Condemning of Recent Brookside Firings. sign now

We, the undersigned, do declare the following:

That the unwarranted and reprehensible firings of both Paula Scott and Michael Hoffman by Brookside, in particular Laura Rothafel were:

1. Detrimental to both current clients and alumni continuing recovery. Both therapists have played a crucial role in our recovery, and we owe them in part our lives and our sobriety. Their absence is a hindrance to our recovery, and we believe the administration decisions made about both former employees did not consider and/or were indifferent to the wishes and needs of the clients.

2. That the personal politics of the administration, namely the clinical director Laura Rothafel, outweighed the best possible treatment for the clients of Brookside. While we recognize that all fiscal organizations must have some hierarchal internal controls, we believe that the unwillingness to tolerate intellectual and philosophical differences of opinion by the administration from their employees was put above the welfare of Brooksides clients.

3 That while we do not regard neither Paula nor Michael to be perfect, it is our position that the benefits they provided to the clients health, mental and physical, far outweighs any personal or professional differences they and the administration might have had. Nor that any flaws in their character, idiosyncrasies, or actions merits them being deprived of their professional livelihood, and their position in helping all of us maintain our sobriety and mental health.

4. The administration (in particular Laura Rothafel) has been/currently is indifferent to the wants and needs of clients, both past and present, in regards to the best possible course of treatment for said clients. The firings of both Michael and Paula have been irreparably damaging to the direct patients of both therapists, causing a massive disruption in treatment for current patients and has fostered distrust that the remaining therapists will be there for the duration of treatment. Furthermore, it has been made blatantly clear that no contingency plan was made in case of therapist disruption, which resulting in even further damage to clients recovery process. This wanton disregard for our well-being is the most inexcusable of all points of contention.

As a result, we the undersigned demand the following be considered at this time as a way for Brookside to reconcile their actions with the outrage at and the mistrust of the administration by both current and past clients. It is the position of the undersigned to not promote the Brookside Institute, nor dissuade any individuals who wish to make their grievances public, whether that entails the contact of the media, or the applicable psychological regulatory organizations, until such reconciliatory efforts have been made:

1 . Individual meetings with Keith Owens by the clients who were directly affected by the firings of Paula and Michael to discuss redresses in the hardships, both mentally and financially, of having their therapists terminated.

2. A policy of client reviews of all clinical staff (including the clinical director) to be kept on record.

3. The consideration of re-hiring both Michael Hoffman and Paula Scott

Please note, we do not wish to use this situation for financial exploitation or an excuse to vent personal grudges. We simply require that our expressed opinions be heard by all involved in the Brookside institute. We are all thankful for the difference Brookside has made in our lives, and simply want the best possible care for all Brookside clients past, present, and future. It is our heartfelt belief that those of us who suffer and are recovering from addiction via the Brookside protocol form a cohesive bond, and when one member is irreparably damaged, ALL are damaged

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