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To the Members of our School Board,

We are very concerned about the proposed boundary solution for Cedar Mill Elementary and are asking for your close consideration of the unreasonable impact to our school. The current proposal calls for Cedar Mill to lose approximately half of our students to Bonny Slope in the fall of 2008. This student loss will be replaced with students coming from new construction, projecting for our school to be at full capacity by 2012, possibly sooner. The major problems with this solution are the near term ramifications. If the boundary adjustments are made as the district has currently proposed, Cedar Mill will drop to 65\% occupancy for the 2008-2009 school year. This means that in addition to losing half of our student community, we are quite possibly looking at losing one third of our staff. At Cedar Mill we have always prided ourselves on our strong school community; think of what such drastic changes will do to that community.

Cedar Mill School is already challenged with a high mobility rate (20-40\%) and a high F/R lunch percentage (approx. 22\%). We embrace our diverse community and have a very strong volunteer base, which aids in the success of our students and our school. Given that Bonny Slope is being built within our current school boundary, change is inevitable for our school. However, we think a solution that retains more of our current student population and routes more new construction to Bonny Slope would help lessen the drastic changes our school will need to accommodate.

Proposed Solution
We suggest the board accepts the newly revised proposed adjustments and in addition, considers having the Timberland townhome development on the Teufel property be included in the Bonny Slope boundary line and for Cedar Mill Elementary to retain:
1. All homes off of 113th, South of Rainmont (Current revised proposal plus Melody, Damascus, and Jericho)
2. McDaniel Woods All homes South of McDaniel, East of 111th, and South of Dumar (Harding, Robina, Barrett, Cannon, Annette, Tudor, La Cassel Crest, 107th Pl.)

Currently we have approx. 45 students from the above-proposed inclusion and 2 (of an eventually projected 90) from Timberland. Although this solution calls for a reduction in the overall long term enrollment number for Cedar Mill and an increase for Bonny Slope, even looking out into the 2012 timeframe, this increase can be accommodated by Bonny Slope and chances are we will see far fewer than 90 children projected to come from the Timberland property, so the difference will be even less for both schools.

Currently McDaniel Woods is included in the Bonny Slope boundary due to its proximity to Bonny Slope. It is the case that McDaniel Woods is closer to Bonny Slope, but some added perspective is needed. The McDaniel Woods homes are between 1 and
1. 5 miles from Cedar Mill and between 1 and .5 miles from Bonny Slope, so the difference in distance to the two schools is not significant. Certainly not significant enough to warrant the impact on Cedar Mill School that is made by having McDaniel Woods go to Bonny Slope instead of Cedar Mill. It is also important to note that the Timberland development is essentially equidistant from the two schools, .9 miles from Bonny Slope and .8 miles from Cedar Mill. The additional homes off 113th should be included in Cedar Mills boundary because they share the same collector road (113th) with other homes in the Cedar Mill boundary area.

With this proposed solution, we would be looking at a projected enrollment in 2008 of 77\% (not including grandfathering), a much more reasonable hit to our community given our situation. We ask that you consider this proposal and include its implementation in your final decision.

Thank you.

Families of Cedar Mill Elementary

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