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Burst Limit Sequel - A second Chance to redeem.
I believe Burst Limit deserves a sequel, I feel Dimps is so much better at Making DBZ games then Spike is, I want the option to play DBZ in both perspectives. 2D and 3D. Burst Limit offered great cutscenes and graphics but lacked So much to keep anyone content. We need them to finish the game or at least release a new version fixed up and polished with the missing content similar to Super street Fighter 4.

Burst Limit really just needs is a fix up:

1# MOVEMENT - Overall speed was fast, but the basic traveling movement toward of away from your opponent was too slow. Slowly hovering just meet face to face with your enemy is ridiculous. Running, and dashing NEED to be introduced. The current movement doesnt allow the player to impliment the combos I invision.

- Give the players Aura dashing as Shin Budokai had but much faster, Burst limit was missing it entirely. Not just the regular Dashing, Give the players more options with it. Allow us to Aura dash vertically, horizontally and diagonally so we can FREELY move in the air off the ground but still in a 2D plain. Jumping, Crouching + upper cutting, rolling and backward jumping are basic fighting game mechanics, which the game is missing.

- Energy blasts and Super moves were almost unpunishable, and hard to avoid due to the combination of bad Ki system sluggish movement.

- To improve on the fight engine for the next game; characters need to feel more diverse and complex in their ways of combos. It should be enough that they feel like they need skill to learn but not too much where if a newbie jumps in he/she wont feel alienated.

Judging from what we got from the basics although:

The fight speed and combos are fine but the Ki system really ruined Burst limit. Ki auto charge made things kamehameha beams spammable. Or the way overly fast ki regeneration has essentially made hitting each other an optional game play component could bring up the dodging in hit stun glitch or the way Aura Burst mode basically encourages the other guy to just turn theirs on a half second later so they maintain the advantage. Ki needs to be self charged. In the Budokais if someone blows all their Ki doing something non tactical, its easily punished in a time span usually ranging from 8-15 seconds when they cant use any Ki based attacks.

In Burst limit you get about 4 seconds, half of which is taken up by getting out of block stun and moving forward, leaving that opportunity voiding itself and ruining strategic comebacks...

Rushes need to be more viable outside of combos. I want to throw out rushes instead of using them inside the combos. It'd allow more set up combos. But balance them both so that neither of them usually overpowers the other.

Aura Burst:

Character abilities dont get any better in Aura burst. In Max power mode, Aura Burst should not infinite ki but raise basic stats for a few seconds.

Quick transformation:

In Dragon ball Raging Blast; there is a feature where after you transform once in the long way with the full cut scene in battle, you can go back to that form in literally a second, so it can be linked in combos. Burst limit needs this feature, it should activate after the first time you or your opponent suffers fatigue. The first transformation should be the only one having a cutscene. Turning into that for, again should just be quick. Transformations should also be selected from the start of the match. If I wanted to start as Super sayian Goku, I should be able to start as that form.

Pursuit attacks:

Should be in the Shin Budokai style of a dash after knocked way opponent, a quick chase into a ping pong in the air a few times, then finish with a signature attack like Big bang or a single handed kamehameha.

Ki Charging must return:

The Auto Recharge is far to flawed on several levels as said previously.
Characters can simply out-turtle or wait the other guy to death while lower level ones are encouraged to spam ultimates too compete since they cant win. The game and get their ultimates back faster. Everyones Ki bars should ALL be the same number, and base regeneration, the only differences should be Base Ki start off point. Plus I find the fact that characters having different Ki regain speeds, (with Perfect cell and Super Perfect Cell compared to Kid Gohan, or giving Super Sayian 2 Gohan having the Highest is ridiculous.

There was nothing wrong with the baseline system especially Budokai 3/Infinite World where everyone starts with 4 bars (3 for the weaker characters and 4 for the transformations.) which balanced out over Burst Limit having a guy with 6 baselines had over a guy with 3. Burst Limits Ki regains too fast and its been proven some characters have FASTER regain time than others which is uneven and to open for disadvantage. Shin budokai had the best gameplay, expand on it please. For viability its usually going come down to how much damage is done per meter spent. To inrease the visual experience, BLUE lightning and small rocks lifting as done in the cutscenes will add to the presentation.


The reach of the grapple animation in the game is way too short and hardly ever actually connects. Grab animation needs to change, they need to REACH out with an arm then bend down for a hug.

Keep the Combos the same but only add more, add combos characters used in the anime and call it their ownsignature similar to the Raging blast but implement it IN the combo animation chains like:

- Daburas Stone Spit, a stun for 2 seconds
- Friezas opponent jerking Horn Impale then blasting them
- Super Buus Chocolate Beam Stun


- Grapple Struggles:(in game, with camera zoom in) Once you aura dash at the enemy while grappling while, the power struggle starts; you are tapping the button commands required to win faster than him. The opponent takes gradual damage from the 2 characters head butting each other because he isn't tapping the buttons fast enough.

