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This property has an address on W. 22nd Street but sits on the corner of W. 22nd Street and Lindenwald Drive with driveways off of Lindenwald. This property has been up for rezoning three times in the past two years for Daycare (denied), Assisted Living (conditional use permit for up to 12 months), and now Residental Duplex. All other property in the immediate neighborhood is zoned RS-1. We believe that this request is not in the best interest of the neigborhood and thus should be denied. Families in the immediate neighborhood on Lindenwald Drive represented in this petition are opposed to this request.

We ask that the Sioux Falls City Council deny this request to rezone the property to RD Residential Duplex.

We the undersigned share the following arguments against the rezoning request:

1. Neighbors on this petition are opposed to the rezoning.

2. The Planning Commission staff recommends denial of the rezoning.

3. This property has been up for rezoning three times in the past 2 years. One for childcare (denied), one for assisted living (approved for conditional use for 12 months), and now RD for duplex. The property owner has since decided not to pursue the assisted living arrangement due to the financial burden of meeting the city codes required for this type of property.

4. Residents in neighborhood purchased their properties with the understanding of the fact that all plots were zoned RS-1 single family dwellings. Although the home in question is on a lot that is a reasonable transitional property, it was clearly zoned and developed for RS-1 and all property owners in the immediate neighborhood purchased their property with that in mind. There are no other transitional properties along 22nd Street west of Sertoma. All of these homes are single-family homes.

5. Rezoning will most likely reduce property values of other homes in immediate neighborhood. Renters do not typically care for property as well as home owners. Values of single family homes in neighborhoods with mixture of single-family and multi-family homes are typically less than in neighborhoods with only single-family homes. Renters can also bring additional traffic to the neighborhood. While we are empathetic to the owner's financial hardship at this time, he is unfortunately in this position from decisions he has made. It is not reasonable to expect that his misfortunate should be passed on to others in the immediate neighborhood. The neighbors are working together to protect the value of our largest asset.

6. All homes in the immediate neighborhood are single-family homes. The only multi-family homes in the area are across two busy streets (Sertoma and 22nd Street) to the east and south of this neighborhood where there are multi-family homes in a cluster.

7. Allowing a rezoning to any property in this immediate neighborhood is a slippery slope. One of the planning commissioners mentioned that since it was already approved for a conditional use for assisted living, that rezoning to RD should not be a big deal. That is exactly why we should not allow any rezoning. This would pave the way for any property owner on our street to rezone if they so chose.

8. At the neighborhood meeting and in a letter to neighbors, the owner stated that they intended to live in the upper portion of the home and rent out the lower portion to other family members. Commission staff has verified that rezoning to RD is not required for purposes of having family members live in the same dwelling. So it appears that the owner's intent is to rent out the property to at least one other party. And once the property has been changed to RD zoning, whoever owns the property can choose to rent out both units to third parties.

9. We believe this is an example of a request for "spot zoning" and should be denied. The immediate neighborhood is divided clearly by Sertoma to the east and 22nd Street to the south. This immediate neighborhood and all homes to the west are zoned RS-1. These properties are very much different than the multi-family properties to which they were compared to in the planning commission meeting along South Campbell Trail where there are several multi-family homes clustered together.

10. A planning commission member also compared this request to one near Sanford Hospital involving the Ronald McDonald house. That request to rezone which was approved is different in the fact that apparently no neighbors showed up in opposition to the request. All neighbors on this petition regarding this request are in opposition to this request and have been in opposition to other requests for rezoning of this property.

11. Property developer Ronning has very strict guidelines for building in this immediate neighborhood. Spot rezoning would minimize these strict guidelines and lower the requirements for construction in this neighborhood and allow lower-priced homes in the neighborhood thus jeopordizing the value of the existing homes.

We ask that the Sioux Falls City Council deny the request to rezone this property to RD Residential Duplex.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter to help protect the value and integrity of our neighborhood.

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