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1a) We the viewers of Pride Fighting Championships (Pride FC) are concerned with the state of the organization, and as customers are asking through this petition to modify, fix, or rebuild the structure of the organization. Its official.

1b) Problem Descriptions
a) Circus like, pro-wrestling atmosphere: We have noticed a progressing change of circus like performers in the Pride org. Oversized, undersized, masked, or gimmicky fighters that are no longer looked at as fighters, but performers. We want to see highly trained fighters, fight each other in an organized manner. No offence to anyone, but Giant Silva should not be fighting in a professional manner. The role of the MMA organization is to focus on REAL fights. Not a dramatic soap-opera tone, like that of pro-wrestling. The reason so many people tune in to Pride, is for the real fighting, that in itself is highly appreciated, and wowed all by itself.
b) Unclear/Unfair rules: During Pride Shockwave 2004, I noticed a confrontation between Ryan Gracie, and the Ref. This confrontation was over the fact that Ryan had side-control, and the ref moved them to the center of the ring, as per the rules. However, the rules also state that the fighters are to be placed in the exact same position, as when stopped. The Ref wanted to stand them up. The ONLY rule I am aware of where you stand up the fighters is a result of a yellow card due to stalling. Ryan tried to argue this point, as he had to work for the side-control position, and giving it up is an insult, and is the equivalent of giving up the fight itself. Ryan was in the same position as he was when stopped, and the Ref grabbed him in a forceful manner. This is unsafe for the Ref, and is a volatile situation for the fighter. The rules should be printed out in the open, and followed EXACTLY. The Refs should not EVER touch the fighter, unless it is absolutely necessary. The same with the fight on the same night as above was the fight between Wanderlei Silva, and Mark Hunt. The fight went to a decision with Mark Hunt as the winner. However Mr. Hunt is not even in Mr. Silvas weight class. Silva had more controlled takedowns, and more dominate throughout the fight. Based off of that alone, the man should have won. Then there is another factor. The weight difference. During decisions, weight becomes a factor of the decision. Wanderlei Silva weighs 199lbs (90kg), while Mark Hunt weighs 250lbs (113kg). That is an enormous weight difference, and yet Mark Hunt received the split decision, destroying Wanderlei Silvas perfect Pride record. The rules for points and decisions should be clear to everyone, and posted on Prides website. The Judges should follow these rules, and not influence the fights decision because of personal bias. This turns legitimate MMA into dramatic acting, also known as pro wrestling. This is a blow to the MMA world, and we demand it be changed.
c) Unfair Refs: As stated above, personal bias should be completely removed. Refs should not EVER touch the fighter unless absolutely necessary. A strict set of rules should be used for ALL fighters. This would level the playing field, and keep both Fighter and Referee safe. I have seen Refs that seem to push the fight result one way or the other. Examples can be found everywhere. The first Yoshida VS. Royce fight is a perfect example. Refs need to be trained and 100\% knowledgeable in MMA, in order to give the fighters a fair shot.
d) Scams/Unfair practices: Rumors that Wanderlei was set-up to lose, so that his contract negotiations would be easier for the DSE/Pride organization thus them not having to pay him as much, because he no longer has a perfect record. This seems to be supported by everything surrounding the fight itself, as Hunt was a last second replacement for another fighter, Kazushi Sakuraba, who is 183lbs (85kg). I would not consider Hunt a replacement of equal value considering his weight advantage alone. Wanderlei had already signed a contract for the fight, and in that contract, it said they had the option to replace the fighter if the original fighter could not fight. It seems a bit strange that only 1 weeks notice was given that fighters had changed. Wanderlei, being contractually obligated was forced to fight no matter what. This utter junk has to stop. Everyone knows its going on, and it needs to stop before the organization is ruined.
e) Outbursts from fighters: Outbursts from fighter towards Refs must NOT be tolerated in ANY fashion. If rules were printed and posted, everyone would know their boundaries. It is disrespectful to act out against the Refs, and leaves a VERY bad impression on people seeing the event for the first time. These outbursts would be minimized if the problems listed above were eliminated.
f) Respectable Pay: Fighters need to be paid for what they do. Not 3 grand, not 6 grand, but a respectable amount for what they do. People get paid MILLIONS of dollars to throw a ball through a hoop, or to hit a ball with a stick. These people are giving up their entire health, physical looks, they sacrifice family time to train, and the physical exhaustion is intense. These people hardly make enough money to pay for the training they will need for the next fight! ALL fighters on the card need to be paid respectably for their performance.
g) Healthcare: Fighters pay for the healthcare they need. Technically, they are receiving injuries during their job. The employer should be responsible for the healthcare. In order for the fighters to be healthy, and to have long careers, the healthcare needs to be paid for, and needs to be the best they can get. In order for governments across the world to look at this sport as a legitimate sport, and not a barbaric illegal activity, the fighters need to be treated in a legitimate fashion. That includes excellent healthcare.
h) Announcers: Let Bas Rutten choose his partner, as only he could really know who is qualified to comment on whats currently going on. For sure, DSE did one thing right, and that was hiring Bas to do the commentary. NEVER get rid of Mr. Rutten. He is an invaluable asset. However, some of the other announcers wouldnt know MMA from ice skating.

2) Summary: Its very simple. We just want Pride to be pure MMA. No fakeness, no show. We want to see realism, and we want defined rules, and regulations. It only takes one small scandal to destroy a sport like this. We want good pay for the fighters, and highly trained referees that know the sport inside and out. We want the fighters to have good health benefits so that they can continue to fight, and take care of their families. We want the sport to earn the respect of the world. We want people to see this as an art form, as well as a sport. The ONLY way to earn this respect is to put as much distance from pro-wrestling and other scripted fighting events as possible. What this means is it MUST be 100\% legitimate. We love this sport. It is out way of life. It is how DSE makes its money. It is how the fighters live. I want to make sure this sport grows in everyway.

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