In accordance with all applicable criminal laws in the State of California, the People of the United States of America, do hereby demand that the jurisdictional court(s) remanding one Dr. Conrad Murray to preliminary hearing and trial to answer charges of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Michael Joseph Jackson, seek to remedy the omission by the said Prosecution and jurisdictional court(s) to consider the factual evidence that would otherwise lead Dr. Conrad Murray to stand trial on charges of first degree murder in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

The evidentiary considerations are as follows:

1. Dr. Conrad Murray had contact with other individuals who were instrumental in coordinating Michael Jacksons scheduled tour, beginning in England, and was prompted to consider himself as an accompanying doctor for Michael Jackson while on the planned tour. It is well known that Michael Jackson did not want the tour specifically as scheduled and was misled into many more performances than he had originally been informed of. By all accounts, there were people connected with the tour that were pressuring Michael Jackson to do their bidding, from which they stood to make millions of dollars for their personal bank accounts. It has not been entered into the record whether or not Michael Jackson continued to object to the many additional concerts that he was coerced into, and still may not have agreed to at the onset of making travel arrangements to the UK.

2. It is only hearsay that Michael Jackson himself was responsible for procuring the services of Dr. Conrad Murray for undisclosed physical ailments that may have required medical treatment throughout the tour. Dr. Murray is the doctor and as such, would be advising his patient of what medications were the remedies for specific and particular ailments, not the other way around. It has not been entered into the record as yet whether or not and in what manner Dr. Murray explained the usage of specific medications and drugs and any alternative medications for whatever Michael Jackson was ailing from or not.

3. Dr. Conrad Murray contacted known and unknown individuals while Michael Jacksons life was expiring due to a propofol overdose by telephone, according to records. There were also other people present at the house where Dr. Murray was treating Michael Jackson, and their specific interaction has not yet been entered into record. Dr. Murray has claimed that he did not know the address to where he was, and for a man of education and status, that is generally not a possibility.

4. It is for the jury and court to decide whether Dr. Conrad Murray ill-treated Michael Jackson as such on behest of other individuals not yet named. A more thorough investigation must be conducted as to the individuals that Michael Jackson had contact with, particularly those who had fallen out of favor with him.

5. Dr. Murray, by all accounts, is not an incompetent, careless and negligent doctor. That would only lead one to believe that Dr. Murray deliberately treated Michael Jackson in such a horrific manner, as to cause his death by administering fatal doses of medication and attempting to hide the murder in several ways, such as turning up the heat thermostat in the room. All indications, such as not placing Michael Jackson on the floor for CPR, not having monitoring devices available and in use, and for administering such drugs in the first place, allude to deliberate actions of Dr. Conrad Murray to murder Michael Jackson and then cover up his deed. Dr. Murray further abused and stressed the Emergency Medical Technicians by demanding fake CPR on a person that they knew to be already dead.

6. That Dr. Murray deliberately left Michael Jackson dead on a bed for many hours before alerting anyone that he was dead. This attempt included a chef and nanny to Michael Jacksons children who were expecting Michael Jackson at breakfast. At that time, apparently Dr. Murray had information that Michael Jackson was already dead by the morning, perhaps as early as 10:00 AM on July 25, 2009.

7. It is reprehensible and negligent for any jurisdictional court in the United States of America to be so lax in attempting justice in its own matters while demanding justice for individuals in foreign countries who are not even American citizens.

8. Michael Jacksons assets, whether temporarily depleted or otherwise, were consistent with billions of dollars, and there were and are greedy people who would present as an opportunist in Michael Jacksons life, and therefore may very well have planned his murder to be carried out by a designated person, perhaps even Dr. Conrad Murray.

9. The supposed culpability of a person respected and trusted as a medical professional would be so benign as to cause people to not even consider that a doctor, who has taken an oath to help people, would conduct so dastardly a deed as a deliberate murder.

10. Michael Jackson has been recorded several times complaining that he was being stalked in some fashion, and was made to feel afraid for his life, and definitely was alert to the fact that there were people that wanted him dead, and would likely attempt to murder him.

11. Michael Jackson angered some people whom he called racists and further complained that he was being stolen from financially and that there were some greedy people that were making strong attempts to steal the proceeds from his career and his brand.

12. Michael Jacksons image had been tarnished as a result of people that failed to blackmail him out of his money and so attempted to enrich themselves by lodging false accusations against him which caused his arrest, but subsequent acquittal on all charges. The culprits were taped making statements alluding to said blackmail and their desire to become rich at the expense of Michael Jacksons reputation and freedom.

13. We, the People of the United States of America, have a democracy, not a totalitarian state nor a dictatorship nor a communist country. We are not a nation of theocratic rule. There are no people in our country that are above the law or can cause an individual to not be culpable in our courts of law for addressing matters concerning our laws.

Therefore, We, the People of the United States of America, in accordance with our Constitution of the United States of America, demand that the jurisdictional court give us justice for which our country stands for, and not neglect its duty to give us that legal justice that we have come to depend on for our stability, strength, fortitude, righteousness and integrity. To accomplish said justice, Dr. Conrad Murray must stand on charges of first degree murder, until proven guilty or acquitted. The jurisdictional system must not lax in its duties with claims that some particulars may not be obvious to be provable. It is for the prosecutorial evidentiary investigations and for the jury to decide what is provable or not in our courts of law.

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