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At the end of the 2004 school year our school, Florence High school began talking about a uniformed dress code. This dress code was argued and argued until some people agreed to post a proposed dress code for two weeks after that they would vote on whether or not to put the dress code into effect. Everyone mailed the school board and voiced their complaints. I even did a survey, but the board didn't make very many changes. When the day came for the school board to vote on this dress code every one went to the meeting. We were all there and during the meeting i raised my hand and said that i had something to say. What i said was good but i did not say it well. I stuttered and paused many times to think of what to say. I got through it and then many other students and parents spoke. Then, the time came for the big vote, and the school board voted not to pass the dress code. It was awesome. The meeting continued and about ten minutes later a member of the school board brought it back up by saying, "About that dress code, I would have voted for it if the students would be allowed to wear flip flops." Then, they talked about and after some debate they removed flip-flops, voted again, and it passed. To me this seemed pretty unlawful. So Immediately we began fighting it. Thats pretty much where we are now.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 December 2015150. Dr P
    It sucks if you need help Just go to my site!
  • 25 December 2015149. Mollie H
    I support this petition
  • 15 December 2015148. Michael Mathis
  • 23 October 2015147. Jana D
    The current dress code is embarrassing, degrading, and humiliating to most students, especially the children who are overweight. I would like to know if anyone on the school board has taken any child psychology classes lately. I think it should be a requi
  • 03 October 2015146. Johnny Wells
    This is communism! Class В
  • 03 September 2015145. Jessica A
    I support this petition
  • 21 July 2015144. Paul Baker
    I support this petition
  • 07 May 2015143. Trevor D
    the dress code sucks Class 10th
  • 04 April 2015142. Kaitlyn M
    okay i dont go to florence but im doinG this for jac st.john. I FEEL SORRY FOR YALL! that stupid dress code is retarded! so DOWN WITH FLORENCE CITY SCHOOLS DRESS CODE!
  • 20 March 2015141. Hannah Weiss
    the dress code is so weird. i think we need to change it. some of it is ok, but when kids that get to break it and some dont that is just not fair.
  • 23 January 2015140. Lauren T
    I support this petition
  • 18 January 2015139. Hannah C
    I support this petition
  • 18 January 2015138. Brittany Robbins
    I support this petition
  • 17 January 2015137. Eric H
  • 21 November 2014136. Mitch H
    Dress Code Sucks!!!! Class Champions 8th
  • 06 November 2014135. Davis B
    I support this petition
  • 20 October 2014134. Chris Akal
    В Class В
  • 13 October 2014133. Chase Pierce
    В Class В
  • 03 October 2014132. Knickkiller Dillon
    В Class В
  • 26 August 2014131. Dakota Friedman
    В Class В
  • 22 August 2014130. Brian H
    This is America, and kids should have a right to dress how they want as long as it's not indecent.
  • 30 June 2014129. Morgan H
    I support this petition
  • 21 June 2014128. Phil Mendoza
  • 26 May 2014127. Benjamin M
    В Class В
  • 09 April 2014126. Claire Barrera
    i think we need some rules but none like the ones we have now some of them are stupid....and if we do have a dress code the teachers need to inforce it because i see atleast 40 kids a day breaking the dress code but i think we need to have a dress code si
  • 31 March 2014125. Chandler James
    its awful!please let be normal again Class 7th grade
  • 01 March 2014124. Leigh R
    I hate the dress code!!!!

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Florence City School Board


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