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We are aware that the length of Regional Life has been an issue in the past. When sitting through these long speeches, we were told that the speeches meant a lot to the seniors, and that when we were seniors, it would mean a lot to us, too. Now we are seniors and it is our turn to give Regional Life, the highest honor a senior in Eastern Region can receive, and we only have a mere five minutes to explain all that Eastern Region BBYO has meant to us over the past 4 years. The least Eastern Region BBYO could do in return is give us a few additional minutes to speak.

Whereas, those who applied and were chosen to give Regional life have spent an immense amount of time over the past four years to make Eastern Region better and stronger.

Whereas, the number has already been cut back by 8 seniors to shorten the ceremony (Only N'siot, Godolim, and an additional 3 AZAs and BBGs from each council will be speaking)

Whereas, the members that come to Regionals are some of the most dedicated members of our region, many of whom have been inspired by the seniors giving life.

Whereas, shortening Regional Life makes the honor much less significant.

Whereas, the seniors giving life have made a positive impact on the members of our region throughout our time in BBYO.

When the freshman, sophomores, and juniors are giving life as seniors, many of them will dedicate part of their past to us.


Shortening each life speech will result in each senior having to choose between omitting any stories of their time in BBYO, omitting an inspirational message that they want to get across, omitting the recognition of important people that have been impacted the seniors' lives, and/or omitting descriptions of how these people have affected the seniors.

For example, instead of explaining one or two sentences why a member or group of members have affected their past, each senior may be forced to list off names with no meaning, or delete almost all names from their speech all together. Otherwise, they will have to shorten their actual speech. Life speech dedications are very important, and have the ability to empower younger members who hear their name and a message in the seniors' speeches. Seniors should not have to choose between giving appropriate dedications and delivering a quality speech.

Whereas, 5 minutes is not enough time to recite a meaningful speech and give dedications to those who have meant the most to us.

Whereas, dedications that simply list off names with no greater purpose are a waste of time all together.

Whereas, shortening each Regional life speech will result in less members that are able to be recognized for their impact in the seniors' lives.

Whereas, shortening each speech to five minutes will not allow time for Eastern Region seniors to call up any younger members or pass down any items, a very exciting and entertaining tradition and one of the highlights of life speeches.

Whereas, seniors should not have to sacrifice a quality speech in order to deliver appropriate dedications, and vice versa.

Be it resolved by the members signing this petition, that it is unfair to deny us the full privilege we have earned by being hard-working and dedicated members of Eastern Region.

Though we would still each be encouraged to deliver the same five-minute speech and dedication, be it resolved that the Eastern Region seniors not be cut off and removed from the stage within eight minutes of starting each speech at Regionals 2009.

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