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Dedicated to the mission of bringing into notice of the channel Star One the earnest appeal of heart broken admirers of Mr Farhan Akhtar into Nach Baliye- 2 Back. Farhan is someone young of years and old of wisdom gracing Nach baliye - sweet and suave, sexy and charming, extremely handsome,engaging, soft-spoken - great personality and enticing presence - all that before camera and behind camera a man of unique and original thought and a person attuned to art and creative in all its forms. He is a savant in all he does, decent and immensely personified and talented also magnetic and unique..

With rare combinations of beautiful sense of humour married to no-nonsense manners, air of sophistication and and
certain finesse. Nach Baliye without be incomplete and empty, devoid of life without him and we are longing and pining away to bring him back to the show..its extremely bad luck that Nach Baliye is coming at a moment when farhan is busy with post production job of his forth coming movie Don and cant commit where as each minute from the very moment Nach Baliye ended his ardent admirers waiting and looking foreward to have him and see him in Nach Baliye - 2. Farhan Cannot be replaced. So do sign this petition which will serve as a reflection of state of mind and request/appeal/strong suggestion to postpone Nach Baliye - 2 to November 2006 so dearest Farhan can join in ...!!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 09 November 2015100. Amrita Meyers
    Farhan Akhtar is one of the best visionary judge we have as we all have seen that in nachbaliye 1 so plsssssssssssss bring the charm of the show back plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
  • 03 October 201599. Chaitali S
    Farhan Aap Kyun Nahin Thoda Waqt Nikalte NB Ke Liye, Plz.
  • 25 September 201598. Karuna Stanton
    Jaan, angel come to us, return to us Farhan , We love you so much apple of our eyes .
  • 16 March 201597. Inky Reynolds
    i'll not watch star one ever if it doesnt bring farhan akhtar to nach baliye two.
  • 03 March 201596. Raaj Graves
    with farhan nach baliye rocks, without him it sucks and worse.
  • 27 January 201595. Tina Oliver
    I really like you Farhan..really. I want to see you in NB2. Are You Reading This ? You Are Mindblowing. Star One has lost it.
  • 16 October 201494. Bindiya Andrews
    i hate this present trend of things. i never imagined something like this would happen. what was once a awaited show has become a dreaded thing for me. it doesnt appeal to me one bit without dear farhan !! really wishing for his arrival heartliy .
  • 08 October 201493. Mridula Peterson
    Get The Hot Property of the show Akhtar On NB.
  • 04 September 201492. Aarthi Marsh
    Yes we do need Farhaan back!
  • 11 July 201491. Roopa Kirby
    wud do anything for u farhan to bring u back in nb2. bolo tumhe kya chahiye...jaan tak hazir hai.
  • 05 June 201490. Praveena Marks
    I Like Farhan and want to see him in Nach Baliye.
  • 03 May 201489. Naina Ford
    How Are You Farhan? And How's Life? Don Is Super Cool, Dont worry about anything and just come to Nach Baliye Two. The Movie will only get more coverage that way. Your kid is too cute, looks like you. i think she's got her birthday soemtimes next month, w
  • 23 April 201488. Devi Gonzales
    Star one Please see reason and post pone NB2. Why in the first place you thought about airing NB2 at this time suddenly when one of the judges you know is busy like anything, change your mind and plans. I tell you no one can be like Farhan Akhtar for the
  • 03 April 201487. Vishal Eaton
    these star one ppl na...farhan ne toh pehle hi keh rakha tha ke he'll be busy with don, toh kya in logon ko ensure nahin karna tha ke they dont start nb when one judge is willing but so so busy. bring him back he is great.
  • 08 January 201486. Yaseerkhan Cunningham
    I support this petition
  • 17 December 201385. Suresh Pierce
    Mr Akhtar , You Should not deny the offer, agreed you've date problems ...but you should be considerate of all the peple and their love ..their feeling. Squeeze soem time out of your schedule..its not impossible , common .
  • 01 November 201384. Ayesha Blackwell
    Farhan (Akhtar )is not only a great director and a very nice person, he makes an extremely capable judge and as a guy he is very watchable and attractive too. Its impossible to think of NB2 without him.
  • 07 September 201383. Barsha Browning
    farhan aap sab gham ke ek hi dawa hain. your smile lightens up the world . zinda rehne ke liye sarkar ek mulaqat zaroori hai. ab aur na tarsayiye.
  • 02 September 201382. Charanya Mccullough
    I support this petition
  • 25 July 201381. Debahuti Owen
    Yes i fully agree with the petition author and the appeal. if nb2 comes it should come with farhan akhtar.
  • 23 July 201380. Madhu Powell
    Farhan come back to nb2. how can they even think of doing nach baliye without you. No way, you got to be there and hey you are coming. its not late, just say yes and we'd kick kunal kohli out
  • 17 July 201379. Alok Orr
    B would be disappointing without Farhan..He is Fab. Postpone the show to adjust to his schedule and bring him back.
  • 29 June 201378. Som Newton
    Farhan is so cool every way...You've to have him
  • 31 May 201377. Sanjay Beltran
    star one ppl, plz hear your viewers. its them that make you. they want farhan - bring him. he is too good and if nb comes after one/two months its okay.
  • 14 April 201376. Reshma Pope
    I very much hope to see Farhan Akhtar in coming NB2 2006 . Do No Disappoint me.
  • 08 April 201375. Priya Smith
    Farhan, I'll die if you dont come to NB2.
  • 07 April 201374. Arpita Fleming
    Farhan, Farhan, Farhan !!! Aajao, Aajao, Aajao. Dont deprive us of your magic darling. Think abt us a bit. We need to see you at least if nothing else. And star one is so silly , ended all good shows like remix and special squad now this. Star one dont ma

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