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We were all saddened and shocked when Heath Ledger died. The man is a talented actor that will be sorely missed. As many know, "The Dark Knight" is a new Batman film coming out in July of this year. It's a sequel to 2005's Batman Begins. It stars Heath Ledger as The Joker. An evil, villianous character who wants to create chaos and terror.

When the trailer for "The Dark Knight" was revealed in December 2007, Heath Ledger blew everyone away on his role as the iconic character known as The Joker. We heard so much positive feedback on how great Heath Ledger's performance is in this role from his co-actors and production staff. Christopher Nolan told us how he put so much energy into this character. Ledger tried nailing down everything from the character's movements, to the way he talks, and looks.

The Dark Knight might be Heath Ledger's final big performance as a main leading star. So here is what everyone is asking from Warner Bros.

1) This might be Heath Ledger's final performance. Don't edit the movie so we sympathize with his character. Ledger intended and wanted his Joker character to be dark, menacing, scary, and absolutely fearless. If Warner Bros edits this movie so we feel sympathy for The Joker just because Heath Ledger died, that will go against Heath Ledger's vision of a dark and mass murdering clown. Heath Ledger only did The Joker because he had his own vision for this character. Keep the movie the way Ledger would want it to be like if he was still alive. Imagine if Ledger was alive and watching this.

2) Continue the viral marketing. By stopping your current viral marketing, you will only remind us of Ledger's death instead of reminding us of why we should be excited for Ledger's performance. Fans have stood out for hours in the cold to see a 5 min prologue at Imax. Fans have followed your instructions by gathering clues, picking up cakes, taking pictures of ourselves in Joker makeup, etc. The fans have hung onto every little thing Warner Bros has done to market The Dark Knight. You couldn't ask for a more dedicated group of fans to a movie.

3) Pulling movie posters involving the Joker from movie theaters, and pulling merchandise from future toylines is a bad movie. It is going to just keep Heath Ledger's death on our minds. We want to be reminded of how phenominal Heath Ledger will be as The Joker. We DON'T want his death to linger in our minds. We want to be reminded of Ledger's accomplishments when he was still alive. When you start pulling everything Joker related out of theaters, stores, etc...That just creates an aura of negativity around the movie. Warner Bros is starting to make Heath Ledger's Joker look like some dirty little secret.

To those involved with the production and marketing of The Dark Knight, here is all that we ask. Treat Heath Ledger's possible final movie role with some respect. Give us the scary and edgy Joker role that Batman fans loved when they saw trailer. Don't edit out scenes. If you truely want to support Heath Ledger, then you will support his work and his contributions to The Dark Knight. Stop these chirades of pretending like Heath Ledger and The Joker don't exist in this movie. Heath Ledger would not appreciate this if he was still alive. This was the role that Ledger got to play a villian for the first time ever. Let us see that role in full glory.

Yes. The media will blow everything out of proportion. Every little line that comes out of Ledger's mouth will get overanalyzed. So what? That's life. Fans dedicated their time. Ledger dedicated his time. All the actors and production staff dedicated their time. You spent over $100 million dollars producing this movie.

All Warner Bros should be concerned with is that when all of the filmed footage reaches the editing room/cutting floor...that all the footage edited together creates a movie that lives up to the hype. This is not just a movie anymore. This is a tribute to Heath Ledger's acting career. Make sure the movie is the best it can be.


Movie fans, Heath Ledger fans, and Batman fans.

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