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To: Square Enix Inc.
Dear Square Enix,

Responding to a request for news on the title on its Twitter feed, a spokesperson for Square Enix Europe wrote that Dragon Quest VI English version for DS "Not on the cards right now sorry!"
When it was first announced in 2008, Square promised the game would be coming to the the US and Europe.
The remake of the sixth game in the series the only one never to see a Western release came out in Japan in January this year.
We want the Dragon Quest VI DS in English version!

Many fans of Dragon Quest were devastated to learn that Dragon Quest vi release is not on the card.

We guarantee you that everyone signing this petition will indeed buy a copy of Dragon Quest VI if it is released in America/EU. Dragon Quest IX DS was a huge success in North America! it saddened us why you aren't releasing Dragon Quest VI of the game here. We encourage you to please, consider bringing the Dragon Quest VI to the west, because the fans truly honestly will do anything to get it! Some of us are even buying DS, DSI, or DSI XL console just to play Dragon Quest series games. That's how much we're truly devoted to our series, and if you need further proof, just take a look at this petition.

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 December 2015100. Vincent L
    I've been playing this amazing series since Dragon Warrior 1&2 came out for the GameBoy please bring 6 here so I can finally play all of the series. Thank You! State Texas Country United States
  • 02 December 201599. Matt Delacruz
    want this BAD State Iowa Country USA
  • 23 October 201598. Joe S
    please bring DQVI to the US State NY Country USA
  • 05 August 201597. Nicholis B
    I have been looking forward to this game for ages, please bring it over! State New Jersey Country United States
  • 15 July 201596. Dale F
    Please bring us DQ6!! We love your games! State Missouri Country USA
  • 21 June 201595. Arthur C
    i love dragon quest State GA Country USA
  • 23 May 201594. Daniel W
    I have been a huge Dragon Warrior fan since playing DW1 on the NES. I was thrilled beyond measure when DW5 actually came out on the DS. Please bring us DW6 in English to finally complete the DW series! State NC Country USA
  • 12 May 201593. Bryan Bradley
    The only main series dragon quest game that i haven't played. State Florida Country united states of america
  • 21 April 201592. Joffre Ortiz
    This sequels are great. State Guayaquil Country Ecuador
  • 19 April 201591. Pau Whitney
    Release Dragon Quest VI State Barcelona Country ES
  • 14 March 201590. Alexander L
    DQ fan since DW1 NES, while I think you will bring this out, we the fans would appreciate some measure of concrete closure by an info release of "Yes/No it is/not coming out". State New Mexico Country United States of America
  • 21 February 201589. Matthew Ap
    Please quit breaking promises to loyal fans and customers! State IN Country USA
  • 03 December 201488. Josh D
    Please release this game... you can't grow the franchise in the West if you refuse to appeal to the core fans. State Ontario Country Canada
  • 01 December 201487. Mike G
    I have been a fan of the Dragon Quest/Warrior series since the first game. DQVI is the only main game in the series still missing from non-Japanese release. Complete the series, Square-Enix! State OK Country USA
  • 23 November 201486. Abel E
    One Dragon Quest game away from catching up with Japan. Please release DQVI. State California Country US
  • 08 October 201485. Mark M
    I've been waiting at least a year for news on a stateside release. Heck, I inadvertently ordered a second copy of DQ IV DS thinking that VI had just been released. I would very much like to play it, hopefully soon. State Illinois Country USA
  • 24 July 201484. Quillbell Nguyen
    I really hope that Square Enix reconsiders its decision not to release this DQ VI to an overseas audience, otherwise there will be a ton of fans who'll miss out on this great game. State ON Country Canada
  • 10 July 201483. Joshua Dj
    Just as I felt about Final Fantasy II, III, and V, it's stupid to not ever release a game in a series as immensely popular as this, one popular enough to even do well in the west. State Alabama Country USA
  • 14 June 201482. Stephen H
    I've been wanting to play the DQ6 since the late 90s. State Indiana Country United States of America
  • 08 June 201481. Charles H
    I think it's crummy to release the rest of the trilogy and leave the story unfinished. State TN Country USA
  • 04 June 201480. Nicholas Fernandez
    Bring it to us State Nevada Country USA
  • 01 June 201479. Dj A
    Played all the DQ games (including revisions) ever out both in English and Japanese. I really would like to get this one. State Moskow Country Russian Federation
  • 07 May 201478. Steffan F
    YES! State North Carolina Country United States
  • 22 March 201477. Etienne L
    I really hope to be able to play DQVI on DSi XL. I already have IV, V and IX on the DS. I've been playing since it's release on the NES 1-4 in the early 80's. I also own DWVII and DQVIII on playstation and the ones on computer(Rom). I even have a tattoo o
  • 10 February 201476. Shawn L
    This is the only DQ game I don't own. By not releasing this game, people will turn to emulating the SNES ROM with the English patch. Release the game and make the money you should be getting from every downloaded ROM State Texas Country United States of A
  • 17 January 201475. Paul Cutlerj
    Do it! State New Hampshire Country United States of America
  • 11 November 201374. Thiago Andraden
    Release it! State DF Country Brazil

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