAD of the youths were forced into government controlled schooling.

Now, wait a minute, isn't that a good thing? Yes! The government GAVE them great education, and they still call it an injustice. Injustice? They wouldn't have gone to school otherwise!

And can you guess what OUR government is doing about these petty "injustices"? THEY SPOON FEED THEM LIFE.

So, I'll begin:

First, they can hunt anywhere, any time. I know, that PO's me too. Us "whitemen" have to wait for that certain time of year and go to certain fields. Guess what the aboriginals do? They grab their gun, walk into a guys field, and start shooting. My aboriginal friend told me that they were going hunting a while ago. He said they just had to march into the guys field, alert him that they were going to hunt, and BLAM, they could being to slaughter his deer. Why?

Next, each year, the government gives them money! For no reason! My aboriginal friend get's $500 a year alone, to himself! FOR NO REASON! His family, each year, is just handed $2,500 for no reason other than the fact that they are aboriginal.

Also, aboriginals don't have to pay INCOME TAX if they live on reserve.

....I'm NOT joking. Us "whities" lose a lot of cash each year because of the dreadful income tax. So why don't the aboriginals have to? It's BS. No income tax i they live on reserves. Reserves, you ask? Oh, nothing, just communities that ONLY NATIVES CAN LIVE IN. Racism right there for you.

That's not the only tax they don't have to pay, there are a few other ones I forget at the moment.

You want to know what is particularly irritating, considering I'm a student who has to eye post-secondary education in a few years?


THAT is NOT a joke. I even thought it was at first. My friend says that he just tells his dad where he wants to go, his dad passes it on to the "chief" (aaaahahahaha) and the chief basically tells the school, " So-and-so WILL be coming here to be educated."

Put 2 and 2 together. The aboriginals are being SPOON-FED success...and they don't seem to give a sh**. The majority of Canada's aboriginals have a less-than-average income. WHY....WHY IS THAT? They basically get a jump-start on successful living, but don't grab at the chance! My friend, the aboriginal one again, get's all of that cash each year, his dad doesn't pay income tax, he hunts without paying, etc ,etc, and they STILL live in a trailer home. It's mind boggling, it really is. His dad is even buying him a car and a $5,000 computer. And for what? Nothing. And with what? Why, their handed-out cash. it's like giving a bum $1,000,000 only to find out the next day that he bought one-million packs of gum for himself, and is still living in a BOX...

Fact: Tehre are currently about 1,000,000 aboriginals living in Canada.

Fact: I live in Alberta.
Fact: Percentage of Albertans that are aboriginal: 5\%
Fact: Percentage of Albertan prisoners that are aboriginal: 50\%

Why is this happening? They're all for, "Stop racism, we're one and the same, everyone deserves to be treated equally."
And that they do. So where is MY free cash? To aboriginals, equality only needs to apply when convenient for them. Because surely I am not being treated equally.
So, they're getting all of this free stuff. Why? Because of a few things that happened 200 years ago? Well, sure, go ahead and repair the damage. THE DAMAGE THAT OCCURED 200 YEARS AGO. How do you do that? You help out the aboriginals that existed THEN.
There hasn't been a great injustice towards aboriginals in a hundred friggen years! So what are today's aboriginals being compensated for? NOTHING!
The fact of the matter is they are getting this pampering solely because they are aboriginal.

I found an interesting article[URL=http://www.taxpayer.com/main/news.php?news_id=580]HERE[/URL]

I'll quote it's good points.

Provincially, tax exemptions for on reserve natives may be found in numerous pieces of provincial legislation - for example the Tobacco Tax Act and Social Service Tax Act. The tax exemptions provided include: provincial sales tax, property tax, motor fuel tax, electricity and natural gas tax, tobacco tax, hotel room tax and alcohol tax. Additional information regarding these provincial tax exemptions may be found at http://www.gov.bc.ca/rev/.[/QUOTE]

Tobacco? Electricity? Now we really ARE spoon-feeding them with a golden spoon.

[QUOTE]Due to lost revenue created by the existing native tax exemptions, taxpayers are forced to pay higher taxes to make up the difference. While no provincial estimate of the lost tax revenue is available, according to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency there are approximately $1 billion in federal exemptions per year.[/QUOTE] Need I say more, they are RUINING our economy! That's another $1,000,000,000 that could have gone to charity. Hmmph.

the article goes on to say that this whole tax exemption thing is [QUOTE]an unfair competitive advantage[/QUOTE] and I couldn't agree more.

Update: Why, look what I find in today's newspaper! "OFFICIAL COURT NOTICE: The residential schools settlement process has begun. The healing continues." ...then is shows this cheesy picture of a hand holding a feather. Oh, so, the aboriginals OWN the feather now as their symbol? Uh-uh, I don't think so, they've been greedy enough already.