Advanced Dodging:
-Increasing the dodging with not just foot pulling out or flinching but,
Jumping animation as well using the same engine.

- Graphics is great, however more detail could be added such as battle damaged outfits for all characters. Burst limits MAIN menu needs to look more interactive with characters talking to you or something friendly to look at. Burst limits Current menu looked bland, and depressing with NO vibrant colors or friendly dragon ball conversation.

- I suggest checking out Tenkaichi 2s or Tenkaichi 3 menu for that fun and encouraging feel for when you press start, considering how often the players are going to look at it.

- Game wise, the GIGANTIC Ki bar and large heath bar make the screen seem WAY too cluttered and hard to see the characters at times, Infinite words heath, ki and fatigue was the perfect size and set up.

- Character Aura needs to be corrected to the appropriate color as shown in the anime. Shin Budokai had done it perfectly but Burst Limit took a step backwards.

- Cell's Aura is meant to be Yellow NOT GREEN
- Lightning must be blue and SPARK not string like ribbons, please let us hear the sounds of the sparks crackling.

- Piccolo's special beam cannon needs to be the proper coloring of orange with purple outline, not SOLID purple.

- Galic Gun should be purple.

- Big Bang attack should be Blue.

- Characters should retain their battle stances.

- After a Dragon rush, the loser that flyies down from the air and hits the ground creating an effect of dust and rocks flying up (Budokai 3 had this effect.)

- When Ki Blasts are deflected or miss the target and fly into the background scenery, they should have a repeatable damage effect like an explosion onto the landscape.

#4 CONTENT: Stages
- There NEEDS to be more areas to select, how about brand new ones to fit with the old ones. 10 stages arent enough for replay or for the story. The most we need needs to be around 30.

*Note: Music should be selectable individually when choosing a stage, do NOT have pre-set area music. Also the music needs to be more motivating to which Budokai 3 had THE best soundtrack, Make tracks similar to that level.

This were even I got angry; Burst limit had NO fun things to do in single player after story mode no variety, no items to unlock, no replay value. Why is tournament mode gone? No warrior Road like Infinite world? The game modes shouldnt be so generic like Survival or Arcade because overall theyre basically the same and thats not fun.

There NEEDS to be more for Single player:
* Mission Challenge mode / Babidis Space ship :

* Doing certain things to win and unlock items

* Ranked Match:

* Dragon Ball Battle (Fight for a dragonball, appears occasionally after arcade is beaten)

* Shenron (wish after all balls are obtained)

* Time Attack and Survival

* Regular tournament mode:

* Cell games tournament

* Other World Tournament (Actual Stage is needed)

* Warrior Road (Map of various fighters to earn money) (infinite world)

There were many stages left out from the game even though they were shown and featured in other games of your brand:
-Kamis Lookout (Shin Buokai) -City (Ruined) (from Budokai 3/ Shin Budokai) -World Tournament arena (This stage needs to be remade much bigger. It was WAY too cramped in Budokai 3) A destroyed version of the stage would also be nice after an ultimate attack is preformed.

If we could unlock/use the money from the tournament to unlock clothes/characters/moves. It would be a lot better, and have the tournament modes for single player but open for local or online hosting.

*Janembas Stage (Hell Shin Budokai)

*Wasteland Area (Budokai 3)

*Destroyed Land (Budokai 3/Burst Limit)

*Supreme Kais world (Budokai 3)

*Inside Buu (Budokai 3, but recolor it Dark blue and make it dark)

* Mute city (Budokai 2)

* West city (Budokai 3)

* (Destroyed Capsule Area) (Budokai 3/Shin Budokai/Burst Limit Cutscenes)

* (NEW) Frieza's Space Ship (Burst Limit Cut Scene)

* (NEW) Inner Cave (Raging blast, where Goku fought Vegeta)

* (NEW) (Planet Vegeta)

* (NEW) Tree of Might Stage

The stages need to have SOME sound effects or charging visuals like the way they did in Super street fighter 4 (like have lightning or a volcano explode in the background)

There NEEDS to be more of it. Burst Limit you were able to Customize Drama pieces which was fine but surly was NOT enough to keep players.

- I for one liked the Idea of drama pieces, but what bugged us was that it couldnt be skipped at times, or that the effects of the scene like Ki rising wasnt open enough to be noticed other then reading the text at the side. Also, it was which another pesky gets out of jail free card because if the opponent outplayed you theyd constantly stop your attacks and could steal a win if both players are near knock out with the protection ones.

