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Division of Youth and Family Services. What does that mean? Their website states New Jerseys child protection and child welfare agency its mission is to ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children and to support families.


How many times are parents going to lose a child in this game we call justice? Children are being torn from loving homes and placed into danger.

September 28, 2005. Chanel was born to Jessica VanDerWiele and Enrique Reeves. Both who are loving and caring people and became more so when their daughter was born. Chanel has loving parents and a very large family who made sure she was going to be spoiled and have everything a little girl could dream of.

Chanel was taken to a local hospital, Community Medical Center, by her parents on December 27, 2005 due to a sudden rash. For TWO HOURS Chanel went UNTREATED because the staff was too busy questioning their parenting.
After being UNTREATED for TWO HOURS Chanel was sent to Jersey Shore Hospital in Neptune, NJ. Where the doctors and nurses picked up where CMC left off. Questioning the parenting of these two instead of caring for this child that was ill. When they finally made Chanel a concern the doctors came to realize that Chanel had what was called impetigo. This is also known as a COMMON bacterial infection in infants and young children. There was also a FULL examination ordered , including a skeletal survey, to rule out prior abuse. Results for this testing, a computerized axial tomography scan and eye examination PROVED NEGATIVE
On December 28, 2005 after finding NO evidence of abuse or neglect Chanel was TORN out of her loving mothers arms. This was a HOLIDAY week so needless to say there was NOTHING Chanels family could do for her being that everyone was conveniently off of work due to the holidays.
Chanel was placed in to foster care and when Chanels parents we finally able to find a family member to take temporary custody of her they saw for themselves that Chanel had been wearing the same clothes as when shed been taken from them and they were NOT WASHED!
After what seemed like endless arguing and background checks Chanel was finally placed in temporary custody with a family member.
Donna Collazzo, Jessicas Aunt, then started charming in. She convinced Jessica and Enrique that the family member that was taking care of Chanel was only trying to adopt another child and they were not helping them get their baby back to them in anyway. This of course scared Jessica and Enrique and Donna succeeded in her goal. She got temporary custody of Chanel.
Mrs. Collazzo has had custody of Chanel for almost two years now. Mrs. Collazzo tells the courts that Jessica and Enrique are unfit parents and that they dont do anything for Chanel. She tried to bribe Jessica to tell the courts that Enrique physically harms her or she would not allow her to see Chanel.
Jessica and Enrique BOTH hold FULL TIME jobs and support Chanel. They have BOTH been nothing but cooperative with the courts requests as well as DYFS. They have completed parenting classes, psychological evaluations and RANDOM drug screenings. Psychological evaluations concluded that the child SHOULD be returned to her parents. Drug screenings returned NEGATIVE results.

Jessicas cousin recently testified in court on Chanels behalf. She informed the courts that she had been left in Mrs. Collazzos care at a young age. Mrs. Collazzo had physically and emotionally scarred her.
There are COURT DOCUMENTS stating that Mrs. Collazzo had brainwashed her and did NOT take proper care of her. Now she MAKES Chanel call her mommy and her husband daddy. Instead they want to wait for the proof that there is something wrong with Mrs. Collazzo.
Chanel has GREAT parents. She deserves to be in THEIR custody.

Allow me to point out as well that after almost two years of not being permitted their daughter to be returned to them, DYFS or the Police have NOT charged Jessica or Enrique of ANY crimes because they did NOTHING wrong. They were forced to take drug tests. Including Jessicas father because they all lived in the same house. DYFS repeatedly tested them unsuspectingly and REPEATEDLY they got NEGATIVE results.


Please help Jessica and Enrique. Bring Chanel home where she belongs. NONE of her family has been able to see her due to this HORRIBLE incident that the courts of New Jersey are ALLOWING to proceed. Chanel has LOVING parents that work HARD to be sure that she has things that she needs and wants. She has a LARGE family that has NEVER seen her. PLEASE bring Chanel Home.

For more information or if you have any questions PLEASE visit us at


E-mail us at
[email protected]

REMEMBER: This is not her parents but, we will do the BEST we can to keep you informed and up to date. We will do our best to answer any questions that you may have.


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