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Patron-in-Chief: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
Patron: H E R. Venkataram (Former President of India)

Campaign to make Bodhgaya, the Most Holy Buddhists Land into a Vegetarian Zone

Most Respected Venerables and Dharma Teachers,

With all humility and prayers, we seek your kind help in transforming Bodhgaya, the most sacred land for all the Buddhist communities worldwide where Buddha Sakyamuni attained supreme enlightenment and turned the wheel of dharma, into a vegetarian zone.

Please help us realize this dream and encourage dharma disciples and others to not to eat, buy, or sell the flesh of innocent animals within the zone of this very holy site. Please voice your support and write letters to the concerned authorities. If we all activate our sense of responsibility, no matter how large or small the contribution, we can together achieve this noble goal for the betterment of all living beings.

The followings are the chief reasons to make Bodhgaya into a vegetarian zone:
Bodhgaya is the holy land where Buddha Sakyamuni attained enlightenment and rediscovered the path to nirvana. As the esteemed venerables know it is the place where Buddha founded the Buddha Dharma and commenced its teachings based on compassion and reverence to ALL forms of life. A vegetarian Bodhgaya zone would therefore be in accordance to true teachings of the Buddha and dharma.Bodhgaya is the worlds holiest Buddhist pilgrimage destination. The essence of pilgrimage is to turn towards dharma, purify ones mind, earn as much merit as possible, pay tribute to the ancient holy site, seek blessings, and be inspired to live a virtuous positive life. So it is necessary that Bodhgaya emanate the right mental conditions to practice dharma, and our dharma practice becomes more fulfilling and meritorious in accordance with the Buddha Dharma. Thus a vegetarian zone will help create such favorable condition and promote world peace.Bodhgaya is also an important tourist destination, where many non-Buddhists visit and pay homage. We believe it is very important that this revered site send the right dharma message, with a compassionate understanding to all those who visit there. Everyone who visits will experience a more positive vibration of dharma all around the Bodhgaya zone.A vegetarian Bodhgaya zone would inspire many monastic institutions and individuals to follow in these same kind footsteps. It would also save tens of thousands of innocent animal lives killed every year, for those who reside in or visit Bodhgaya, by no longer engaging in eating, selling or buying the flesh of helpless sentient beings in this zone. In this way, we would be helping to restore the sanctity of the holy land.As numerous Buddhist communities around the world are observing the 2550 years of Buddhas Mahaparinirvana this is the opportune time to support and propagate an appeal toward a vegetarian (ahimsa) zone in Bodhgaya.
The followings are few suggestions that could help to attain this noble objective:
Abstaining from buying, selling, or consuming any form of meat during the pilgrimage tour in the holy land is the key to its success. So kindly encourage and appeal to the dharma and non-dharma practitioners to do the same, at least within the Bodhgaya zone. Writing letters to the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee (BTMC), the Chief Minister of the Bihar State, the Prime Minister and the President of India, or to any concerned authority deemed necessary for the objective.Creating awareness of, and garnering support for the cause, through signature campaigns, pamphlets, posters, stickers, and other media, and using any other innovative ideas that will help to accomplish this goal.Interacting with other dharma institutions of the world and making a concerted effort will give a tremendous boost in realization of the objective.
Please weigh and consider the benefits of a vegetarian zone in Bodhgaya, which would enable the furtherance of the true spirit of dharma. Lastly, we would like to make an earnest plea to all those who will be attending the International Buddhist Seminar, to be held in the first week of February 2007, organized by Government of India in bodhgaya, to air your support of this cause. Please help us in sowing the seeds of compassionate awareness, so we can realize this dream.

On behalf of Tibetans for a Vegetarian Society (t4vs) I sincerely appeal and pray for your kind help and blessings. If you are willing, we would greatly appreciate letters of support for this campaign.

With warmest regards,
Yours in the Dharma,

Tenzin Kunga Luding
Settlor cum Managing Trustee

T4VS Dehradun Chapter .. .. Tibetans for a Vegetarian Society
Green House, 32/34 .. .. .. Ida House, D-41, Block no. 12
Dhakpatti, Rajpur . .. .. .. New Camp, Tibetan Refugee Colony
Dehradun 248009 . .. .. .. Manju-ka-Tilla, Delhi - 110054
Uttarakhand State

Phone: Delhi (0) 9811098883
Dehradun Mobile (0) 971907654
Landline (0135) 2733300
E-mail: [email protected]

T4VS is a registered non-profit public charitable trust.

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