With deep concern and much anxiety for the safety of Lateef Mohammad Khan
Whose life is under high risk in the wake of continuous death warnings, we the undersigned individuals would like to appeal to you all to express your concern and extend all support in averting the danger to the life and liberty of Mr Latif.Mohd Khan

Many of us know well that Mr Lateef Mohammad Khan, aged 40 years, a teacher by profession working at the Jamia Osmania Government High School, Osmania University Campus and residing at Quadribagh, Amberpet, Hyderabad. He is working as a teacher since 1989 and associated with several democratically functioning organizations for all this years. He worked as joint Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation (APTF), there after Vice President and also as President of Democratic Teachers Federation (DTF) of Hyderabad Unit. He was a member of Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC) and also a member of Amnesty International. Presently, he is the founder secretary of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) and Dr Rehena Sultana is the President. As a rights activist for more than a decade, he participated in several city, state and National level Fact Finding Missions and campaigned to repeal the POTA, and working to provide the justice to POTA victims and conducted several seminars press and public meetings on Civil Rights violations issues such as extra judicial encounter killings, illegal detentions and Police tortures. The aim of their CLMC is to monitor, document, advocate and educate about civil rights and civil rights abuses by law enforcement and other government agencies and private agencies. CLMC is also working like other rights organizations to encourage public awareness of constitutional, secular rights of the whole community particularly among the marginalized minorities in preserving and protecting their human rights.
But since this January 2006 there were continuous anonymous death warning calls to lateef Mohd khan from phone numbers 08728259643,08549273693,08549273344,08414223565,9441118250,04040037642,08549271392 The persons threaten Lateef Mohd khan with dire consequences. They introduced them self as Pakistan Talwar and some other times as Bharat Talwar in fluent and converse in pure Telugu language. They warned him in a demanding way to stop all his organization activities and to stop talking on issues related to civil Liberties and to stop conducting press conferences and issuing of statements to media. Further they warned him to resign from CLM C and its activities as otherwise they would kill lateef and whole of his family members by making the bodies into pieces. Immediately on this, Lateef Mohd Khan registered a complaint in the Police station. Even after he registered the complaint, given all phone and cell numbers, represented the matter before Chief Minister, Home Minister, DGP, Commissioner of Police, no action has been taken till date in spite of there being repeated directions of State Human Rights Commission, to provide the immediate protection to lateef. The Government is ignoring and the Police are neglecting the matter. A writ petition is also pending in the High Court in this regard. An interim direction is also given to Police to act upon his representations. But there is no action so far by the Police.
Again very recently, Lateef Mohd Khan started receiving death calls from the phone numbers 09948384255,08782202602,08691240101,08691241686 over the representation he made along with Gaddar, Kalyanarao and 3 others signed hereunder to the Home Minister at his residence on the night of 21 June 2006 on the alleged arrest and likelihood of fake encounter killing of Mr Sudhakar, a Maoist Party leader who participated in the aborted Talks with the Government. This time lateef was called by Nallamala Cobras,and Nallamalla Nalla thraculu who objects lateefs representation with Home Minister. If a lawful protest at the Home Minister is also becoming an objectionable activity where else can we go for justice? Who are these invisible Talwars and Cobras to question this? Or is it to silence democratic protesters and civil rights activists? Surprisingly, when all this was brought to the notice of the same Minister, Instead of taking action on the callers . The deliberate silence of the government and the intentional inaction of the police obviously show that there is a close nexus between them all and causes a great concern to all of us.
Our apprehension is not imaginary nor not for nothing, given the past experience of the Andhra Pradesh Police and the earlier incidents of killing of 6 Civil Rights activists from Dr Ramanatham to teacher Azam Ali. Particularly, in the recent experience of killings and attacks of several activists of Mass Organizations by this Cobras and Tigers the Police in action was blatantly evident. More over these killing gangs were operated from several districts and Lateef Mohd Khan received death calls from the same districts where earlier killings of Rights activists taken place. So, we apprehend the same danger to his life and liberty. Now, he is unable to go to school or move out freely.
It is unfortunate that those who defend the rights of others frequently become victims of human rights violations themselves. Lateef Mohd Khan case is exactly the same. The Department of Home Ministry of Government of Andhra Pradesh is failed to provide any protection, which is violation of its constitutional obligation of the state under Article 14, 19 and 21 towards its Citizens.
That is why, we are appealing to you all the enlightened people to come forward by giving signatures hereunder and Demand the Honble Chief Minister of Government of Andhra Pradesh to:
1. Protect the life and liberty of Lateef Mohammad Khan.
2. Give protection to Lateef either by way of providing armed policemen or by providing gun and according gun license to him.
3. Put an end to Cobras, Tigers & Talwars and trace them to take action as per law on those responsible for all such illegal activities and save the democratic space.

Send Email fax to [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
Fax no of chief Minister of A.p 040-23450270,040-23454828,Home Minister 040-23457687,Incharge Minister Mohd ali shbbir 040-23311519

Signed by

GADDAR (Revolutionary Poet) G.KALYANARAO.(R.Writer )
D.PUNNARAO(PDM) Advocate CH.PRABHAKAR.( right activist ) Advocate D.SURESH KUMAR .(civil Liberties activist)

Dr.Rehana sultana
President Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee

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