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Fraud and Bad Business Practice

This was a turning point in my life when I was faced with J. P. Morgan Chase and Company/Advanta Fraud and Bad Business Practice.

I had a mortgage with Advanta Mortgage. I signed my contract in November 6, 1998, when they sent a lawyer out to my house in Georgia. The attorney explained to me that my business property had nothing to do with my house that I had used as security to do with this loan (I had a fix rate loan). After he explained that to me I signed the contract and my first payment was due on December 15, 1998. I call the home office and explain to him I never discussed this with your office and I can may all payment on the 20th of each month and according to the General Manager, Mr. John Wycoki I could do just that because of a 15-day grace period and these payment would not be late.

In June 1999, I was notified that my house was in foreclosure and mailed all document to the company showing that I had paid my taxes and had insurance on my house. Each time I would via mail, faxed and priority mail and it would get lost in the office or on someones desk this went on for several times. You can call the office and Lisa would have the paper two days later they could not find the papers, and this is a national bank doing business like this.

I wrote a letter to the CEO of Advanta and his office called and Ms. Christine Supervisor of Customer Relation after she corrects my account and gave me a 16-day grace period. You would think this was the end of an error, but it was not and in 2002 Chase brought them out of Sovereign. The only thing I was notified to mail all payment to Chase Mortgage, this was in June 2002.

According to the terms of my Mortgage I was required to pay, I did just that. Instead of Lisa posting my check they were held up in her draw for three months and returned to me in December and my house went back to foreclosure. This company forced me into bankruptcy and my case was dismissed Chase did not file to the court for the 3 payment they returned to me and I continued to make payment on time.

According to the court in the state of Georgia you are allowed to miss two payments or it may be up to six before going into foreclosure. What Chase did was held my check in a lock-box and returns three checks back to me in December. Chase brought this up at the hearing and the Judge explained to them they did not file for the three payments they returned to me.

I asked for help from a Chase Employee and I also explained to (Doug and Gilbert) that I had a 15-day grace period and you would send me a late charge notice. I also asked for payment arrangement on the three checks that they returned to me and I was told that I am being punished and they could not work with me; my house was going into foreclosure.

After the Vice President e-mailed the Lost Mitigation Specialist/Executive Resolution Group asking them to not sale that property until they investigate this account, that did not happen and the employee that was handling this problem for me Mr. Jordan his computer was always down after I had made 5 calls to his office checking into this issue. I even wrote a letter to the CEO James Dimon of J. P. Morgan Chase and Company/Advanta Mortgage

I was force into bankruptcy in order to keep my house. I did not need to be there, due to the facts that I was in a debt management company and my bills was being paid on time and I did not need to file bankruptcy.

Perhaps Chase only take account for the commission and/or bonus you may have received for the amount of hard-working people you have put into foreclosure. I feel that my account has not been treated fairly or ethically in compliance with Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. I received Betty and Theo Roger account information and never received my account information and they called this a mistake. The media wants you to think that all identity theft comes from someone putting your information in the trash. NO, Banks send out your information to other customer and call it a mistake. After, requesting for my information. I never did receive my account information on my mortgage or any other information that I had request for in writing.

I strongly believe that Chase does not know how to investigate nor do they know how to handle a business transaction. Chase did not carry out its functions in the correct matter and I would like people to sign this petition if you had any problems with Advanta or Chase.

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