Me And Many People Were Disappointed To Hear That An Expected Summer Re-Release Of Ashlee's Simpson's Second Studio Album "I Am Me" Was Cancelled. It Was Set To Include The New Single "Invisible", Which Appaulingly Didn't Even Get A Release!

I Hope That Many People Will Agree That A Re-Release For "I Am Me" Is Much Needed And Will Be Appreciated Since UK Fans Cannot Get "Invisible" Anywhere, Not Even On iTunes.


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Latest Signatures

  • 29 December 2015100. Pnk Ashleeb
    P!nk and Ashlee are da best UK Or US? UK
  • 04 December 201599. Big Boij
    I Am Me really does need a re-release and it would sell even betta with a bonus dvd of her vids. it wud be numba 1 man! UK Or US? UK
  • 10 August 201598. Lady Chandler
    all my ladies take off ya clothes, it's the only way that geffen are gonna listen 2 us! let's use our bodies! UK Or US? UK
  • 04 August 201597. Christina A
    i have an itunes download of invisible, but that is not enough. i'm recently in the uk and i want to listen to it before goin' to my show. so please do this for tha fans and me! UK Or US? UK and US
  • 06 May 201596. I Ammer
    for gods sake, let the UK at least have a re-release you selfish little b**tards UK Or US? US
  • 30 April 201595. Kelly J
    when i was invisible UK Or US? UK
  • 14 April 201594. Stewart P
    I'm gonna scream the f***ing world done if this album don't get a re-release with a DVD and the f***ing awesome tracks INVISIBLE and GET NASTY. thanx UK Or US? UK
  • 14 April 201593. Bonus B
  • 03 April 201592. Bob K
    we both really want a bonus dvd and that fabolous song Invisible! thanx so much we luv u UK Or US? United Kingdom (UK)
  • 14 February 201591. Honest Boi
  • 07 February 201590. Eve L
    Please can u give the uk and the us a re-release. Maybe the US could get 'invisible' and 'kicking and screaming', but uk could get 'get nasty' and 'invisible'? UK Or US? US
  • 16 January 201589. Claire Osborn
    i just saw the front cover that was determined for a re release and it was cool. she had a mirror reflection of her on 2 sides and it had a promotional sticker about INVISIBLE INVISIBLE INVISIBLE INVISIBLE INVISIBLE UK Or US? UK
  • 11 November 201488. Freakily Crazyashleefan
    i would love a new version. thanks b hastings UK Or US? UK
  • 11 October 201487. David H
    music vids and invisible UK Or US? UK
  • 30 August 201486. Glamorous Barrera
    I support this petition
  • 13 July 201485. Lisa Floyd
    could you also include a dvd with her videos + behind the scenes. it would be great UK Or US? UK
  • 04 June 201484. Megan Schmidt
    I support this petition
  • 27 May 201483. Helen Mcdaniel
    i was so disappointed when i found out I Am Me wasn't going to be re-released. please reconsider ur decision. i would l.o.v.e. a dvd and bonus tracks. UK Or US? US
  • 17 May 201482. Steph H
    *signed* UK Or US? UK
  • 03 August 201381. Rebecca G
    I support this petition
  • 05 June 201380. Robert F
    my life is worthless without that song on a cd and damn i want a bonus dvd too UK Or US? UK
  • 30 May 201379. Lisa S
    bonus dvd + invisible + get nasty UK Or US? UK
  • 06 April 201378. Amy P
    I support this petition
  • 19 February 201377. Ashlene F
    find it in your heart to give the U.K a break and let them have a re-release. come on they deserve a re relaease and quite frankly there are also loads of people in the US who would love one too babes xxx UK Or US? US
  • 06 February 201376. Graham Ponce
    I'm livin' on tha floor get down with me, i'm livin' on the floor come (ahhh) with me, get nasty oh oh, get nasty oooh. Now ya sayin' that u knew me, when i was invisible UK Or US? UK
  • 11 January 201375. Jackie Mcpherson
    I Am Me needs to be re-released! If not in the US, at least in the UK. They can't even get Invisible off of iTunes! UK Or US? US
  • 31 December 201274. Kelly Anderson
    oh my god guys i cannot believe u cancelled such a brill idea! mariah gets to re release her album like a thousand times so why not a talented artist like ashlee? UK Or US? UK

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