DEPORT a criminal and a fugitive ONDER AKAR from the United States sign now

We, the undersigned, show our support for the need to remove ONDER AKAR also known as ONDER SARAK from the United States of America.

Onder Akar, a 29-year-old Turkish citizen, is a convicted thief and a fugitive from Turkish justice in civil and criminal matters. He has effectively escaped the jurisdiction of Turkish courts for well over three years. Onder Akar entered the United States by defrauding the United States and its citizen. The victimized U.S. citizen has annulled the fradulent marriage based on this material fraud and his criminal records. His violence and fraud has had a devastating economic, physical and psychological impact on her. Subsequently, she obtained a four-year order of protection against him and left the U.S. because she genuinely fears repeat violence by him. This relocation caused an extremehardship to the U.S. citizen and her immediate family members. Onder Akar had repeatedly violated the permenant order of protection.

New York Supreme Court Judge Stackhouse ruled that "Onder Akar had been in a Turkish jail and was fearfull of going back. He was desperate to get out of Turkey so he changed his last name as part of his attempt to disguise his identity. It is clear that he only married to the U.S. citizen to escape from the authorities in Turkey and enter the United States." Onder Akar failed to reveal his criminal conviction, arrests and other pending charges against him at the American Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Onder Akar obtained his rescinded conditional green card through fraud after unsuccessfully applying for a tourist visa to America two months earlier. Onder Akar was transformed from a rejected tourist visa applicant to a legal resident of the United States by sheer duplicity. Substantial evidence supports the Department of Homeland Security's finding that Onder Akar's credibility was fatally undermined by his failure to disclose on his DS-230 application form (an application for immigrant visa and alien registration for a conditional green card) that he had been arrested and convicted of theft and other pending criminal charges against him. Onder Akar was taken into custody and detained at Queens, New York for 11 days on the charge of visa fraud. New York EOIR Immigration Judge Steven Abrams released him on $30,000.00 bond on April 4, 2005. Onder Akar entered into a bigamous marriage under the penalty of perjury by concealing his prior marriage for a license to re-marry Ebru Yurtalan in New York in order to avoid his deportation to his native country of Turkey and then submitted this invalid marriage certificate to the Immigration Court at his bond hearing.

The New York District Attorney's office has failed to prosecute Onder Akar for perjury, bigamy, fraud, assault, false statements, intimidation and threat charges due to insufficient funds and excessive workload. Onder Akar is unlawfully driving a yellow-cab and works of the books in New York. Onder Akar has evaded his U.S. income taxes and filed false and fraudulent tax return in 2005 with an invalid marriage.

ONDER AKAR IS WANTED BY TURKISH COURTS, TURKISH INTERPOL AND MILITARY for fraud, theft, embezzlement, forgery, false statements made to a judicial authority and a goverment agency, draft evasion, threat and stalking charges, a criminal conspiracy to commit bigamy, perjury(including subornation of perjury) with Ebru Yurtalan to avoid his deportation to Turkey. Ebru Yurtalan, a 35-year-old Turkish Citizen who holds a green card, has been charged with conspiracy to commit perjury, bigamy, aiding and abetting this criminal and fugitive in Turkey. A few corrupt public officials were aiding him to elude the Turkish criminal authorities. Finally, to ensure that the United States is not a safe haven for international criminals and fugitives. The Immigration Judge should deny Onder Akar's request for relief from deportation (removal) and not allow this master con-artist, a career criminal and a fugitive from justice to walk and live amongst us.
We demand the immediate deportation of Onder AKAR a.k.a. Onder SARAK from the United States.

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