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In attempt to provide the citizens of Washington County with the safest possible environment to work and recreation and in observation of the following facts, under Penal Law 400.00 , the State of New York only recognizes two types of pistol permits. Concealed Carry and Premises Only. We the undersigned respectfully request an amendment to the current firearms restriction in Washington County.

Washington County prides itself in not adhering to "political correctness" and is obligated to consider the facts instead of simply adhering to politically popular policies.

While Washington County provides an excellent sheriffs department and local police departments , they cannot possibly protect everyone. The states crime report shows evidence of crimes are on the rise , NOT DECLINING , as they , the state, would like everyone to believe. Washington County is the ONLY one in the state that doesnt issue a un-restricted pistol permit for its honest citizens

The current rules prohibit firearms for criminals to own or possess , but we all know that they can get any weapon they want. Those intending to commit acts of violence would have no concern for breaking any New York State or Counties rules or laws.

There are over 39 U.S States that allows licensed citizens to lawfully carry concealed handguns and some states don't have any pistol licenses at all. No state or county has ever revoked this permission to their citizens once it has been granted and crime rates have consistently dropped in states where it has been adopted.

The procedures for obtaining a license to carry a concealed handgun involve extensive background checks at the federal, state and local levels as well as mandatory training in the safe use of firearms.

Many Washington County Citizens already have licenses recognized by the State of New York to carry a handgun for hunting and target shooting. They safely and responsibly go about their daily lives carrying a handgun for hunting and target shooting and protection and do so in a peaceful and discrete manner.

The other counties around the State of New York , allow state licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns and have NOT experienced any negative consequences but instead enjoy remarkably low crime rates , likely a result of the natural deterrence to criminals provided by the knowledge of potentially armed victims.

We the undersigned, appeal to the Judge of Washington County to amend the current firearms status of just hunting / target shooting with an exemption allowing concealed handguns to be lawfully carried by those within Washington County with a State of New York pistol permit.

Let us also make it clear what we are not asking for: We are not asking that anyone be allowed to carry a concealed handgun in Washington County, who is not already permitted by the state to do so elsewhere. Anyone who would be allowed under our proposed amendment to carry a concealed handgun in Washington County is already eligible to own, possess, and carry a concealed handgun elsewhere. the responsibility or maturity of Washington County Citizens or any similar topic irrelevant because this rule and it's amendment has no affect on who is allowed to possesses or carry a firearm, only who is allowed to do so in Washington County. Those affected by this rule are already proving themselves to be responsible citizens.

We also are not suggesting that armed citizens of Washington County wouldnt take the place of professional security forces. Concealed handgun license holders are trained to use a firearm as a last resort and to move away from danger as quickly as possible. Police are necessary as they are trained to move into dangerous situations to diffuse them. However, when police cannot make it in time the presence of an armed victim can mean the difference between life and death. Furthermore, the deterrent effect of legal concealed carry greatly reduces the risk of a violent situation ever occurring.

We believe that this proposed amendment is the most effective method of decreasing crime in Washington County available and we petition the Judge of Washington County Court to implement this proposal as quickly as possible.

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