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Border Security Requires Immediate Action!

The murderous events of 11 September 2001, not only confirms the fact there are those who wish us harm, but that they have the wherewithal to conduct these attacks given the opportunity to do so. It is imperative that we deny these terrorist organizations easy access to our country. However, our borders now stand wide open for anyone wishing to do harm to our country, families and our way of life It is common knowledge and well documented that our enemies are crossing our southern border. Our northern border with Canada is equally porous. This must stop.

As our elected officials, it is your duty, responsibility and obligation to withstand the political pressures and uphold your oath to preserve, protect and defend our nation against enemies both foreign and domestic by securing our borders. We, the American people, elected you to be our voice and represent our concerns. Your Honor, WE are extremely concerned about the apparent failure of our elected officials to secure our national borders thereby leaving America, and its citizenry, vulnerable to another attack. We are concerned that our elected representatives are remiss in their sworn duties and thereby would be contributory by negligence in future attacks.

Certainly, securing the border will require sedulous efforts on your part. That is your job. We can no longer afford aesthetic fixes of the border such as requiring passports for Americans to re-enter the country after visiting a border town for the day. How does the use of passports for re-entry deter the international criminals who blithely walk across the border across the vast unprotected expanses? Not only is this proposal ludicrous, it will only exacerbate the economic situation contributing to the illegal immigration. When the money in the border towns stop, even more Mexican Nationals will illegally flood into this country in search of work. The time has long since passed for serious legislation regarding border security! We can ill afford the political diffidence on this life-threatening issue!

1. Immediately impose a moratorium on immigration for a period of 3 to 5 years. The United States population has exploded due to illegal immigration. This time is needed in order to control our population explosion, implement sensible border security procedures as well as to develop, install and train personnel in these procedures. To further control our population and alleviate financial burden from Local, State and Federal Agencies, immediately enact legislation granting United States Citizenship only to children of United States Citizens.
2. In order to secure the remainder of our border, create a valid career field within the Department of Defense, dedicated to border security. Each branch of the Military will contribute personnel. These personnel will be dedicated solely to our borders. Their primary responsibility will be to assist with legal immigration and implementation of any temporary worker program developed after the moratorium has been lifted. They will augment the United States Border Patrol and assist in protecting illegal immigrants from exposure in the desert, as well as attempting to cross the Rio Grande River and/or the Canadian border, and remand them to the proper authorities.
3. Create Temporary Worker Camps to accommodate any future legal, Temporary Worker Program. Under no circumstances will any temporary worker program grant amnesty to current illegal aliens. The Temporary Worker Camps will consist of low cost facilities currently being utilized by our military deployed to Southwest Asia. These camps will be based in areas central to business known to employ immigrants and will enable legally approved temporary workers a place to live, eat and receive medical care at a reasonable fee to the workers. Living in worker camps will be a prerequisite for entry as a Temporary Worker, utilized as a means of tracking the worker. The cost of these facilities will be significantly less than the current cost Illegal Immigrants incur to this Nation through education, law enforcement, untaxed wages, health care, and retirement costs of $65 billion dollars annually (Bear Stearns report); not to mention the incalculable costs of loss of life given another September 11th-type of attack.
4. Enact legislation providing for serious consequences for business that hire illegal immigrant workers, whether it is knowingly or mistakenly. A mandatory sentence of 1 year in jail for the Owner/CEO/Board of Directors of the business and a one hundred thousand dollar fine per Illegal Immigrant in their employ. Half of fines collected will go directly into the budget for Homeland Security, the other half to reduce the National Deficit, which Illegal Immigrants greatly contributed to incurring. There should be no excuse for hiring Illegal Immigrants and this consequence will on its own merits, stop illegal immigration if enforced and will leave Illegal Immigrants little choice but to voluntarily leave this country due to lack of work.
5. States that currently have Sanctuary Cities will face loss of Federal Funds. These cities are in violation of Federal law, and as such, should lose their funding until they comply with the law of the land. These cities are harboring and protecting our enemies who wish to kill us. We can no longer afford to be naive. Protect the lives of our Police officers and other officials by giving them the power to arrest those who are here illegally.
6. Illegal Immigrants, who choose to violate the laws, will suffer the following: Minimum of one year confinement in newly created detention facilities separate from our over-taxed internal prison system. The Department of Homeland Security will benefit from compulsory assigned physical work tasks accomplished by incarcerated Illegal Immigrants. Upon release, Illegal Immigrants will forfeit their ability to apply for legal immigration status for not less than ten years. Each successive violation will double established penalties.

As set forth, this proposal does secure our borders. Our proposal is humane, yet strict. We can no longer afford to ignore our own need for security. Threats posed by Terrorists anxious to bring this war back to our great Nation are real. To ignore the danger and allow our borders to remain open, insecure and defenseless is life threatening for countless millions of our Citizens. Act quickly to regain control of our economy, control the population and SECURE OUR BORDERS!

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