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A letter, in L/E/9/953, dated 7 September 1925, from the wife of a Peshawar-born Indian domiciled in Britain and working as a seafarer describes the treatment of some Asians (who were British subjects) under the Home Office Coloured Aliens Seamen's Order, 1925:
"My husband landed at Cardiff, after a voyage to sea on the SS Derville, as a fireman and produced his Mercantile Marine Book, R.S 2 No. 436431, which bears his 'Certificate of Nationality', declaring him to be British and is signed by a Mercantile Marine Superintendent, dated 18 August 1919. This book and its certificate were ignored, and my husband was registered as an Alien. Would you kindly inform me if it is correct that the Mercantile Marine Book should have been ignored as documentary proof? I have been married to him seven years, and we have three children, therefore the knowledge that my husband is not a recognised British subject, causes me much consternation, as should anything happen to him in a foreign port his rights as a Britisher would be jeopardised and consequently my own and our children's." (f. 297).

More than 200 people can even today be identified that were issued these Certificates of Nationality that the British Government itself issued and disregarded:


One of them was my late (paternal) Grandfather Ajun Khan. His Certificate of Nationality, recovered from National Archives (Kew), testifies he Naturalized as a British Subject in 1930. As per the British Nationality Act 1948, he and his children (including my Late Father) became British Citizens on January 1st, 1949. At the time of my birth, Oct 10th, 1974; my Late Father was thus a British Citizen (BS/CUKC) and hence (as the Immigration Act of 1981 was not in force till Jan 1st, 1983) I have been a British Citizen since birth.

I applied for a (British) passport, but after 5 months and 2 days, a letter signed by the Assistant Passport Officer said that as my father had become a Pakistani Citizen in 1951, he was no longer a British Citizen and hence in 1974 I was born to a father that was a Pakistani but not British. Furthermore, it ends saying that there will be no more correspondence let alone appeal against this ignorant, arrogant, act of racism. This is in direct contradiction to the British Nationality Act 1948, in force since Jan 1st, 1949; that explicitly states that a BS/CUKC (British Citizen) shall not be loosing his British Citizenship upon acquisition of another nationality:


The fact of the matter is, the British Nation is racist and will do its utmost to oust impure British. The law was breached in 1925; it has been breached again in 2004! All doors to justice were and are closed. If one knows how to make and deliver a bomb he has the option of taking it out on innocent people that so readily believe in the innocence of their governments. If one doesnt know how to make a bomb well he can shove it up himself.

Justice is inexistent unless one can sue. Law is illegal if not homogenous. There is an ICJ but you cant approach it if youre not white enough.

It is the opinion of the undersigned that
1. The ICJ must be approachable. Anyone at any end of the planet must be able to sue.
2. The requirements for a specific passport must be the same at any end of the planet.
3. Racism must be eliminated.
4. Those guilty of banishing people on personal, illegal, and racist grounds must be hunted down and appropriately punished.
5. Governments must welcome their Citizens / Nationals into their territory anything on the contrary would be against common sense!
6. Those that have suffered at the hands of racism must be compensated in proportion to their suffering and losses.
7. The above mentioned cases must be investigated and sorted out along with their likes.

The author btw, is in Europe anyway. This is not about immigration, its about justice and the respect of our species.

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