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To: All members of Congress, Senators, & Members of the House Of Representatives.
A Petition to immediately & without delay, open a joint investigation into potential wrongdoing in President Bush's nomination of John Roberts. Specifically to investigate an Act of Injustice by the U.S. Supreme Court in case No. 04-7377, remanding the petitioner, Jesha Donaldson Miller to unlawful imprisonment in a Habeas Corpus proceeding which then required Mandatory Intervention By President Bush to secure my right to freedom that is stamped received by the U.S. Supreme Court May 3,2005 which he failed to do. At issue also is President Bush's failure to enforce federal law which is his number one duty where a CRIME has been committed pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 243. Here the President fails to protect the right tto freedom & ignores a crime WHICH IS AGAINST THE PEACE & DIGNITY OF THE U.S. Because corruption has taken place in the highest court which has yet to be corrected, it is inappropriate for the President to nominate anyone while the justice system is no longer an avenue to justice. The potential wrongdoing is that President Bush is appointing Mr. Roberts to cover up the corruption that has already taken place on his part.
Sandra Day O'Connor resigned not wanting to be a part of the Act of Injustice & courts corruption but could not speak out bacause a Judge of the U.S. to whom a petition for Habeas Corpus is addressed should be alert to examine the facts for him or herself, when if true as alleged, they MAKE THE TRIAL ABSOLUTELY VOID. Review of the records will prove it true as alleged & review of the records will prove the petition for habeas corpus is addressed to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor & Justice John Paul Stevens filed Jan.6,2005. This proves her negligence failing to be accountable for a citizens freedom on account of race & she therefore resigned. The reason for the vacancy because she no longer wanted to be a part of such corruption in the land of the free & home of the brave.
On the face of the Petition For Rehearing, it states Grounds For Intervention By President Bush to secure my right to freedom, received by the courts stamp May 3, 2005. Another motive for President Bush nominating John Roberts is documents released June 14,1983, Roberts showed skepticism toward an expansive view of fundamental rights under the Constitution when commenting on a housing discrimination bill. In this case 5 rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights have been violated & they include the right to a fair trial, the right to a speedy trial, a 4th Amendment violation & the right to counsel. These are the fundamental rights which the court & President Bush have failed to uphold & kept secret from the public & because of Roberts views he has nominated him & as O'Connor had been a swing vote, the fundamental & guaranteed rights would no longer exist. While America is pushing DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM for the world we are being denied the right to freedom in the highest court which is supposed to protect it's citizens from the state. Also identify & investigate all allegations of improper conduct by Attorney Generals Ashcroft & Gonzales who were petitioned to intervene & failed to do so showing a pattern that all appointments by the President have no intentions of protecting the rights of we the people. Also Vice President Cheney who failed to Act, Be it enacted by President of Senate to notify the public, the President & Congress of corruption in the U.S. Supreme Court that not only violates our Constitution & Laws enacted under it, but is at war with our basic concepts of a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY & a representative government. The 14th Amendment requires that equal protection to all must be given--not merely promised.
Such inquiries should not be limited to the U.S. Supreme Court, but must include corruption in the 7th Circuit, District, & state courts & Press Secretary Scott McClellan who had knowledge by certified mail No.7005 0390 0006 6969 1353 & intentionally hid the corruption & duties of officials from the public.
The Indiana Attorney Generals Office signed a WAIVER, conceeding to the violations which makes the court & Presidents action more malicious when they have a duty to protect the citizen from the state on July 20,2004. The Petitioners "Relief" requires ten (10) million Dollars upon reversal & release which then was the courts motive to remand to illegal imprisonment & that way officials crimes would not be sanctioned by denying Liberty, Justice, Equality, & the pursuit of happiness, which are inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution. There can be no appointment until corruption in the court is corrected & with the President being a part of it, it is again, inappropriate for him select a nominy. By his own words in Georgia, the oppressed want liberty, & they shall have it. As stated, this is against the peace & dignity of the United States & Senators Kennedy & Coburn were emailed knowledge of this & are on the judiciary board but have said nothing to the public.
We, the undersigned, request that our elected representatives act in accordance with the Constitution of the U.S. of America in a legal, impartial & expedient manner for an open hearing before the people of the U.S. & invite me Jesha Donaldson Miller, to present evidence of such wrongdoing, illegal practices, manipulation to cover up corruption, that the violators be brought to justice & remedies immediately because Mr. Roberts confirmation is at hand & will take place soon.
We feel it is our patriotic duty to request such action from you, our elected officials, & your duty to respond immediately & in a responsible manner.

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