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Thai Friend for Peace Group is the gathering of students and scholars who have great concerns on the violent situation in Thailand particularly the incidents of using force on the mob at Takbai District. This incident led eighty-five people died from the official figure, and seventy-five deaths died during the governments detention.

Thai Friend for Peace Group should like to propose the opinion to the Thai government and the Thai people regarding the Takbai incident as follows.

1. The decision to use force and arm against the mob was failed and miscalculated. The decision violated the human rights clause according to the Thai Constitution. This action led to the eighty-five civilian deaths without the proof of guilty and terrorist involvements. They were civilians who were murdered by state. The Takbai incident directly engaged the government to be responsible for the deaths.

2. When state ordered the military to deal with the mob leading to numerous deaths, Thailand is observed as an uncivilized country in the eyes of the world society. The country is also observed as lacking perseverance, justice and discrimination against different religion. The Takbai incident invited numbers of protests and condemnation throughout the world. For example, UN High Commissioner asked the Thai government revealed the facts. Bangladesh people made a protest in front of the Thai Embassy. Indonesia was ready to boycott Thai products. Therefore, the governments order has not only destroyed the civilian lives but also the total prestige of Thai in the international society.

3. The use of arm towards the mob was a result of the Prime Ministers hard-line policy towards the South conflicts. Violent conflicts have exacerbated since the outset of the policy. The policy has created the lack of trust between ordinary citizens and state officials. The Thai people are divided among different races and religions. The policy also created the hatred against the neighbouring countries. Moreover, the governments hard-line policy has built the violent cycles and killing which we have never seen before. 105 deaths on the 28th April and the ambush killing on state officials, Buddhist monks, muslim people, civilians, and judge.

4. Prime Minister gained the supreme command over the South conflict, but failed to solve. Moreover, the Prime Minister has intention to confuse the people by giving information to create the hatred among people from different religions. For example, he accused the people at Takbai were foreigners, drug addicters, arm smuggles, and terrorists to legitimise for the force crushing on the mob. To date, there is no evidence that the mob and the deaths have involved with terrorist activities.

5. With the intention to mislead the people and create the public opinion on the unfounded facts, it shows that the Prime Minister wanted to solve the South conflicts in the way of gaining electoral votes. The Prime Minister has shut down the opportunities for implementing officials to freely partake in the decision-making. The conflict resolution is thus becoming more complicated and exacerbated.

From the above reasons, Thai Friend for Peace Group should like the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to resign from the post to express responsibility on the failure of the South policies leading to the deaths of state officials and the people.

Thai Friend for Peace Group also urges the Thai people not to elect Thaksin Shinawatra and Thai Rak Thai Party in the coming national election. This action is to express the people consensus and protest against the use of violent means and the use of hatred among different races and religions which might lead to the civil war returning to destroy every single Thai individual.

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