- For times where a player wants to make their own What if Stories they are needed highly, but there should be and option to skip them with start/select after being seen once, especially for story mode.

- The Ability to equip Items or modify Basic stats gives more reason to play and something to work for. For This I say go back to Infinite worlds System of having an ultimate slot, 3 special attack slots a support slot and finally 5 items boost slots. My only Problem was that there WERENT ENOUGH items to choose from. Give items that affect your physical structure, boost attacks and specials and others in general there NEEDS to be a lot.

MORE NEEDED CHARACTERS: - Burst Limits Character Roster Selection was terrible. --- Even going up to Cell it should have had more then 20 characters Cell jr. Hurcule, Turles, Cui, Dadoria, Zarbon, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, Mecha Frieza, Cooler, Metal Cooler.

With ALL the characters in Dragonball, there should be no need to stop at Cell especially when most of the really good characters appear in the Majin buu Arc.

*Why is Bardock only in the game? He even mentions Fasha, Borgos, and Tora but they arent in? The game would be a lot better if it had a heaver ROSTER to pick and choose from but not as much as Tenkaichi, and would provide more content for the game.

Character Roster Id Like to have: Considering ALL of the ones available, with more characters, more matches in VS mode or any other mode for more replay value or what-if fan service. The MOST at least should be required to see pulled off is 50 Characters I want to see in the game excluding transformations:

1. Goku (Base, Kaioken Super Saiyan 1,2,3)

2. Kid Gohan

3. Teen Gohan (Base, Super Saiyan and 2)

4. Adult Gohan (Base, Super Saiyan 1,2, Elder Kai unlocked)

5. Piccolo

6. Krillin

7. Yamcha

8. Tien

9. *Chiaotzu*

10. Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Vegeta, Super Sayian 2)

11. Raditz

12. Nappa

13. Guldo

14. Recoome

15. Burter

16. Jiece

17. Captain Ginyu

18. Frieza (1st Form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, Final Form, 100\% Final Form)

19. Mecha Frieza

20. Future Trunks (Base, Super Sayian, Ultra Sayian)

21. Future Gohan (Base, Super Sayian)

22. Android 16

22. Android 17

23. Android 18

24. Android 13

25. Cell (Imperfect, Semi-Perfect, Perfect, Super Perfect)

26. Bardock

27. Fasha

28. Bojack

29. Zangya

30. Turles

31. Kid Trunks (Base, Super Sayian, Fusion)

32. Kid Goten (Base, Super Sayian, Fusion)

33. Pikkon

34. Dabura

35. Majin Vegeta

36. Majin Buu

37. Evil Buu

38. Super Buu (Base, Gotenks Absorbed, Gohan Absorbed)

39. Cell Jr.

40. Saibaman

41. Kid Buu

42. Kid Uub

43. Kid Pan (from the End of Dragonball Z)

44. GT Goku (Super sayian 1,3,4, Fusion)

45. GT Vegeta (1,2,4, Fusion)

46. Omega Shenron (Syn, Omega)

47. Nouva Shenron

48. GT Pan

49. Majuub

50. Super Baby 2

#4 DBZNESS(The feel from a fan view, tweaks and fixes)
---- Its great the play speed is fast and the dragon rushes add some impact, but the problem was with SOME of the drama pieces. SOME characters interact well like Goku and Raditz as partners, although characters that SHOULD know each other dont. Like the Androids. In Raging Blast, MOST characters know each other from likely situations like Nappa interacting with Recoome or Ginyu. There needs to be more Introduction quotes BEFORE after and in the middle of combat.

The Ultimate Attacks need a cinimatic when about to launch then back into real time on launch like the way Naruto Ninja storm works.
The Planet explosion from Budokai 3 and a cutscene in Burst Limit need to return in game. One of the reasons why Raging blast or Tenkaichi rather, had appealed to the fans was how well it was portrayed to the anime.

One of the reasons I'm making this an entirely separate issue is because of how disappointed I was with the selection in Burst Limit. With the lack of actual alternate costumes, this made fighting the same opponents very boring. Also, pallet swaps are lazy and dull to look at. Most of those characters that were playable HAD other costumes in the anime and in other games. Especially Goku.

Clothing for all characters should be able rip or tare like Teen Gohans when he fights cell after a planet explosion scene.

***Imperfect form/semi-perfect often speaks with his perfect voice ruining consistency which the Tenkaichi series never had a problem with. Cells victory quotes are awful.
- His First form was all about absorbtion
- His second form was about hunting 18
- While his last form is about being the perfect life form.
something that reflects his personality and his stage. I have hardly ever heard his lesser forms use their actual voice tones which was a problem to fans.