The announcement goes on to reveals some truly disturbing information. You know those schools I mentioned? Not only was it free schooling that they otherwise wouldn't have gotten, but it also thought them English! Knowing English in Canada is ESSENTIAL! These "residential schools" were a good thing! No, a GREAT thing! The disturbing information? Get this load of BS. The aboriginals are getting spoon-fed more cash because of another injustice, the "injustice" of getting a great, free, and important education! PFFFT. *sniffs* Hmm, smells like bullshit to me. Apparently, there are 88,000 aboriginals still living that got this great schooling service. Guess what they get paid? All-together, the government has $1,900,000,000 they are going to throw away for ONE of the costs. First, they have ohohohoho "common experience" payments. This is where $1,900,000,000 is going. Apparently, getting quality schooling was a terrible atrocity...hmmm. It goes like this: for the first year they were there, they get $10,000 no questions asked. Fucking stupid. For every year of QUALITY FUCKING EDUCATION they got after that, they get another $3,000...

It gets even worse.

I know, I know, here's a little bag you can throw up in if you want.

If the former students say they suffered physical or sexual abuse (SAME FUCKING THING), they can get between $5,000 and $275,000....

Now, let's look at the next sentence for a second. It's really quite intriguing. May I share with you my thoughts? Thank you. I propose that this article was either: A) Written by an aboriginal or B) Written by a government official who knows the right and simple words to lure in aboriginals. Because the next sentence is brief, straight to the point, and, well, very ,very, aboriginal in it's simple sentence structure. *ahem* "You could get more money if you also show a loss of income.".....see? Look how blunt that is! The aboriginals don't care about the healing proccess , they want cold, hard CASH! Now, first, aboriginals hardly make a substantial income, so what loss could there have been? Next, and more notably, they were children. THEY WERE CHILDREN.


Forget schooling for a second

Fact: Split the cost equally? The billion of unpaid taxes divided by the million living aboriginals. Each aboriginal gets on average $1,000 per year of unpaid taxes. If they live on reserve, then even factor that in and that number goes way up. WAY up because the won'y pay income tax. Oh, wait, now add on the roughly $500-$600 they get each year from reserve. That number is up to $1,500 now.


Plus, the government is doling out more cash to pay for the most ridiculous things. $125,000,000 is being spent for "healing".....and I have no idea what that means but surely is doesn't need to be spent wasted. Next, $60,000,000 will be spent to "research, document, and preserve the experiences of the survivors..."

...hold on, if this is such a tragedy, then why do they want a fucking happy-memories scrapbook on the damned thing?

Finally, $20,000,000 for "national and community commemorative projects"....

SURELY they mean to commemorate the schools for providing such a great service, aren't they? Hm, nope, it seems this cost merely fund a nation-wide aboriginal pity-party.

It's a terrible thing to say, but I'm glad a portion of the former students are....not living any longer. It would cost the taxpayers EVEN MORE.

Let's review. Assuming most students were there for 2-3 years, let's make it 2.5 for an average. But that still, sadly, pays off the second year.

$1,500 (yearly cash and unpaid taxes, averaged off to total number of currently living aboriginals) X (roughly) 1,000,000 (currently living aboriginals)

= (roughly, maybe too high) $1,500,000,000 per year, from the average aboriginal population.


$10,000 (first year of quality schooling)


$3,000 (portion on average of second year spent)

= $13,000 X 80,000 (number of living former students)

= $1,040,000,000 (this years "school settlement" ["the healing continues!"] )


$125,000,000 additional "healing" from government


$60,000,000 reasearch, documentation


$20,000,000 commemorative projects pity-party


abuse costs.

Now let's assume here. I'll be generous and propose, almost hypothetically, that one out of every 32 students were abused. Ok? 2,500 abused students still living. It's impossbile to predict the payments between five-thousand and two-hundred seventy-five thousand, so I'll get the in-between for a sort of average. It's $135,000. Even that's a little high, not everyone will get a huge amount, thankfully. I'll assume the average of abuse cash for everyone abused is $50,000.

$50,000 X 2,500 students = $125,000,000

It's a VERY rough number but it's the best I can do.

WITH SOME ESTIMATE IN ABUSE COSTS: $1,500,000,000 + $1,040,000,000 + $125,000,000 + $60,000,000 + $20,000,000 + (roughly) $125,000,000

= (*gets calculator*)


This year alone, the government and therefore the taxpayers will give aboriginals a rough total of $2,870,000,000

Add in the fact that each year, the cost of aboriginals not paying specific taxes costs the taxpayers around 1 billion.

=Fact: this year alone, the government is handing off THREE BILLION DOLLARS to Aboriginals.

You know what the aboriginal motto should be? "Equality when convenient"

They want equal rights and group rights at the same time, and that in itself is a disgusting contradiction. You want to be treated the same? Then have every special aboriginal right stripped. What the Canadian government is doing is plain wrong and to be blunt, discrimination. Why? Because here and now, people are getting unfair advantages just because of their skin color. Today's aboriginals have not gone through ANY tough times caused by anyone but themselves.

Do you know what is nearly as bad? Minority scholarships; where black people get scholarships just because they are black.

But that, children, is another story and another day.

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