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We, the Bloody Roar Fans, have been brought to our attention that Hudson Soft believes there are not enough fans who will make a purchase, to make a new Bloody Roar. We, the fans of Bloody Roar make this petition to show you how many of us would like a new installment in the Bloody Roar Series.

The proposal is two fold:
1. A port of Bloody Roar Extreme be brought to the Playstation Portable
2. Bloody Roar 5 release on next-gen consoles, in some shape or form.

The gameplay should return to that of the Bloody Roar Extreme, as the health bar system of Bloody Roar 4 was not enjoyable for us fans. We would also like to request you pick better voice actors for Bloody Roar 5 than you did for 4.

The plot should be back to the glory days of how Bloody Roar 2 handled it for Story Mode. (We are not saying for or against using characters from Bloody Roar 4, we are merely saying don't use a plot centered around Gaia, return to the concept of focusing on Zoanthrope versus human conflicts, and evil corporations that perform Zoanthrope experimentation.) We also would like you to give character endings to Kohryu and Uranus, and to know more about these characters.

We would greatly like to see this new continuation in the series, we like seeing the zoanthropes we have so far, but would also like to emphasize a larger cast. Start with all the characters from Bloody Roar 4. Bring back Cronos and Ganesha as well.

Then, hold a contest, where people state new animals you could possibly use for beast forms. Then you select the top 10 be new characters for the new Bloody Roar, meaning the cast would have 10 new characters, which will attract alot of Bloody Roar fans, because it will have a enjoyable and well-sized cast.

We emphasize this greatly, many many fans would love to play more Bloody Roar again. Bloody Roar Extreme being brought to the Playstation Portable will make a good amount of money because people want to play Bloody Roar on the go, and a new installment in the series, Bloody Roar 5, on next-gen systems would bring in profits, and also gain you new fans for the series. We humbly request this.

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Latest Signatures

  • 27 December 201550. Michael Solomon
    I truly miss Bloody Roar. I have been a fan since BR2 and liked BR3 and BR4. Few things could have been better but it was still a solid game. Please keep it going, make Bloody Roar 5
  • 19 December 201549. Steven V
    4 in my opinion sucked
  • 09 December 201548. Patrick C
    I support this petition
  • 25 November 201547. Britnee Obrien
    Overall I just love the series and wish for it to continue. Been waiting for a next-gen BR game.
  • 12 November 201546. Joey D
    Bring this game to life!
  • 10 November 201545. Corey Ramos
    Ive been wating for 5 for a long time, i know that 4 didnt do so well but there's room for improvemnet make BR5 for the next gen consle. have BR5 be more like 2. have better voice acting and better gameplay.
  • 04 November 201544. Gabriel V
    I've been a fan of Bloody Roar ever since I started playing Bloddy Roar 2 on the Playstation. I've played every sequel of BR2 up to BR4. I still play BR4 up to now.
  • 31 October 201543. Gino G
    I support this petition
  • 13 October 201542. Stephanie D
    I loved this game, I'd love to see a new one with wayyyy better graphics and more characters to choose.
  • 02 October 201541. Chris Hutchinson
    I support this petition
  • 20 August 201540. Lionel C
    i just want a Bloody Roar online,give BR 2 with online mode and i give you 60$ but a new game will be the dream :)
  • 09 August 201539. Zgjim J
    I support this petition
  • 06 August 201538. Kyrell B
    please make this game because ther would be alot of people buying this game
  • 04 August 201537. James Krause
    great extension to the game, would love to play it again.
  • 24 July 201536. Carol Hull
    bring BR series back.... plxxx i rlly nyd this series...
  • 08 June 201535. Duan Wang
    I support this petition
  • 21 May 201534. Michael S
    I support this petition
  • 20 May 201533. Cristiana X
    I support this petition
  • 15 May 201532. James C
    Simply all that would be needed for an amazing next installment of this series would be the inclusion of all the previous "god" or "special" characters from all previous games as well as team battles and online play. i would pay to pre-order this today if
  • 12 May 201531. Martin M
    been way too long it should just be at least start being made
  • 24 April 201530. Mikal W
    Bloody Roar should return. Look at the other fighting games like Tekken, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and others they made good ratings but imagine if Bloody Roar 5 came out with newer graphics, better story, and other featu
  • 22 April 201529. Robin Church
    I think all past and present bloody roar characters should return, balance the overpowered ones and strengthen the weaker ones, and make Alice's beast form cuter than it is in BR Extreme/Primal Fury/4, she looks more like a giant rabbit than a rabbit/huma
  • 22 April 201528. Samson G
    I support this petition
  • 19 April 201527. Brandon M
    Yes, please release Bloody Roar 5! Dual Japanese/English audio would be a nice feature too!
  • 02 April 201526. Jos Ho
    Please Bloody Roar 5 developed by Hudson Soft!
  • 15 February 201525. Feras Maynard
    I want alice looks from nloody roar 3 back
  • 10 February 201524. Carlos Ross
    como mi nombre lo dice me gusta mucho el bloody roar y quiero la 5 version y seguro hay mas pero no saben como hacer la peticion.

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