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For around two years, I have enjoyed my experience on the Zone, although it had its ups and downs, like abusive members sending me rude ZoneMessages or making new friends in lobbies. I loved the old zone - I had a whale of a time playing all of the different board games that I knew how to play (backgammon, checkers, chess, hearts, and spades). I could chat to other people, making friends in the process (and enemies, I guiltily add), I could advertise games, I could choose my opponents, I could use the ZoneFriends utility, and I could imagine myself playing in the tournament rooms one day.

But that dream, my membership, and my trust for MSN was to be shattered when all of these games were ruined, wrecked, and therefore buggered up. I, probably like you if you loved the old setup of the zone, am absolutely furious about this, particularly in the fields of spades, chess, and backgammon (no mention of the changes to the spades game as this is in another petition). There are now no rated rooms or tournament rooms anywhere. The new graphics are hard to tolerate as they get in the way of the gameplaying. Warnings are sent to players who take more than 30 seconds to make a move in backgammon. Players can't choose their opponents anymore. Personally, I don't want a computer randomly choosing my opponents - they may be abusive, a quitter, a staller, or even a cheater. Because there aren't any lobbies now, players cannot warn others of bad players, start a conversation with others, request players to come to their tables, or let people know that they want a game.

For backgammon, users were able to choose the number of points they were to play to, which is now not possible. Instead, players are presented with three choices - one point, three, or five (five being used as a rated game), and again, players must either play with a computer opponent, have their opponent chosen automatically, or unwillingly invite someone from their MSN Messenger Contact List! Who in their right mind wants to add that many contacts just so that they can play games over the net with them? Nobody, that's who. Anyway, getting to the setup of backgammon, the graphics are quite poor - the dice don't move smoothly when rolled and annoying clicking is heard when users move the poorly designed pieces. The user hears appalling and irritating sound effects when they do different things in the game, making the user wish they were deaf. The warning windows that appear when a player is thinking about which move to make are patronizing, and people whose vision isn't perfect find it difficult to tell the difference between the colours of the board, many of which are similar or identical to each other. I mean, what sort of a game do you call that if it has that for a setup?

Well, as for chess, you'd think that the setup for backgammon is the only one that is disapproved of. Wrong! Chess with its new setup is just as bad as backgammon is at the moment. Even though it doesn't have the unbelieveably stupid option of playing a computer opponent, players again have to choose an opponent at absolute random! And surprise surprise, there are also no tournament rooms here - they and the rated rooms for chess (rated rooms worked best for this game in particular) have gone! (Comment on randomly selected opponents in previous paragraph.) There are again only three options, again only one of which is allowed to affect your rating. There is an option of playing a game without a timer, with a 30 minute timer, or a blitz game (the game is completed in 5 minutes). Players using the old setup could choose exactly what time limit they wanted to play with, and again they could invite players, communicate, etc. Now that the new setup displays it in three-dimensional graphics, the chess pieces are harder to keep track of unless you hit the 2-D graphics button. When a player gives check, mate, or stalemate, an irritating window appears and shows a stupid and frustrating sound too. Also, as well as showing what moves you can make when you press down a piece, the squares change colour when an opponent wants to move a piece, which distracts the other player's train of thought and allows them to plan too far ahead. Again, you can't warn others of abusive players.

For checkers, this is the worst I have seen so far. The checkered squares of the board are two similar colours, making it hard for people without perfect vision. The feature of playing with a computer as an opponent is stupid too. Also, the thing that really disgusted me was when a player captured another checker was that once the piece was jumped over, it exploded. I think that this is simply childish and aimed at idiots like the rest of these 'games' are. Also, the signal given for when a checker 'kings' is just stupid too - a childish klaxon sound. Suicide checkers was available here, but out of these three games, this really takes the biscuit. The game is simply annoying and frustrating with its sounds and shoddy graphics, and is only aimed at vision perfect people! Notation is available as with chess, but it covers up the main window showing player details, and some of the notation is confusing.

In all three of these games, resigning is even worse, with players having to put up with a window and a childish sound effect when the opponent accepts, which only increases the shame of losing the game.

I don't call this a good setup at all for this website! In fact, I hate it! If you agree with me, sign my petition right here - make yourself heard!
Thanks :-)

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 May 2015174. virginia rogers (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 07 December 2012173. Betty Lou
    I support this petition
  • 12 July 2012172. Mario Padilla
    I support this petition
  • 29 December 2010171. John
    I would be willing to pay for the classic version of zone.
  • 18 December 2010170. t
  • 15 December 2010169. Dani
    They say "Thank you for your feedback. Your opinion is important to us." But we all know thats bullshiit and they dont give a fu__ck.
  • 15 December 2010168. "paabby"
    I would like to see CLUE again. Used to get on zone and play with my sister who lived in Germany at the time. She now is only 4 hours away but it would be nice to still be able to play. Can't find anywhere to play CLUE online anymore..BUMMER!
  • 13 December 2010167. Joan
  • 13 December 2010166. gloria
  • 12 December 2010165. ph
  • 08 December 2010164. Angela
    Bring back the classic zone rooms please! Especially spades and backgammon!!! You destroyed a way of life for people who are like family to one another, and brought the end to an era of loved gaming for millions! The #'s of participation in your new gam
  • 08 December 2010163. Craig
    Bring the links golf back
  • 27 November 2010162. Tyler
  • 24 November 2010161. Fra6160
    We want them back!! CD-ROM games ruled!!
  • 23 November 2010160. D.Parker
    This was a great place. And fun! A place of respite from the grueling day at work. Heck folks even met and got married here. Why take something so good and make it so bad. Please Mr. Gates...listen to the little people. Warm Regards and Happy Thanksg
  • 23 November 2010159. idle
    I haven't been able to play on here in days due to general error message and can't even talk to a tech support person.And I hate having something pick who I paly with.
  • 22 November 2010158. Susan
    you've killed not just a game area, you killed years of friendships. People that were Housebound, elderly, etc this was there place to go, years of friendships lost. Why did you do this? For the almighty dollar. please put the games back the way they were
  • 22 November 2010157. dean
    bring it back lots of ppl likes playin on the cdroms
  • 21 November 2010156. Tammy
    Please bring back Zone friends and the old games.
  • 21 November 2010155. _icebuggy_
    I really miss the chatting, just watching the art work, comments and all the fun.
  • 14 November 2010154. Orannis
    Hey, I dont play check, but I play aok and aoc on multiplayer but they close the rooms now its almost impoossible to see all my friends on a same game client, we aok/aoc players have just scattered everywhere to find and test out new client for this match
  • 04 November 2010153. bettie
    i agree
  • 03 November 2010152. Nadine
  • 02 November 2010151. Armando
    The new Hearts game doesnt satisfy
  • 01 November 2010150. Vicki
    the new program sucks!
  • 01 November 2010149. Barbara
  • 29 October 2010148. Michle

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