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Let's not be too naive or young to think about the past boycotts that have allowed blacks to be shown in a POSITIVE image in movies and on TV. For years, Hollywood filmmakers showed blacks in the mammy/coon roles until blacks began protesting and making their own films. Post slavery, many whites wanted to see blacks shown in near slave-like roles such as a mammy or coon, rather than showing the real progress made by black post-slavery into blue and white collar jobs. It took actors like Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandrige and others to "break" the stereotypes.

Back when slavery was still going on, let's say 200 years ago, a movie like Monster's Ball would have been acceptable. Black women were sexual subjects for white men, the black man was to be tied down or incarcerated and who cared about black children? To make a movie like Monster's Ball 200 years after all the progress blacks made in real life and in reel (movie) life is unthinkable. That movie was a slap to every black woman, man and child and is an insult and the most disrespectable film to black women ever made (in my humble opinion). Bottom line -- Monster's Ball EMPOWERS white men with the notion that "slave cootchie" the white man sexually overpowing black women is still okay. And it is not, as slavery is over and white men no longer have the right or opportunity to make black women their sexual slaves.

And it is a shame that young black girls in the year 2005 have to be subjected to being brainwashed or conditioned to believe that the concept of "slave cootchie" is still okay. This is a lie and for someone to sell out by using nudity and implied nudity is completely irresponsible.
My suggestion: BOYCOTT Foxy Brown when it is released. Do picket lines and send emails to the movie producers. Remember when blacks had to boycott actors like Stephin Fetchit? This technique is very effective to start getting movie producers to show blacks in a positive image that reflects real life.

The purpose of the boycott??? Get Lions Gate or Halle Berry to ban Monster's Ball. Why??? Why brainwash black girls to empower white men 200 years after slavery has ended. Why not respect black women?

A movie can be banned, even one that has an Oscar attached to it. Disney's Song of the South was banned by the NAACP due to it's disrespectful image of blacks even though James Baskett, a black actor, was given an honorary Oscar. A movie like Monster's Ball can and should be banned from movie rental stores, and especially school libraries. Even a modified version on TV can still do some proganda damage to kids in my opinion. And it is wrong to tell any kid that Monster's Ball was an accomplishment for blacks. What was accomplished? Having sex with a white man? That might have been good 200 years ago if she had simulated sex with a rich slave owner and maybe became a house nigger, but in 2005 that is the biggest insult to blacks since Birth of a Nation.

Short of banning Monsters' Ball, Halle Berry or even her friend, Oprah Winfrey can and should buy the rights to the movie and maybe release, let's say when much of the racism has been solved in this country. I would give it another 200 years.

The day after she won her Oscar, I went to work and listened to comments by white people on the movie. To say the least, I was very embarrassed by Halle Berry and the movie and I still am. I don't have a SLAVE MENTALITY and do not support any movie that disrespects black women and empowers white men. On another discussion board about Monster's Ball on Black Voices, one person commented that the movie was okay because all black women are hoes. Wrong, no we are not and to have a disrespectful movie like that misrepresent black women is something that we can work together and ban.

Mark your calendar to BOYCOTT & PICKETT Foxy Brown when it is released, as this will be a good strategy for getting MONSTER'S BALL BANNED!!!

Better late than never. It took 20 years for the NAACP to ban Song of the South and that was a powerful black organization doing the protest, rather than a humble individual. The Halle Berry boycott is an important strategy for blacks to consider in the war against racism.

In lieu of any black leaders stepping forth to recognize this movie that does nothing but degrade black women, black women like myself have to step up to the plate to complain. Even if it takes 20 years. Plus I said the same thing 4 years ago but it took this long to convince my family. I didn't realize at the time that most people were caught up in "looks" rather than civil rights. So when I said it back then, it did not register with most people.

No matter how long it takes to ban this movie -- let's not forget what we have learned from slavery. Back then, black men, black women and white women were encouraged to "look the other way" when white men had their way with black women and girls. It takes a helluva nerve to rape black women and girls for 200 years and then have a white movie studio make a movie that symbolizes slave p _ _ _ y. Sick. Back then the smart thing to do was to look the other way, but in 2005, we should be smart enough to protest this.

If not for anyone else but for our kids. My next 2 grandkids were both girls, and I sure don't want them to go to school and have anyone say her winning an Oscar was an accomplishment for blacks. It was not, it was just something to empower white men with the notion that they still control a black woman's p _ _ _ y. And they have not controlled it for 200 years, so why let them get away with something like Monster's Ball???

Winning the Oscar did not justify this. Blacks have seen this strategy from whites before with the Miss America pageant where they set up Vanessa Williams for a downfall, knowing about the nude photos before she won.

Let's not keep falling for the white man's tricks again and again. Why should we give white men a visual representation of the white man being able to have black women 200 years after slavery? To agree with this movie sounds a lot like a slave mentatlity.

And don't forget what Martin Luther King did. He encouraged Nichelle Nichols to stay on Star Trek. Why? It showed black people in a positive image. That positive image that he encouraged (even though the entertainment world), is the same thing as boycotting Monster's Ball/Halle Berry for encouraging a negative degrading image of black women that empowers white men.

Do the right thing and boycott Foxy Brown and any other movie she makes until Monster's Ball is banned.

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