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To: Senator Barbara Boxer

January 27, 2008 

The Honorable Barbara Boxer,
Senator of California 

112 Hart Senate Office Building 

Washington, DC 20510 

Dear Senator Boxer,

We are writing to ask you to endorse former senator John Edwards and his 

campaign for president of the United States. As you know, we are at a 

pivotal point in our national and human history. We can choose to 

stand for drastic and substantial change or we can maintain the status 

quo and suffer the consequences. 

John Edwards has been leading the effort for change since the start of 

his 2008 campaign. Not only has he been talking about change, he has 

put substance behind the word, ideas behind the spirit, and concrete 

policies behind the concept. John was the first to propose a plan for 

universal health care, he was the first to challenge the American 

people to conserve energy as patriotic citizens, he was the first to 

propose a stimulus package for our ailing economy and he 

has committed to the most aggressive plan to get our combat troops out 

of Iraq and let diplomacy work to restore peace in the region. 

John continues to hold a leadership position among the top Democrats 

on environmental issues. In addition to his policies to reduce global 

warming and to encourage conservation, John is the only leading 

Democrat with a consistent position on nuclear power and Yucca 

Mountain. While Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton took the popular 

position in Nevada of opposing the Yucca Mountain project, they 

continue to support nuclear energy. Nuclear power is not a 

responsible solution to global warming, it is not sound environmental 

policy, and is absolutely inconsistent with the sentiment behind the 

opposition to Yucca Mountain. In a further effort to reduce global 

warming and protect both public health and the environment, John has 

once-again taken the lead by opposing the permitting of additional 

coal-fired power plants. This leadership has given John the 

endorsement of Friends of the Earth, a leading national environmental 

non-profit, as well as the endorsement of several prominent 


Perhaps most importantly, John has been the leader in discussing the 

loss of our democracy due to the self-interest of corporate money and 

industry lobbyists. John has never taken a dime from PACs or 

corporate lobbyists and is the only viable candidate that has agreed 

to public financing of his campaign. As you know, corporate lobbyists 

and influence often prevents the voice of the American people from 

being heard by government policy makers. Many of the problems 

currently facing our great nation are, in whole or in part, the result 

of corporate interests and money setting the agenda rather than the 

voice of the American people. This could not be more clear in our 

environmental and energy policy, including our tragic failure to 

respond to the crisis of global warming. It is also evident in our 

failure to provide healthcare coverage to millions of Americans and 

our rash decision to go into war based on limited and faulty 

intelligence, where the only ones that would benefit were the war 

profiteers earning millions of dollars in no-bid deals that funnel 

money from us, the taxpayers, into the hands of the few. No matter 

what a candidates policies are, history demonstrates that if we do not 

rid the system of the rising corporate influence, those policies will 

never see the light of day. 

John's effort to reinstate the voice of the American people and to 

rebuild the American middle class resonates with voters across this 

nation. Because of this, we have seen a shift in the entire field of 

Democratic presidential candidates in both their rhetoric and policy 

proposals. This shift in the discussion, not from right to left, but 

in favor of restoring power and prosperity to the people, is clearly 

the result of John's populist message and sound policy proposals. 

However, in recognizing this shift, we must not forget who has led 

this discussion and who has the commitment to follow through. 

John's longstanding dedication to the middle class and the labor 

movement earned him the support of 12 SEIU state councils as well as 

several other unions and labor groups. John's commitment to labor 

goes hand and hand with his goal of restoring the American middle class.

John's leadership is not limited to the environment, healthcare, and 

the middle class; but he also leads the way on the economy and was the 

first to provide a sound stimulus plan for our nation's economic 

revival. This was noted by New York Times columnist and prominent 

economist Paul Krugman. In addition to Krugman, a group of over 

thirty prominent economists, including James K. Galbraith, endorsed 

John Edwards and his campaign to build One America. 

We are asking that you stand with all of those that 

recognize the need for decisive change at this critical juncture in 

our Nation's history and that firmly believe that John Edwards is the 

best person to deliver on that call for change with sound 

environmental, economic, and health policies. Please join with us in 

recognizing the true leader in the Democratic Party, one that stands 

to unite all Americans, rich and poor, around his call for a new 


The Undersigned

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