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Re: The US Live8 telecast

Dear Viacom, MTV and VH-1:

We the US audience are beyond disgusted with MTV/VH-1's shameless self-promotion and profiteering off this historic event, and we want our 8 hours back. We didn't tune in to make your sponsors more rich or listen to your vapid VJs blather on - we tuned in to see the MUSIC (remember, the "M" in MTV? The VH in VH-1?). It seems to us like VH-3/4s is a more appropriate name for VH-1 - many iconic artists were hushed before even finishing one song by commercials and idiotic VJ commentary.

You should be ashamed of yourself, MTV and VH-1. While artists as talented and respected as Stevie Wonder, U2, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Pink Floyd and The Who were giving their all for a great cause, in hopes of using their music to bring awareness to the world of the horrible realities in Africa, you were busy preempting them for your own greedy, self-congratulating purposes. This farce went beyond just being an act of cynical corporate greed - it was BAD television (something both of your stations have been pumping out daily for the last several years, but thats another complaint) it was boring, badly shot and completely without substance an absolute shame.

We sign this petition to show you just how many people are incensed by this injustice. We plan to boycott your stations and sponsors in response (Bad News Bears??? We will NEVER SEE IT and will let everyone we know that seeing it would be letting your companies benefit off of the tragedies of Africa).

MTV and VH-1: you are a hollow shell of the stations you used to be - two stations that calls themselves music television and video hits and won't even give us the music or the hits! And we used to love your videos, your maverick programming in the 80s and early 90s. We adored MTV, and later VH-1 - if we can even call you that any more. It seems salacious celebrity programming, gross-out shows and other mundane reality programming (in addition to important concert events sans concert) has become your forte, and any attempt at challenging or interesting television has fallen by the wayside. This latest example of your bad programming is what we consider the final nail in the coffin of your transformation from the pirate radio of television to a greedy, corporate sludge of unwatchable dead air.

Viacom you are responsible for these shameful un-music stations. Years ago we looked to MTV as the focal point of a new musical revolution. In the relatively short time since your suits took it over, you've transformed it into a commercially-motivated (as opposed to musically-motivated) mess of Road Rules and Real Worlds and Newlyweds and Cribs. You've flooded our station with non-music and this Live8 telecast reaks of the long-dead talent and creativity that has washed ashore.

Perhaps you are comfortable with this low standard in your so-called music programming, but the handling of this telecast, even more than the last several years of bad programming, only further confirms to us that you are a morally corrupt media monster looking for a quick buck - a cynical boardroom of suits that looks down on your audience as a bunch of captivated idiots. We know Bad News Bears is your movie (no coincidence that it was pasted on the Live 8 telecast every chance you got), and we plan to boycott it and anything else Paramount or your other companies release going forward.

We thank Live8 and all those involved for such an amazing, inspiring show. We will take your message to heart and do our part to spread awareness and demand that our world leaders direct attention and funds to the poverty and suffering in Africa. We thank AOL for giving us the only true opportunity to view Live8 without all the commercial muck. When all is said and done, we realize it was just a telecast, just an 8 hour show of complete crap, and regardless of MTV/VH-1's efforts to the contrary, we got the message and that's all that matters. But really MTV/VH-1 - the people of America deserved better.

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