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We, the undersigned call upon the citizens of Hull to boycott the Hull Daily Mail.
This Tory publication often seeks to play god in our city and does its best to undermine our local teams and Politicians, often to the detriment of this city.

We call upon the Hull Daily Mail to stop playing god in this City and damaging our teams and political parties in order to boost their profits.

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Latest Signatures

  • 10 December 2015100. Paul K
    Ok there are some really stupid on here but, it definately makes better reading than the HDM! I haven't bought the paper for several years now. It contains very little news, too many advertisements,etc. They show very little interest when invited to cove
  • 10 December 201599. Sam G
    I support this petition
  • 08 November 201598. Tristan P
    people read what the hdm says and believe every word that comes out of there arse
  • 27 October 201597. Loverboy Hanna
    meine Frau ist ein Schwein und versteht mich nicht, ich denken, daЯ ich mich tцte, indem ich in einen Bottich ErdnuЯbutter springe
  • 10 October 201596. Debra J
    Think Mail's attempts to muscle in on KC radio bid was completely out of order
  • 01 October 201595. Jaxs Manning
    Adam forget the radio start your own Newspaper
  • 08 September 201594. Frisky F
    I mцchten Liebe mit einer Wassermelone aber mir bilden kцnnen nicht ein auch finden, um mich zu lieben, wдhrend well.ihave einen Advert in die tдgliche Post des Rumpfs vergebens einsetzte, also boykottiere ich sie.
  • 10 August 201593. Ig Gay
    I support this petition
  • 10 June 201592. John Duran
    surely boycotting the paper is just not buying it? i'm sure they don't care that 135 losers aren't buying it when thousands more are! also, theyre completely right hull is depressingly awful. good luck though!
  • 08 May 201591. Mrs If
  • 26 April 201590. Allan M
    Building 7 = Smoking Gun. PNAC Zionists are the Masters of Terror.
  • 13 March 201589. Neil T
    This petition is stupid. "Hull Daily Mail" is a first class local evening paper.
  • 25 February 201588. Steve G
    Yes the paper is abysmal,more adverts than anything else! Tory paper no! You,d be better trying to get rid of two shags fatty prescott who is more of a disgrace to the city than anyone else!Kick that uncouth prat out of town! Now thats a petition WORTH do
  • 28 January 201587. Shaun Avisticp
    Women should never have been given the vote!Johnny Prescott knows what to do with them!croquet for the masses now thats a petition worth signing
  • 30 December 201486. Jonathan C
    We need better journalism in this area
  • 27 December 201485. Rob J
    i have stopped the delivery of this rag to our house and will not recieveit any more .
  • 21 December 201484. Dissy L
    Bhis is a load of tollocks
  • 30 November 201483. Mr P
    my wife does,nt understand me and my needs, the only thing we have in common is our love of croquet ! any advice i,m at my wits end ,call 702698
  • 15 November 201482. Days Ofs
    It aims to appeal to rugby league supporters. Need I comment more?
  • 22 September 201481. Frenchie Knox
    ma femme est un porc et ne comprend pas moi, moi pense que je me tue, en sautant plus erdnussbutter dans un rйservoir
  • 27 August 201480. Graham R
    UP THE TIGERS & Adam Pearson
  • 09 July 201479. F Russt
    Oh did,nt realise i was back on this site !Can anyone direct me to a good porn site? ring me on 702698
  • 04 July 201478. Gwyllym L
    Please keep up the good work at the HDM - it's giving us loads of coverage!
  • 30 June 201477. Pbay Delgado
    just like the council all the HDM goes on about is the city centre
  • 22 June 201476. Alan M
    As your brother John I am appealing to you to stop being a prat. Your paper is rubbish and Mother won't make you tea.
  • 06 April 201475. Stanlvski P
    I haf come to the great britain in bak off closed lorry,with no money and leave mywifes and 6 childs at home in asking this !why hul daily male no printpolish editon fors me an my disgrace and discriminates me,i haf feeling yes
  • 17 March 201474. John F
    I'm never buying another one.

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The Hull Daily Mail


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