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Alright, as most of you know, Maxie was banned earlier due to trainer usage/hacking. I'll be posting my defense to bell that clearly states how and what the possible cases were. Its long so if you choose not to read it, then so be it. Otherwise, scroll down to see the rest of the point.

The things that could cause this include massive server lag, massive player

lag, or simply a trainer. Now, the reason i know this, is because I've 1. had problems due to my wireless connection. 2. Used a trainer before, and 3. Talked to stefan about my server data connection. Alright let me get down to point. Its not a bug consdiering the fact that if it WAS a bug, it would affect everyone. Now i've never seen anyone else do the same thing, I've heard simliar cases, but not the face where it overrides a script. Next, if it was massive server lag, it wouldn't just affect him because the data sent from the server to player would cause everyone to be affected in the same cause, thus causing all them to respawn, ruling that out. If it was massive player lag, he'd lag out, and not even be able to play, OR he'd get killed, respawn, only to warp out in the near future. This isn't the case because maxie thus stated he entered another event following the time of the use. Alos, he's connected through AOL DSL, and the only way he could receive lag from that is if AOL is have either server problems or a few billion people logged on, which most definatly wasn't the case, thus ruling out player lag. Now for the final trainer usage, i've once used a trainer, and i know the commands which include, god mode, full health, auto respawn, place respawn, script edit, speedx1, speedx2, speedx3, and lastly the one he most likely used, auto-death spawn, which overrides all scripts and causes you to respawn at the PLACE of death. This button was created because on old clsasic, you respawned at last doorway/room you entered/left. Therefore allowing the player to respawn in place giving him an advantge and to prevent somone from laming him. Now the only thing that could override a script that warps you after dying is either a trainer, or a level/script editor. A bug would be entering a room and getting warped to a wall. Or simply a tile error that allows you to run up a wall. If it was a bug, it would have effected everyone in the level, not an indivudual player. Lastly, as a trainer user when i was caught, first i went

into denial, second i admited it, 3rd i was banned. Denial is always a first step. Now the fact that he's been banned on 3 servers for speed hacking prooves 2 things. 1 being the fact that he indeed has a trainer in his possesion and 2. Maxie therfore knows that you guys are looking for speed rather than anything else. to use such a simple yet amazing hack is

surprsing yet, smart. All this information confirms the possiblites and what he obviously used.

Anyway, the point of this is not only to realize that maxie has indeed hacked, but he's been proven of having hacked on 3 others servers. Now basically, The point of this petition is to reinstate Bell as Manager and remove storm. Hes not only unbanned maxie, but he's made countless other errors too. The point of manager is not only to manager the server, but to do what the players want to a certain extent also the make it most enjoyable for them. Hes changed the ap system, changed classic complelety, the only similarity is level 14, and things are being completed at a very slow pace. Bell is by far the most capable manager online and should no doubt hold the position. Shes currently Asst. Administrator for GP and does a very good job at it. She helps in all asspects in graal and hold no biased opinions towards anyone.

So if you would like Bell as Manager and have storm fired/demoted. Please Sign this petitions. Thank you.

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