His perfect form should say things like:
What a shameful way to go out
"Why do you fight, when you know you will lose?"
"Witness the power of PERFECTION"
"I am the ultamite being...unlike yourself hmhmhmhm..."

While his First form should say:
"Your life force...is mine..." "I'll absorb you next..."
"You will soon be apart of great power..."

Cells attacks in general could be in use of a tweak as well.

Imperfect Form should have Special beam cannon, as an ultimate.
Semi-perfect Cells Ultimate move should be: Galick Gun
Perfect Cell's Ultimate should be: Super Kamehameha
Super Perfect Cell's Ultimate should be: Solar Kamehameha

(For Cells Solar Kamehameha have it start with the 3 second cutscene of him putting his hands together then let the attack continue in 2D regularly, the scene of the beam comming of the earth from Budokai 3 would also finish the attack. This sequence can also be applied to the Final Flash)

A change in the names of Raditz's attacks are also due:
Instead of Double Sunday call it Double impact

Super buu's ultimate should be the retaliation explosion he used on Gohan similar to the Final Explosion Vegeta preforms.

In conclusion:
Unlike the other fans that have turned over to Raging blast because of Burst limits fixable failures I still have faith and pray that hopefully we can get everything we want, but the main thing is TAKE YOURE TIME and NOT BE STINGY WITH THE CONTENT, It doesnt matter how long it will take to change up and add in everything suggested. Ive thought long and hard on what should help you out.


The information I attained, was from my personal wants in the game aided by gameplay tweak opinions found of various topic forms.

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  • 10 November 201550. Patrick M
    Burst Limit is all that is left of the original budokai series. Atleast complete it for us. Raging blast is 'ok', but its annoying now, BURST LIMIT 2 FTW!!! :D
  • 07 November 201549. Chris J
  • 04 October 201548. Nicholas H
    I Agree.
  • 25 August 201547. Xsupremesaiyajinx Kelley
    I can already imagine how good BL2 would be. PLZ MAKE THAT GAME!!!
  • 30 June 201546. Kayewizzle Bauer
    Yeah MAN!!! You ROOOOOCCCCKK!! :D
  • 26 June 201545. Oronde F
    Yeah they are putting far too much energy into these Tenkaichi-like games I mean to be honest you only enjoy those right up to the point where you unlock every character. I mean there should be a DBZ game that's between Burst Limit and Budokai 3 all it wo
  • 31 May 201544. Daniel A
    Bring back Burst Limit , we need a DBZ game dat take skill
  • 02 September 201443. Gfreturns Briggs
    As much as I dislike BL, it deserves a second chance!
  • 06 August 201442. Victor Robles
    We need it!
  • 05 August 201441. The V
    Everything that was in this was perfect and should be done.
  • 18 June 201440. Superscarybuu Mckay
    I support a new game to play, I'm bored of Raging blast
  • 11 June 201439. Adrian Perez
    The game is incomplete i want it completed!
  • 01 June 201438. Taylor Guerrero
    I agree Burst Limit needs a second chance.
  • 17 May 201437. Rudy V
    Please give us a sequel
  • 30 November 201336. David Wright
    great series. wanna see better balancing
  • 25 June 201335. Paris J
    Good Job
  • 16 April 201334. Kyle H
    Please release Burst Limit 2
  • 10 November 201233. Sam S
    good stuff
  • 04 November 201232. Dbz F
    Please give us this game
  • 17 May 201231. Chris Jacobs
    burst limit was a very good game and balanced in a way,it beats out budokai,and it was much fun to play with friends,there should be another
  • 19 January 201230. Dan Stokes
    please let there be a burst limit 2!!
  • 30 December 201129. Shavo Ayala
    i totally agree with this!!
  • 17 February 201128. Dan Valdez
    Burst Limit deserves a sequel including the Majin Buu Saga, beam struggles, and a fighting system more like mortal kombat. No capsule system or drama pieces. All finishers and ultimates used through button combos.
  • 04 January 201127. Munta Herman
    Bl2 because bl was a good game and the only dbz game you would see is Raging Blast
  • 29 December 201026. Gthrasher Dodson
    I like the ideas! There great! Keep it up! Hope is Good, and lets hope they hear us out on this! Great Job. DO NOT STOP WHAT YOU"RE DOING, continue to spread the word!
  • 28 November 201025. Bl Drake
    I agree with every one of your points with the exception of adding GT Character, Maybe in BL3 ( hope they make it) but we still havent got a Bl2 so decrease the character roster, other wise it will turn out to be another Tenkaichi 3, too many character th
  • 27 July 201024. Igor Christensen
    burst limit best dbz game, we definitely need another one! please!

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This is for The Dimps company or whom ever is willing to give us our redeeming sequel.


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