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Dear Azoff Music Management/Christina Aguilera

Due to the overwhelming success of the Back to Basics tour we want to request that Christina would consider to extend the tour or her previous idea for a small Jazz and Blues club tour.

The Back to Basics tour has been nothing short of amazing. The show has taken us to church, the club and the circus all in one show. The live music, the costumes, the dancers, the special effects and the characters that Christina reflects while performing make this show our wildest dreams. As dedicated Christina fans we of course feel like we are already thirsting for more. So our proposal is this...

We ask that Azoff Music Management and Christina consider either extending the full Back to Basics tour to the US and if possible the UK as well. We are happy to take the same show again or if you are so inclined to switch things up, add or remove songs, change the show in certain aspects such as costumes, performances, videos and settings, we also would find that more than exciting and wonderful. We feel this would not only help us by giving us one more taste before the era of Back to Basics ends, but it may help with album sales and promotion in the states, and of course Christina always talks about how performing and touring is what she loves the most so if she is so inclined to give us one more tour that would be great!

We also are open and excited for the idea Christina has presented about a small jazz and blues club tour. We have been since she first mentioned it. And not too long ago she said that idea was still not out of the question. So If a full on Back To Basics show isn't possible or you feel its not a wise idea we would be just as happy and maybe in some cases happier with a small intimate venue tour. For this option I think it is mostly agreed that fans would like to see a small band, intimate setting and to see Back to Basics performed in a more raw and vulnerable way. Not too much flash and effects but just our beloved Christina singing her heart out, and brining us Back to Basics in a more authentic, organic and personal way.

If you decide to do either, I am sure it would beneficial. Many fans remark about how they did not see Christina, they missed their window of opportunity and wish she was returning to the states once more. Many fans has said that although they already went to the tour, they would go again in a heartbeat should they be given another chance. And some people have even said they would once again go VIP and because of the success of ILAA and the VIP packages among fans many have said they never plan to attend Christina shows without doing VIP and that it was highly worth it. So should you decide to do any kind of extended tour or different tour please include the VIP option through ILAA again. We also kindly ask that if it is decided to do the small jazz and blues club tour that members of the mailing list be notified first. We realize with smaller venues this could mean less tickets and steeper prices. So we ask that her true fans be notified first and if possible some type of deal for us like presale access to tickets, or in the case of a small jazz club tour another option may to be only offer tickets through a VIP company such as ILAA. The arrangements with that company on prices, and what it includes of course would be up to you depending on venues and what all you want to happen this tour. But regardless we just ask that we are given some type of notification and possibly special offers once again.

We want to thank you for your time and consideration.

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