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This petiton is to try to convince Bandai Inc. to re-release its classic Tamagotchi virtual pets. I feel that now the Tamagotchi Connections are out for retail sale that people that never got to use a classic Tamagotchi should get the chance. This petition is for the re-release of the Generation 1 Tamagotchis, Generation 2's, Angels, Oceans and Forest. Maybe even Devilgotchi, which was never released for retail sale in the USA! Please Sign my petition to make a difference and get these great Virtual pets out for everyone!

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 October 2018101. Irene Galca
    I support this petition
  • 31 December 2015100. Kitty Sheppard
    I Really want a full collection so bring back the old ones Name Base
  • 30 December 201599. Nj Yoder
    Come on now people sign Name Nj State of residence UK
  • 21 December 201598. Chelsea M
    I think they should bring back the Devilgotchi and the Yasashii Tamagotchi, both did not get released in the USA !!! Very Disapointing !!!! Name Chelsea Martin
  • 13 December 201597. Jennifer V
    I loved the original. It taught me to be responsible and it also supplied great fun. Please bring it back. Name Jennifer V. State of residence Washington
  • 12 December 201596. Emily G
    I'd pay $40.00 for a brand new ENGLISH remake of a Devilgotchi Name Emily Greene State of residence NC
  • 02 December 201595. Sara M
    original tamagotchi was/is my favorite toy ever Name Sara Morgan State of residence Maine
  • 02 December 201594. Katie Mathews
    I miss the old version!!! I also bought a Nano and it's NOTHING like the one I remembered! Name new State of residence jersey
  • 28 November 201593. Elizabeth R
    Bring back Ocean Tamagotchi Name Elizabeth Rosenberry
  • 19 November 201592. Johanna Curtis
    I definetly think that it would be awesome to release them again! OMG! I was too young the last time they came out, so I would like to see what they are like! Name Johanna State of residence New York
  • 14 November 201591. Alanna Lara
    PLEASE BRING BACK CLASSIC TAMAGOTCHI!!! Name alanna State of residence california
  • 14 November 201590. Chris Richard
  • 11 November 201589. Megan Chavez
    bring the originals back...please! Name megan
  • 08 November 201588. Ryan Ewing
    BRING THE ORIGINAL TAMAGOTCHIS BACK, OR MY WORLD WILL END!!! Name Ryan State of residence Michigan
  • 07 November 201587. Sarah Brandt
  • 31 October 201586. Amelia Quinn
    I never got to try these, but I want one! Name Amelia State of residence WA
  • 27 October 201585. Eddie F
    I love the original Tamagotchi's with their simplistic design. The new ones are alright..but it's not the seem. Pleeeeaaaseee bring the originals back, they were part of my childhood. :) Name Eddie Figueroa State of residence California
  • 15 October 201584. Ann T
    PLEASE BRING THEM BASCK! Name Ann Thomas State of residence City of Hobart
  • 14 October 201583. Sydney Jensen
    If p1's,p2's,angelgotchis,oceans,etc. returned Bandai would make a fortune! Name Sydney State of residence NorthCarolina US
  • 08 October 201582. Dianna Durham
    Please Name Dianna
  • 21 September 201581. Michelle Glover
    please bring them back, i loved them! Name Michelle State of residence Nevada
  • 19 September 201580. Brittany Arnold
    good job! its not fair we dont get devilgotchis Name brittany
  • 18 September 201579. Amanda Small
    the classic ones were so cool Name Amanda
  • 16 September 201578. Tamakitten Brooks
    Please bring them back Bandai!I got a P2 today and it's so cool!I wish everybody could expirience all of the older Tamagotchis!!!! Name tamakitten
  • 15 September 201577. Matt Carney
    Thanks sooo much if you re-realease the Tamagotchis! Name Matty
  • 08 September 201576. Jodie Rasmussen
    the original is the best Name originals ver1 &2 State of residence nsw
  • 24 August 201575. Tammy G
    Ijust ordered an original from ebay and it was col! Name Tammy Gotchi State of residence NJ

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Bandai Inc.


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