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This petition is regarding Cingulars lack of good customer service. If you ever had a dispute with Cingulars customer service and knew for a fact that you were right but did not get the results you wanted, then you should sign this petition. If you ever claimed that you called in and changed something about your plan but found out later that there was no note of you changing your plan, then you should sign this petition. If you are upset about Cingulars terrible customer service then you should sign this petition. Let me tell you my story and why I am starting this petition. I called Cingular to change my plan to nationwide because I was going out of state. When I got to the state I called to double check if my nation wide plan was in affect. It was not. There was a record of me calling but it did not say why I called. ( As always) So this was on the 22nd of August and my billing cycle ended on the 26th. So on the 22nd I talked to a super and asked him to change my plan to the nationwide plan. I also asked him to make a note of it. He said ok. When my bill came in on October it said payment due of $360. I called in and they said they have a record of me calling in on the 22nd of August but there is no note of why I called in. (Again as always) There was no point in arguing, even though I did, cause of course we have no rights. All they did was split the bill in half. Now I know this type of situation can relate to a lot of you so please sign this petition. We all know that the only reason we stay with Cingular is because everybody has it and we can use mobile to mobile. But you can get all our friends together that have Cingular and change to another company together. That way you still have mobile to mobile.


The point of this petition can be many things. It could be for letting Cingular know that there are many people out there that do not like Cingulars customer service and they need to change it. It can to let then know that we are ready to cancel our service. It can be for anything you want.

Please leave full name and preferably a number so we can let Cinuglar know who you are ande if you have a real account with them. Thank you.

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Latest Signatures

  • 10 December 2015250. Kevin B
    Phone goes into extended service all the time. Was told by a customer service rep that if I needed a new phone to try Ebay Cingular number 308-532-0328
  • 12 November 2015249. Omar W
    I support this petition
  • 04 November 2015248. Nimra S
    Cingular is horrible. That is why I switched to Tmobile. Tmobile has awesome customer service Cingular number 7147214741
  • 05 October 2015247. Teresa Mn
    I reported a problem(s) with my phone prior to the 1-year warranty expiring and they kept telling me what to do to try to fix it. Once the warranty ran out, they told me that I would have to purchase a new phone in order to correct it. Since I was such a
  • 15 August 2015246. Katie P
    I cannot stand my service (does not work in my house and it's used as my home phone, constant dropped calls, channel not available, call end, all circuits busy, conditional call divert, etc), HORRIBLE CSR's, overcharging, I'm on my 5th almost 6th phone si
  • 12 August 2015245. Jim H
    can't put city or street in computer Cingular number can't get one--
  • 04 August 2015244. Melissa N
    I was a loyal customer for 3 years, but was so fed up I switched to T-Mobile. Cingular provides horrible service and worthless customer service representatives. I had 156 dropped calls in a little over a month. Wtih T-Mobile, in over a month I have had no
  • 11 July 2015243. Janice G
    I support this petition
  • 09 July 2015242. Dave F
    I am appauled by the lack of the customer service by Cingular. Even the mgmt. could not resolve a simple warranty problem with my phone. I was willing to go with a cheaper version of a phone and they STILL compromise. The total lack of disrespect by Cingu
  • 07 July 2015241. Chris M
    every month cingular over bills me in different ways Cingular number 270-779-6674
  • 13 June 2015240. James O
    ***************************** Attention folks... this petition against Cingular isn't worth your time. If you want to file a complaint against them go to the Federal Trade Commission's site at Cingular could care less about us and our complai
  • 18 May 2015239. Travis C
    Disgusted with Customer Service Cingular number 609-670-8369
  • 11 May 2015238. Patricia A
    I support this petition
  • 26 April 2015237. Jason S
    They Are Terrible Service They Screwed Me Cingular number 573-631-8909
  • 09 April 2015236. Danita T
    When I had AT&T (for nearly 6 years), I never had a problem with customer service. Since having to switch to Cingular, I have had nothing but bad phones and even worse customer service. I am now currently waiting on a replacement phone for an upgrade
  • 07 April 2015235. Charles Wr
    I was forced to move my wife's and children's phone numbers from AT&T to Cingular in order to consolidtae into one family plan, loosing previously free features and services as a result. Cingular number 6175434840
  • 25 March 2015234. Emily W
    I support this petition
  • 27 February 2015233. Uma B
    I am being billed for two phones and I only have one phone. I called several time to talk and stayed on the phone over 76 minutes each time. I was told that the matter was taken care of and I will receive an e-mail to confirm todate i have not received an
  • 19 February 2015232. Rosa M
    [email protected] /* */ Cingular number 5084516195
  • 15 February 2015231. Landis Alexanderbradfieldr
  • 22 December 2014230. Dan O
    I support this petition
  • 08 December 2014229. Cindy Ah
    I disconnected service due to error in bill. Cingular number 615-513-1497
  • 08 December 2014228. Bill W
    see,13781797 Cingular number 302-229-3667
  • 03 December 2014227. Jan P
    Wanted a replacement phone and wound up with another 2 year contract. I think that I should have gotten another phone free without signing anything, plus it took going to the wireless store to get service. Just needed a phone people.....! Cingular number
  • 02 December 2014226. Antevia A
    I hate cingular Cingular number 330-687-3106
  • 18 November 2014225. Melanie J
    I support this petition
  • 30 September 2014224. Marcia S
    international calling charge by minor not signed up for Cingular number 865-919-3918

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Cingular Wireless corp.


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