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Britney Spears has gone too far, and is a threat to our children and national security. We've made great strides under the Godly guidance of President Bush, however U.S. citizen women who have the audacity to show their pudenda at whim to the paparazzi, which only calls further international attention to the depravity which aims to tear this great country apart, do not deserve U.S. citizenship! Now she has shaved her head and looks like a man; what kind of mother is she? What kind of example is she foisting on our children? Will our daughters follow her lead, rip off their panties, shave their head, and go running around with harlots like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan? It's time we protest Britney Spears and call for her deportation.

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 November 201550. Kara B
    I'm sick and tired of Britney Spears. Get rid of her.
  • 07 November 201549. Denise J
    I'm surprised she hasn't been arrested for anything yet. Why is she still a free woman?
  • 23 September 201548. Trey F
    Q: What do you get when you cross Britney Spears with Clay Aiken? A: The anti-Christ
  • 09 August 201547. Jayne S
    I could really care less about her, but I wouldn't be upset if they deported her either.
  • 12 July 201546. Kfed Maynard
    Um...If "Big-B", little pet name, gets deported, how can I get my hands on more of her money?
  • 01 July 201545. Dana B
    How about you holy cows deport yourSELVES?
  • 01 July 201544. Rosemary A
    Keep BRITNEY! export extemist Christians!
  • 19 June 201543. Glenda Y
    We must do something for the sake of our children. We cannot afford to ignore the situation and hope it goes away like what we did in North Korea, Iran, and France.
  • 23 April 201542. Luanne H
    For MORE information regarding the reasons WHY we must deport Britney Spears, visit:
  • 11 January 201541. Giovanni S
    I work hard for years to become proud American. Britney is born American but she disgraces America. Send her to Albania and she see what happen when head is shaved.
  • 21 September 201440. Donna S
    She should be institutionalized.
  • 01 August 201439. Shirleen H
    Britney sets a bad example for impressionable teenaged girls! America would be like so much better off if she went someplace else like Cuba.
  • 31 July 201438. Jen R
    britney has no redeeming qualities and no talent either. she deserves all the problems she's brought on herself.
  • 28 April 201437. Laurel R
    Tiffany Matthews is another example of why Britney fans are perhaps the dumbest people around! Royalty?? LMAO!
  • 28 April 201436. Tiffany M
    Britney is American Royalty - piss off Jesus freaks!
  • 25 April 201435. Sister Inezlupesantiagohernandezdiegodelafuertee
    She is a threat - get rid of her!
  • 07 April 201434. Crusaderjesus Roach
    Deport her on an F-15, immediately, and land somewhere in Siberia!
  • 30 March 201433. Tom Z
    You people actually like Britney's "music?" LOL What a buncha losers!
  • 31 January 201432. Kfed Shannon
    Yeh skrew Brtney shez a beeyach and Im gunna get all her muney!!!
  • 12 December 201331. Simeon Jm
    Britney Spears is an embarrassment to a Christian Nation and should be expelled before the disgusting immorality espoused by the depraved songs influences the minds of our children any more than they have already. Mentally unstable songstresses have no pl
  • 05 December 201330. Britneyevuh Hendricks
  • 12 October 201329. Cindy T
    What has happened to our society that our children are looking up to skin heads like Britney Spears?
  • 30 September 201328. Anna L
    Any woman who flashes her bald "business" for the paparazzi should be thrown in jail.
  • 13 May 201327. Katarina N
    She's a disgrace
  • 21 April 201326. Tweezer G
    like britney is like such a babe. send her to me. i'd like do her.
  • 17 April 201325. Chandra L
    Amen, Luanne! You have my support!
  • 01 April 201324. Amy O
    I support this petition

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