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Dear Trey Parker and Matt Stone,
We, the undersigned, believe that you were wrong for letting Comedy Central censor your episode involving the cartoon depiction of Mohammed the prophet. Allowing the network to censor the episode defeated the entire message that a simple image cant do any harm to anybody. Your television show South Park has been the quintessential example of free speech, which makes it a gem in todays world in which people are too busy being politically correct. We believe that you should fight to have the aforementioned episode be released uncensored on Comedy Central so your viewers will truly understand your beliefs regarding censorship and freedom of speech.
In the two episode series that was released last season, the obvious goal of the episode was to let the viewers become aware of the travesty in the Middle East regarding a specific cartoon. A cartoonist was killed for publishing an image of the prophet Mohammed, and as the creators of a highly controversial yourselves it was clear that your main intention was to let the people know that its ridiculous to be upset over a mere picture. When Comedy Central aired the episode, it showed a weakness on both your part and the networks part. The network only displayed how they were scared of how people would react, and both of you only demonstrated you feared doing something that too many people would deem unacceptable. If both parties show that they are unwilling to stand up for their beliefs, then it only hurts your reputation and proves that everybody will succumb to fear up to a certain point. This is certainly not the message that you believe or that you want your viewers to believe, so why would you deliver this message if you know it isnt justified?
Its surprising to see you guys go the other way considering in the past you have fought to air episodes that the network didnt approve of. The most notable example of this is the episode you created making fun of the Scientology religion, saying that everything about it is pure science fiction and that the founders are only in it to make money off ignorant believers. Normally this wouldve been just another episode that poked fun at something else strange in our world, but when it hurt one of your cast members, Isaac Hayes, it became so much more. Hayes demanded that Comedy Central wouldnt re-air the episode; otherwise he would refuse to do work for South Park again. In addition, Tom Cruise, another Scientologist, said he would refuse to advertise with Comedy Central if the episode was aired. Back then, Comedy Central had enough faith in both of you to make the right decision, and eventually the episode was aired again. Hayes was so upset that he left the show, and although his character will be missed in the long run your decision was better for South Park. At times like these, your viewers understood how strongly you believed on certain aspects, so when you let those who want to censor you win it only portrays you as weak comedians without a voice.
Furthermore, its clear to see that the times we live in reflect such censorship issues. Back in 2001, the Super Best Friends episode featured depictions of characters such as Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, and several other religious figures, and at the time nobody made a big deal about it. When you flip flop on issues like this, its obvious that your beliefs havent changed, but instead youre merely scared of the consequences. In the past nothing bad came of drawing Mohammed, but now that people are so strongly against this it shows how easily our society as a whole can be manipulated. At times like these, it takes leaders to step up above the common belief to show what is truly right, and it is your duty to let the truth be told.
In conclusion, we believe that you should stand up to the network and you should stand up to naysayers everywhere be releasing the uncensored version of the infamous Mohammed episode. We want this episode to be released unedited not because we want to see what you believe Mohammed actually looks like, but rather we agree on the principles you discussed throughout this episode and the entire series. Words are just words, pictures are just pictures, and regardless of what people think, anybody should be able to express their ideas or beliefs without having to worry about any consequences.

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