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Dear Warner Brothers.

I am writing in response to many Batman fans who would like to see Special Edition DVD's of Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin.

Batman needs a reboost in popularity before releasing the upcoming Batman movie "Batman: Year One" with Darren Aronofsky at helm. Imagine how much popularity Batman would regain with well advertised Special Edition DVD's.
This could be a force that could push Warner Brothers to produce "Batman Year One" for a 2004-2006 release!

We would also like to tell Warner Brothers that there is a huge fan base for Batman, that would love to see and rush out to buy these DVD's upon their release. Look at the response of this petition! We are wanting something new batrelated.

Some of the things we'd like to see are: 1) Deleted Scenes (especially Batman Forever, re-edited into the film) 2) Director/Actor/producer commentary. 3) TV Spots and theatrical trailers. 3) A "Behind The Music" style Making of Documentaries. 4) An option to use Danny Elfman's "Batman" score with Batman Forever as opposed to Elliot Goldenthal's. Also the complete score in an option would be great too. However this is not all we would like to see more. Do us three favors 1) Be Creative 2) DON'T BE TOO CREATIVE that's gotten you into a mess before! 3) Release the films in a non snapper case form!

Thank you so much for reading this through!

If you agree with me on this statement please sign this petition!

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Latest Signatures

  • 11 February 20161000. Jeff C
    Batman needs an SE dvd release.Do it similar to the way you did Superman and the way Columbia did Spider-man.I would like to see deleted scenes,costume test,comic book rogues gallery of Batmans enemys,comic book archives of Batman making of Batman,compari
  • 06 February 2016999. Simon Gallegos
    Batman is an absolute classic and deserves a special edition release
  • 03 February 2016998. Roger Herrerac
    do it please, especially on Tim Burton's Batman films
  • 31 January 2016997. Daniel S
    Batman! Your Website: Wittynamefilms
  • 31 January 2016996. Tom S
    Special Edition BATMAN DVD's would be great.
  • 24 January 2016995. Jaafar Ma
    What are you waiting for, Warner Bros??! We want a boxset of all the 4 Batman movies and we want them all loaded with special extra features... now!!
  • 23 January 2016994. Jamie B
    Please release director cuts of the Batman films. Especially "Batman Forever". WB, please don't ignore this franchise due to the impact of the last movie. There are still many fans like myself that want to see more, as in more new movies, more director's
  • 23 January 2016993. Tony Shannon
    Please! Please! Please!
  • 21 January 2016992. Vincent M
    Also, please include the music videos , if possibe. In the case of Prince, you own the rights to them for sure.
  • 20 January 2016991. Heath B
    I second the motion
  • 18 January 2016990. Rodney T
    It needs to be done
  • 15 January 2016989. Mauricio Rb
    Please please release this!
  • 15 January 2016988. Jacob R
    I want a special edition of batman, batman returns. with commentary by keaton and burton, with deleted scenes and etc. thanks. JACOB
  • 14 January 2016987. Laura Ramsey
    please make these dvds
  • 12 January 2016986. Brian S
    Please hurry!
  • 07 January 2016985. Jason Hoffman
    deleted scenes for batman and batman returns
  • 30 December 2015984. Michael C
    do it!
  • 24 December 2015983. Mark Bg
  • 23 December 2015982. Jani E
    A release of a "Batman DVD package" is to only right thing to do. there is nothing extra on the current DVDs and we want to see a new "Collectors Box" and please the chance to listen to Danny Elfmans theme in Forever and Batman/Robin instead of Goldenthal
  • 17 December 2015981. Tyler J
    What are you waiting for???
  • 15 December 2015980. Sebastien C
  • 11 December 2015979. Ryan Wyatt
    Do It!
  • 11 December 2015978. Brody G
    For the Batfans!
  • 10 December 2015977. Daniel Kent
    i want them.
  • 07 December 2015976. Jess Puchej
  • 05 December 2015975. Bobsco Arnold
    Lets see the special editiion dvds soon
  • 03 December 2015974. Chris L
    HUGE batfan and would eagerly buy the first 2 tim burton batman films on a SE DVD

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Warner Brothers Executives


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