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Dinamo fans association is consistent and determined in its request to complete the current administration and FC Dinamo headed by the president Mirko Barisic, executive vice Zdravko Mamić and sporting director Zoran Mamić sea as soon as possible odsupiti with the duties of general well-being and prosperity of our lovely club.

Remember, on the 25th September 2008. year, newly leadership of the Association Dinamo fans officially and publicly before the executive vice NK Dinamo Zdravko Mamić set a clear requirement for submission of resignations while tell communication that was given access to him and then present the public information. In this priopćenju was listed a range of reasons, facts, evidence and arguments which hold that the current administration and the club spent all loans at primair factors when it evaluates the performance of a sports activity (soccer) club-his supporters and that the future of Dinamo with the current administration-catastrophic!

And with our side was that we outlined in the case of rejection of our request decisively move in the continuation of our struggle and all the legal means allowed by law, which includes public and signing petitions.

Since it is known that it was concerned the same day, but decisively rejected our requests and that in the following months continued to guide identical, to us unacceptable, and for our club dangerous policy which witnessed catastrophic results to date in European competition, decreasing trend evident in the domestic championship, repeated primitive persistent and above all, outrage low visiting our stadiums even the so-called. "Matches decade," we decided as the Association of citizens to organize the collection of signatures of citizens, Dinamo fans with the goal that in this way and evidence show that the vast majority Dinamovaca enough constantly lies, deception, primitivism and especially takes our holy place in private, family, political , Financial and all other spheres of interest. We want new people, we want real, better Dinamo!

We are fully aware that this our (re) actions encounter numerous obstacles and attempts damaged. We are also aware that many of us said attempt destabilizing the club in the upcoming spring evening uncertain fighting for the title of champion as we permanently try to impose absurd intention-to-conscious and want to oust Dynamo from European competitions. But we just came up to the wall. A drop of our patience and tolerance has long been prelila glass, and today we came to a situation in our identity and our honor, Dinamo in front of each result, the trophy, and especially over each individual. Unfortunately, today's Dinamo identifies the only and exclusively with well-known individual. But it does not want to be is time we will never resign! After all, what is worth to win another championship title before a thousand spectators?
Therefore, we invite all of you who feel proud of Dinamo supporters, and that today you can not identify with "this" as the current administration (better told - the actual "persona "...) from him to produce his signature to our petition contribute to a new resurrection our lovely Dinamo! Dinamo, which will lead and who will play a real, honest and steadily Dinamovci! Who will work on areas of Croatia and throughout Europe honorably burn for his wellbeing, success and glory. Dinamo-on which we will all be proud of! Dinamo-to be WE, and not HE!

We, Dinamo fans long ago we proved that nothing can unhinge even halt in fighting for our sanctuary! Seem impossible but we returned to our PRIDE only, Holy name that can carry, is now back to her honor, recognition, dignity, and a victory - a full stand of Maksimir! And now this is possible!

DOORS Dinamo!

Started the petition, and soon in your city!
Dear Dinamovci and Dinamovke. You get to know that we started with the signing petitions, which we wish to legitimate civil way contribute to the recent departure of our administration, Dinamo, Dinamo, which are unfortunately People started use, and take own with them. In that their madness come to them different ideas, such as those that will extinguish themselves alone club. Sorry, we do not understand that they are not Dinamo, Dinamo is something great, idea, ideal, which brings together people, that feeling when in trance the whole stadium sing in one voice.
Dinamo is the feeling of sadness that we feel when we see him in what these individuals into your bunilu ...
But now it's time to say to them that their lot was used, manipulating, damage. It is time to return our Dinamo and those who belong and that's all of us!
The first day of the signing is expected went well, and we are in a short time gathered over 1000 signatures in only two locations;
Signing petitions will not be limited exclusively to the city of Zagreb, that the two locations that are currently being signed, and these are: the Association premises in Drakovićevoj and stand at the entrance to the Central Importanne (main station).
Soon we will start with petition in cities all over Croatia, on the places, times and exact locations, you'll be notified in time through our Web site.
Therefore, please regularly visit our site to be informed in time about the exact locations and times of signing petitions in your cities.
Also, please note that in the city of Zagreb petition to go to more places, except the two that are currently taking place.
So, regularly visit the page and follow all the news about this action!
Every your signature is essential, each signature is a voice against, vote for the new Dinamo, Dinamo Dinamovaca!
And do not forget: Dinamo, that's us!

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