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Scooby-Doo cartoons are not airing much anymore on Cartoon Network. "What's New Scooby-Doo" is airing only on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, (and most of his new medicore films) and even worse, as of today, "Scooby-Doo Where Are You" (the show that started it all!) "The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo" and even "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" no longer air on Cartoon Network! Scooby remains a Cartoon Network icon despite his very limited airtime.

This petition is signed by people that DO NOT have Boomerang and cannot afford the DVDs. The Scooby-Doo cartoons need to be broadcast more on local cable television! The main goal is to mostly get the classic Scooby-Doo cartoons airtime again (especially "Scooby-Doo Where Are You,") and we might even see the return of "Scooby Universe," your old CN two-hour block devoted to classic Scooby!

Scooby-Doo is in grave danger of becoming obscure as the Looney Tunes and Fred Flintstone! We want classic Scooby-Doo back on TV again!

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 November 2015100. Michael Escobar
    bring it back...its awesome
  • 25 September 201599. Dylan B
  • 13 August 201598. Rodinei Camposdas
    Scooby-Doo has to continue to be broadcasted on Cartoon Network in the whole world! Besides being an icon from CN, it's one of the few Hanna-Barbera classics which's very aired by this channel, while the other Hanna-Barbera classics (as Flintstones, Jetso
  • 18 July 201597. Alex P
    classic "scooby" is the best "scooby"
  • 15 May 201596. Aaron J
    Bring it back!!
  • 19 December 201495. Tina Best
    I have been a HUMONGOUS Scooby Doo fan ever since I was 5 years old, I even have a special Scooby Doo Collection and my precious Scooby Doo Stuffed Animal!!
  • 27 November 201494. Benny Klinej
    Where the F, Scooby Doo?
  • 22 November 201493. Valerie F
    I love the old shows and believe they are much better than the current shows.
  • 21 November 201492. Joseph R
    bring back classic Scooby Doo
  • 08 September 201491. Alysha S
    Please bring back classic Scooby Doo.
  • 02 July 201490. Metalhead D
    Pedro, shut the hell up ass hole. No one cares about this stupid show anymore. No one likes 60s and 70s cartoons anymore so why are you arguing with Cubbi when he's telling the truth. Why don't you dumb ass get off the drugs and look at the animation of S
  • 02 June 201489. Mickeyreilly Moyer
    bring them back scooby-doo is the best all you peole that trash scooby are stupid
  • 12 May 201488. Kelli Al
    Classic Scooby Doo are at the top of my cartoon faves. In my opinion, Cartoon Network RUINED it when they got it. The newer ones will never be as good as the old ones.
  • 02 February 201487. David W
    Please Bring it Back!!!
  • 20 December 201386. Carley Flynn
    i must say that scooby doo where are you was my favorite show as a kid and still is as an adult, it deserves to come back to be seen by a new generation of kids and adults alike, hey you might even put it on adult swim
  • 23 October 201385. Mike S
    scooby rules!
  • 15 July 201384. Snoop P
    mann, alberto, u dumb azz mufukka, shut yo dumb azz up, nigga! u 2 elisa! yo momma so stoopid she sold yall azzez 2 da gorillaz! u madd cuzz u lik dem ghey azz showz like popple, wuzzlez, raccoons, mask , skooby doo etc etc. da reel showz lik duck tails,
  • 12 July 201383. Trent C
    i love scoobs so bring him back
  • 11 July 201382. Mickey R
    my name ben is a gay
  • 30 June 201381. Brian B
  • 23 June 201380. April H
    The new episodes are not a good sorry but I love the original don't fix something that isn't broken
  • 17 June 201379. S G
    I grew up with Scooby, and I want him back!
  • 28 May 201378. Jojo Levy
    bring back classic scooby doo!! it s da best
  • 10 April 201377. Nick L
    scooby doo is satanic and needs to go off da goddamn air! scooby doo is 4 stoners anyways. no one gives a f*uck about it anymore, pedro! Ur so damn dumb!!!! scooby doo needs to be burned! bring back ducktales, chip n dail rescue rangers, tail spin, darkwi
  • 30 December 201276. Tricia C
    I LOVE Scooby soooooo much!!!
  • 16 September 201275. Pedro Reyna
    Cartoon Network, no more cheap anime shows, no more cartoon cartoons! More HB classics! Huge Hanna-Barbera fan since I was born and I love all of their cartoons (except their 90s ones). GET RID OF THIS CRAP AND BRING BACK THE OLD SKOOL! Bring back Ruby Sp
  • 03 September 201274. Pedro Reynathirdt
    Man, Cubbi, shut the f**k up, ok mofo. I love Scooby and he still got lots of fans to this day. The animation is not horrible, that is just 60s standards. Besides I don't watch shows for visuals, I watch them for content. And that s**t Cartoon Network hav

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