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Does anyone remember the awesome shows of the 80's and 90's? Well we want them back on Australian television. Here's a list of the ones we want most:
Raggy dolls-
(It's not much of a life when you're just a pretty face)
Just to be whoever you are is no disgrace
Don't be scared if you don't fit in
Look who's in the reject bin!

A little clay man, who goes on adventures with his best friend Pokey the Horse, and his other

Orson and Olivia-
Two orphans living with their dog fallstaff, in 19th century london.

Billy the cat-
Billy has always enjoyed chasing and tormenting the local cats, so when a magician changes him
into a cat, he gets a taste of his own medicine when his friends chase him away.

Banana man-
Schoolboy Eric leads such an exciting double life. Every time he eats a banana, he turns into
Bananaman, crime fighter extraordinaire.

Based on the popular children's books series by Frank Muir, this delightful series follows a
scruffy, noble, Afghan puppy on his comical adventures in life. Although this messy, sloppy,
clumsy, yet lovable puppy always strives to do right, he somehow ends up making a bigger mess
than ever.

Oakie Doke-
Oakie Doke is a model animated character made from oak leaves, twigs and acorns whose sole purpose in life is to be Mr Fixit for his fellow woodland creatures

Mr squiggle-
Mr Squiggle lives on the moon and loves to visit his friends Rebecca, Bill Steamshovel and Gus the
Snail. He has a pencil for a nose and likes nothing better than turning viewers squiggles into
recognisable drawings. He travels either by rocket or taking a space walk.

Magic Mountain-
Magic Mountain is a series that follows the adventures of Lion, Tortoise, Panda and Dragon - four
friends having lots of fun with a little Dragon magic thrown in.

Fly tales-
Somewhere on a a the far end of an the corner of
the kitchen, a microscopic egg hatches..The Fly is born!. The little fly with brown shoes.

Rockos modern life-
This fast-paced, squash and stretch cartoon centers around the day-to-day of a wallaby named
Rocko. Rocko struggles to live on his own like an adult while holding on to his childhood. Rocko
is joined by his brian-dead dog, Spunky (who had a TV fall on his head) and his good friend
Heffer (a steer who eats incessantly).

Hey Arnold-
Arnold's a dreamer, and his urban landscape supplies him with endless possibilities for adventure - everything from secret handshakes and best friends, to school bullies and crushes.

Angry Beavers-
This animated series centres around two screwball brothers - Daggett and Norbert - who strike out on their own for the first time. And, like all brothers, they know exactly how to drive each other nuts.

The adventures of sam-
A young sea-faring boy named Sam travels the region seeking his brother Tom and discovers new
worlds and different cultures.

Aah real monsters-
Deep beneath a smelly garbage dump a generation of promising young monsters is growing up.
Ickis, Oblina and Krumm are students in one of the world's elite monster academies, where they
are studying the fine art of scaring the daylights out of people - and from where they occasionally
escape long enough to put their theory into practice!

Vampires, pirates and aliens-
Vampires, Pirates and Aliens is a madcap animation series of bloodsuckers, swashbucklers and
alien eye-wobblers, based on the books by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins

Animal shelf-
There's Gumpa the good natured bear, Woeful the sneezing monkey, Stripey the woollen zebra
and his best friend Getup the giraffe, and the soft and cuddly Little Mut.

Archibald the koala-
On the tropical island of Rastepappe lives one of the greatest detectives of modern times!
Archibald the Koala is the guardian of the island and hero of this wonderful series. He's trusted by
everybody and is usually able to sort out the sticky situations in which his eccentric island friends
find themselves.

It's a cat on one end, and a dog on the other. What do you call it? Catdog, of course. They've been
sharing quarters (hind quarters, that is) since they were born, which hasn't been easy since they're
as different as well, cats and dogs.

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