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Fans of the Toronto Raptors,

We are in a critical time. A time of doubt, a time uncertainty, a time of inner-team conflict. We, loyal fans of the Toronto Raptors have sat through years and years of uninspired basketball. We have seen players quit on us, we have seen players disrespect our team our city and most importantly us, the fans. The fans who have been through every roadblock, every level of humilation a fanbase can endure. We have seen players drop 81 points on us, we have seen the likes of Voshon Lenard, Greg Foster, Derrick Dial and Tracy Murray all grace the court together at the same time. We have been called 'soft' by every media type imaginable. The list never ends. If there is one thing that Raptor fans have yearned for its an ounce of respecability, of praise no matter how small. Our latest in many humiliations has been the play of our highly touted # 1 pick, Il Mago himself, Andrea Bargnani. Bargnani is the epitome of what has been wrong with Toronto Raptors basketball for a long time....In short..gutless, spineless, unmotivated, unintelligent, unproductive, bust, soft, WNBA whatever adjective you want to use. This guy they call 'Il Mago' has been given every opportunity to shine, every oppotunity to improve and he has not delivered, and that is putting it kindly. So Raps fans it is time. It is time to put an end to this mockery, to this humiliation. It is time to bench Mr.Andrea Barggnani. And when I mean bench I mean 12th man. He hasn't proved to anything more than a 12th man. Let's put this waste of human flesh in his place. All in favor of demoting Bargnani to 12th man sign here.

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Latest Signatures

  • 20 December 2015100. Leo R
    It's his teammates fault for not feeding the hot hand ... if you see him make 1 shot you should let him take the next 10 shots before he cools off
  • 22 October 201599. Darko Greene
    I will **** your entire familly!
  • 16 October 201598. Thecynic Brennan
    please BC just start bringing NCAA players and build around TJ and Bosh. Please trade Jose "Clap"eron and his fake team attitutude. We need more warriors like TJ
  • 05 October 201597. Roy Jonesc
    Chris Bosh is a horrible rebounder. Bargnani has the "it" factor. He will become good at rebounding simply because he "has" to. I know I say write long essays showing my intelligence that really comes down to nothing, but listen to me this time. We need t
  • 23 July 201596. Dacrusha Ritter
    i'm an attention seeking bi*ch
  • 21 June 201595. Dave H
    Andrea needed help with his stroke, you have to be smooth, patient and visualize and he will come. He is a great shooter.
  • 01 April 201594. Andreabustani Mann
    you c*nts can ban me from realgm but my message lives on, keep up our trolling cause Harry Palmer
  • 23 January 201593. Raptor F
    Half the people signing this petition can outrebound Andrea Bargnani
  • 31 December 201492. Pharoahemonch Proctor
    Europeons suck..........White players suck.....BC sucks......Jose Sucks....Bargs sucks......TJ is the next coming of Chris Paul....Say no to white and Europeon players..........Say yes to real tough black players!!!!!!!!!
  • 14 December 201491. Alex C
    bargs and maurizio = teh ghey
  • 20 October 201490. Pharoahemonch Soto
  • 02 October 201489. Claperon Washington
    More Black Players please. Thanks You
  • 06 July 201488. Toni Soto
    please trade this guy. Seriously.
  • 07 June 201487. Jon F
    About freakin time!
  • 15 May 201486. Vince C
    I can save you raptor fans....i avg more rebounds on one ankle than this 7ft scrub
  • 14 March 201485. Predl Weeks
    Bargs sucks zama was right
  • 20 January 201484. Tom Navarro
    I support this petition
  • 16 January 201483. Jay Clarke
  • 08 August 201382. P
    my mom was born retarded and i have down syndrome
  • 02 August 201381. Tim L
    I support this petition
  • 20 January 201380. Koosh Villanueva
    I wuuuuv Bargnani!! teh haterz will die. RAWR!!!
  • 27 October 201279. Rafer Bernard
    Andrea shows no emotion...ever. I wondering if his parents hugged him when he was a child?
  • 19 August 201278. Pierre Bridges
    I love getting dick slapped by a hard cock. I also love getting teabagged by soft comforting balls. Yummy
  • 23 May 201277. Jordan Beard
    cut him
  • 04 April 201276. Rasho N
    I Rasho!
  • 09 March 201275. Superman Good
    Dre 'z ma boi!
  • 26 January 201274. Pharoahemonch Vazquez
    Bench this italian dumbsh1t.........if only his felloew retard Colangelo didn't have a hard on for white and europeon ballas......we could have real american ballas like tyrus thomas, gay,roy rondo..whatever.....but no we're stuck with this wide mouthed i

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Raptor fans, NBA fans


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