Dewitt Animal Hospital, 5620 Thompson Road, Dewitt, NY 13214- (315) 446-1200 and fax (315) 446-1200 (the same) is run by C. Barry Quinn, DVM and Robert S. Wilcox, DVM. On the outside it looks like your typical vet's office. But what is happening on the inside of this "vet's office" is appaling, shocking and terrifying. Innocent dogs and cats are being put to their death on the 5th day they are at the vet's office as this "vet's office" HAS CONTRACTED WITH THE CITY OF SYRACUSE TO TAKE IN ALL STRAYS FOR THE ENTIRE CITY AND EUTHANIZE THEM ON THE 5TH DAY THEY ARE THERE IF THEY ARE NOT CLAMIED OR ADOPTED! Is not this a conflict of interest for a vet's office to take on the job of destrying animals daily?

I had the terrible misfortune of finding this out the sad way. New to the area, my dog took ill and knowing where Dewitt is, I called for an appt. and got one immediately. While I was waiting in the waiting room, a woman brought in a small, black puppy that was loving and adorable and scared. It later was determined the puppy was 3 months old. She told the receptionist on duty that the puppy had been running loose in the neighborhood eating from the gutter for 3 days and she could take it no more because the puppy's owners were abusive to him. She implicitly stated "you aren't going to kill him, are you?". The receptionist replied with no feeling whatsoever, "we euthanize all dogs and cats after 5 days". The woman was very distressed by this information and clearly stated to the receptionist NOT to destroy theh puppy but to please call her if no one adopted him and she would come back and get him to find him a good home. I witnessed all of this with my own eyes and ears.

Worried about the puppy after hearing about this policy, I went to the Dewitt Animal Clinic on the 5th day the puppy was there. I had called earlier and was told the puppy was perfectly healthy, well behaved and available for adoption. When I arrived at the Dewitt Animal Hospital on his 5th day, I was notified by the same receptionist who had received him upon being dropped off that the puppy had been killed. That he had been euthanized that afternoon! Cleary the woman who brought him in wanting to save his life if no one adopted him was not notified. I repeat that I personally witnessed her asking and begging to be notified if no one adopted the puppy so she could come back and get him. She actually repeated it 3 times.

Shocked and dazed I left and have decided the the city of Syracuse needs to re-evaluate this policy. The puppy was perfectly happy and normal in every way. I even held him while he smothered my face with kisses. I would feel his ribs and his soft baby puppy fur. Is not this animal cruelty to put a puppy to his death after only being takein in for 4 days and on his 5th being condemned to die?

When my dog saw Dr. Quinn for treatment he stated " we try to find them homes". HOW do they try to find them homes? The Dewitt Animal Hospital demands that you pay $60 CASH ONLY to them to adopt a dog. No credit cards or checks accepted. In addition, you have to pay $14 to them for a rabies shot as well as $15 to the city of Syracuse for a dog license. The total for adopting a dog therefore comes out to be $90!!!! Who can afford this? Most adoption centers around the country to not charge such a hefty fee and the fee they do charge "includes everything mentioned above"!!! My own dog was adopted from a county pound and the fee there for EVERYTHING including medical care for the dog if need be is $30. Often times they have 'half price days' to help those who even need more of a financial break.

Why does the Dewitt Animal Clinic insist that the $60 for the adoption and spaying and neutering be only in CASH? This is very suspicious.

I am very saddened and dismanyed when dogs are helping with the current crisis in the NYC bombing and have helped in past times of war, that dogs are being routinely put down like this. Cats as well.

I implore the mayor of Syracuse to appoint an adoption coordinator over this program who is a hands on person and to allocate money for public awareness of the need to adopt these dogs.

I also ask that until policy changes are in effect, that a sign be visibly posted in the waiting room of the Dewitt Animal Clinic that dogs and cats are put to sleep on the 5th day and that a sign be posted outside the vet's office that it is a contracted facility for the city of Syracuse that euthanizes cats and dogs daily. It is not right that this facility is making money and hiding under the guise of just being a vet's office.

I also ask that the price for an adoption be lowered to the national average and that checks or credit cards be accepted at all times.

This facade at Dewitt Animal Hospital which is not even in the city of Syraucse yet is the "drop off place" and final resting place for strays is now exposed and we the below signed are aware and demand changes by the city of Syracuse now.

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