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To: Congress, Banking Regulators and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

We the people that have signed this petition is asking that all Federal and State elected Officials throughout this country to pass legislation to limit or stop, the unjust and excessive overdraft fees, transfer fees, ATM fees and etc. Thats imposed upon the poor and the working class. It should be a crime to charge a $35.00 insufficient fee for .02 over.

Everyday banks across this country want Senior Citizen, Disabled, and low-paid workers to place their money into Direct Deposits. Meanwhile, the banks waits like hungry wolves on their unsuspecting and unprotected prey.
While Automatic Clearing Houses hold transactions until the last minute, sending transactions through on the same day knowing that there will be a Direct Deposit. So, if they know that there will be a Direct Deposit on the same day, then why should they be allowed to charge insufficient fees?

Several years ago new laws where passed so that banks wouldnt have to wait days to cash a check. Because customers were writing checks several days before a deposit would be made and the check would bounce. After the law was passed the check could post several hours after being written. Then why arent the banks required to post debit transactions immediately or shortly after.

However, now when we use a check or debit cards the bank holds the transactions from minutes to days even weeks, catching unsuspected customers off guard. So, they can charge excessive fees. This is why banks encourage people to use these cards and to have Direct Deposits.

So, we the people hereby signed this petition asking that something be done regarding these fees.

Join us in this fight to help the poor, seniors, disabled and the working class voting citizens keep their money. Perhaps this many be the start to fighting poverty in America.

After all, the American Dream should be for everyone, not just for the wealthy.

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 January 2016100. Donna S
    I am very concerned about excessive charges being charged by Bank of American. If you have a overdraft for five consecutive days, they will charage you an additonal overdraft fee. Zip code 20706 Number of users 1
  • 24 December 201599. Donald Eg
    Regularly victimized by Bank of America Fees because of "large debits processed first' practices. Zip code 32608 Number of users 2
  • 22 November 201598. Floretta H
    Down with Exorbitant Fees. Zip code 48210 Number of users 1
  • 07 October 201597. Troy Keller
    New Laws need to stop Bank NSF Ripoff Zip code 49506 Number of users 1
  • 30 September 201596. Kirt C
    I support this petition
  • 21 September 201595. James A
    this is a crime against americans-bad faith Zip code 34232 Number of users 2
  • 07 July 201594. Shannon Ow
    hate new bounce fee laws Zip code 24501 Number of users 5
  • 30 June 201593. William B
    It is time to correct this ripoff practice Zip code 22039 Number of users 2
  • 03 May 201592. Anne Mariek
    I agree to stop all that unfareness I even know that the overdraft fee is defferent for each customer of the same bank Zip code 30519 Number of users 2984366
  • 14 April 201591. Andrew O
    I support this petition
  • 12 April 201590. Frances Lb
    you said it perfectly Zip code 61103 Number of users 2
  • 25 March 201589. Melanie M
    I support this petition
  • 23 March 201588. Tiffany Cummings
    I was charged a fee on top of my monthly fees because I didnt have enough in my account by a dollar. They ended up charging me 125.00 by the time it was said and done! All that for 5.95 a month? Zip code 92630 Number of users 1
  • 16 March 201587. Scott T
    I support this petition
  • 25 February 201586. Nellie M
    I whole-heartedly agree. Zip code 92404 Number of users 1
  • 20 February 201585. Joseph L
    banks are crooks Zip code 37072 Number of users 2
  • 09 February 201584. Crystal Casey
    Over 1,000.00 in the hole for one check thanks to them going largest to smallest instead of when presented Zip code 62969 Number of users 1
  • 31 January 201583. Leron V
    I agree 100\%. Let us keep our money. This month alone, I have had 29 overdraft fees all posted the day before my deposit hit my account. Zip code 28376 Number of users 1
  • 03 January 201582. Cynthia D
    banks target the lower income population w/ lots of rules and fees hidden in the fine print in order to increase their profits! Zip code 18623 Number of users ?
  • 26 December 201481. Kelly F
    BOA charged me more than one fee on one overdraft of $9.50. They charged $35 plus $10 and I had a deposit in pending status Zip code 29651 Number of users 1
  • 24 December 201480. Carole B
    Most banks charge the OD fees, and then record the deposit the same day. Zip code 95405 Number of users 1
  • 03 November 201479. Shanna H
    I support this petition
  • 10 October 201478. Fabian A
    $10-$15 overdraft fee I can live with Zip code 92054 Number of users 1
  • 03 October 201477. Peggy S
    Banks should not be able to sort checks presented by the largest one first in order to increase their fees. Zip code 55122 Number of users 2
  • 07 September 201476. Phyllis B
    I support this petition
  • 18 July 201475. Daniel J
    wow Zip code 08210 Number of users 21
  • 13 July 201474. Christopher L
    I support this petition

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Congress, Banking Regulators, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and State and Federal officials


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