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The struggles within me to pursue the rights and liberties we are constantly denied for the political catalyst these Politicians, Attorney Generals, and Judges are using can be overbearing to the person whose rights and liberties are being stripped from. The system is evil and corrupt and the majority accepts this flaw. They are either blind to these evils or just accept them; making the majority ignorant to these evils as well. Poor blind and ignorant Americans are only being led to slowly lose their American rights!

Even I was blind and was being led by the lies buried in the half-truths. Lies buried in truth to keep the majority blind and evil. History should teach us all that just because the majority accepts things as right both politically and morally it doesnt make the evils right. Early America was guilty of this when the majority thought the evils of slavery were right. It took the removal of the blindfolds so that most everyone finally realized it was wrong. The scars will always be there to remind us of that. The blood of the martyrs who gave up the ultimate sacrifice so that we may finally see the truth is forever on all of our hands. Yet we still ignore lies buried in half-truths.

Germany was the site of the biggest evil of genocide ever recorded. The blind sheep were slowly drained of their rights and liberties and the majority did nothing about it. Millions and millions of people were held in torture camps and killed because of one mans hate. One man can never do this unless the majority is blind to this evil. We know about Hitler and his evil deeds. We know that if you can gain masses to believe evils are right then there is no hope for the innocent who see the truths and evils. We know about this yet the majority is still blind.

All over the United States of America men and woman are victims of the majorities blindness of the corruption of the Politicians, Attorney Generals, Judges and the System. Justice is truly blind. Justice is not being seen. Civil liberties and human rights are being taken away by the masses. The lies buried in half-truths.

The office of the Attorney Generals Child Support site shows pictures of the most wanted people they call "deadbeats". It also shows pictures of "deadbeats" who were caught. The masses believe that The Office of The Attorney Generals Child Support Offices get these people for the benefit of the children. They care about the childrens best interest. They help build stronger families. Half-truths are what these are! They wont tell you that if that person who is called a "deadbeat" gets cancer and cannot work they will pursue them and place them in jail with little to no medical attention. They wont tell you that if someone has a certification for a job and falls behind because of financial difficulty the will revoke that persons certification so that person loses their job; causing them to have to search for another job while the support payments keep building up till finally they hold that person in jail for 6 months for contempt. The Judges will deny seeing or hearing any evidence you have on your behalf. While in jail the support continues to build so that when you get out you are in an even bigger hole. You can file for a motion to lower the child support payment, but only if you have a lawyer. It is already proven that you cannot afford to have one, yet the judge will deny appointing one to you. You are "Pro Se" but still cannot file the documents to do so. You no longer have a voice. You were Pro Se by coercion and you are locked up 6 months or until you get the money you do not have and no source of income coming in by blackmail.

If you owe me money and I lock you up till I get my money I would be on the news for kidnapping and demanding ransom. I would be blackmailing you to give me what you dont have and cannot get. I would be caught and be put in prison for a long time and that is a fact! Where is the logic in what is happening in this country? Why are we allowing the Office of the Attorney General, Judges, and the Government to do this? Banks and credit card companies would be sued for doing such things! In fact the Office of the Attorney General would sue them! How ironic is that!

That is not what the masses are told though. They are simply told that they caught another "deadbeat" irresponsible parent who does not care about their children. The truth is that you can commit the following criminal activities: murder, rape, child abuse, sexually abuse a child, spousal abuse, genocide, etc, etc, and still have more rights and liberties than someone who falls behind in child support. The Judges and Office of the Attorney Generals Child Support Division have and continue to deny and ignore civil law, family law, federal law, and United States Constitutional rights to these "deadbeats"/ victims.

If they went after the people who truly are deadbeats then they would be telling the truth, but the fact of the matter is that most people who are currently in jail for back child support were paying everything they could while on the verge of being homeless! The real deadbeats are still free and are not working. By the way if you become homeless so you can pay what they demand they dont care as long as they get their money. It is their money not the childrens. A parent being homeless also somehow makes a stronger family? A parent going to jail for 6 months and away from their children somehow makes a stronger family?

The states also charges an interest rate of 6\% of all the money that you owe. That 6\% does not go to the children! The state gets it. I am failing to see the best interest of children!

I am only one voice in the masses. Take off the blindfolds and stop being led! Step up and be heard! Demand to be heard! Demand that everyones rights be honored and heard! There should be other solutions out there! Demand that they be heard!

Why not save taxpayers money and come up with a better plan? That is why we elect people into their positions. If children are truly highly on their list of opportunities then I demand a better plan! We give real criminals education and job training to better their selves. Why is this not an option for those who truly love their children? Thousands who are locked up for this will do anything to get to see their children! Give them an option! Demand it!

Politicians, Attorneys Generals, Governors, Congress, The Senate, Judges, Court System, Vice President, and President; Which is more important? Children and their families or is the money more important? Your actions reflect your answer!

My fiancйe is current a victim of this so I carry a heavy heart on this matter. My blindfold was removed when I thought the justice system would do the legal, right, and moral thing, but I was wrong! I pray many times everyday for her and other people who fall victim to this. I know for a fact that she would do everything for her kids. In fact honestly that was exactly what she did. She went to jail for her kids. She and again I quote a so-called "deadbeat" took off of work because daddy could not take them to Dr. appointments. She did what apparently what a "deadbeat" would do and take two days off from work because her son was in the hospital. She placed the best interest of her kids ahead of herself and was/is being punished for doing so!

I sent letters and emails out before to anyone who I could think of so I can get her and my voice heard. These letters were packed with State Civil Laws, State Family Laws, and United Constitutional Amendments that showed why she should not be in jail. I included state Supreme and United State Supreme Court Cases, which show that her exact situation was already declared Unconstitutional! The Attorney General and Judges know what is Unconstitutional so I have no idea why they continue to pursue such evils against the citizens of the United States. We need a change. We need the change that was promised to us! We can make a change happen that can help both parents, but above all else the children of the United States of America! I have faith in this!

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