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The idea behind this new type of loan is not just the fact that the health care system and the Social Security Administration are in somewhat of a pickle, but Insurance Companies do not want to ensure those who have been disabled because of something they where born with or some kind of accident. New laws need to be put in place not just to help those in need of support but to also help the government to hold on to in order to fund the Military and Law enforcement, also Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals so that they can find ways of treating those in need. I myself am one of those in need because I have a movement disorder that forbids me from applying for a driver's license, but I am smart enough to know that the system that is helping me could fail me one day if action is not taken right away. This petition is to help those in need of money to not just see themselves throw the weeks but pay for the medications and medical treatments. Not just individuals but Families that may include either a child or a parent with some sort of life threatening or permanent disability.

Banks and Credit Unions need to do there part as well. They can give out loans for houses, cars, college educations, pay of debts, and help new businesses and exe. But never a loan just because someone has a disability. What I have listed down below is an example of someone who has just applied for a disability loan in the year 2008, 2009 or further into the future.

Loan Applicant: John or Jane Doe
Amount Asked for: 1 Million dollars
Loan Term: 10 years
Offered Collateral: Interest from high yield savings account that the loan money is to be kept.
Loan Purpose: Disability
Receiving Benefits: (Yes or no, a medical diagnosis would be more then enough because people are turned down for disability benefits all the time.)
If Approved How you wish for the treasury to respond: No more checks

What the bank says

Credit score: Very Bad
Credit report: Not so much to go on
Risk: None
Monthly Income: The amount from the applicants social security check

Loan officer says, "Loan Approved"

APR Rate: Fixed Rate
Monthly Payment: To be debuted from high yield savings account after interest is compiled.
Available Balance from High Yield Saving Account: 50\% of earned interest plus money deposited. Can also borrow against, if something bad happens.


After Ten years, the disabled party receives the full amount plus the interest that was compiled.

Simply meaning, if you can't get a job you can't get 401(K) retirement benefits and you might not receive social security when you tern 65. For everyone else and those in need; you all need to act and sign this petition. This Petition was not started to force the government into giving more money to those disabled but for everyone else to be accrued that the government will have money in the future just incase something where to happen like 9/11 or hurricane Katrina or wildfires on California. Please sign this petition because even if I don't know what do, the government will know what to do. Also, for those who sign and read this petition dont loose your faith. Also, to the banks and credit unions if you guys can do this, then start because the needs of someone who is disabled are always greater then someone who isnt. To the president, I cant say for sure if vetoing that last bill was a good or bad idea but I dont think that this is a bad idea by any means, to the congress and senate vote yes for Jack Huffstetlers bill when it comes your way.

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