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1Animal discrimination

Knowing the declaration universal dos animal dos rights - DUDA- proclaimed by UNESCO, then the first article says: "all the animals are born equal before life and have the same rights ", thus I find inadmissible the fact of being made a law that even speaks in potentially dangerous animals because it doesnt exist, though, there are dangerous owners, happily there are already people who know that that is truth, some journalists already start to defend this ideia but they are not sufficient, unhappyly great part of this wrong information is gotten by the people through the television channels

When authorizing this definition the 1є article of the DUDA and also 14є "the rights of the animal must be defended by the law as the rights of the man" are violated. For example the birth of human twins, is proven that they have been educated in different places for different people and with different opinions they will become intellectually different beings, thus the only list that I find that I should exist is a list that punishes all that can violate articles 3є, 11є-against the cruelty, and against the death without necessity, of any animal, therefore the practised fines continue to compensate the crime otherwise they would not exist, by the way, the proof that the punishment is not the adjusted one, is of that the fighters give the face and say that they make it and continue to make, seems to me since the list would have to be extended for all the types of dogs that these people can use for the fights, stronger dogs, chip would have to be obligated for all the dogs that were born since the beginning of 2005
I do not understand because it is necessary to wait up to 2008 since the veterinarians easily know to place these devices, thus could be controlled the abandonment, reduce the expenditures with kennels and to get prescriptions of who violated the law I agree with the examination the owner, therefore I find that there are people that they cannot have animals . animals are smart and extremely easy to educate for the good as well as for the evil and many people, frustrated use the force of the dog, or then are irresponsible, they do not educate the dog and the dog becomes disobedient and possessive therefore ,it had never obeyed rules and it is accustomed controlling everything. dogs of the fights are normally abandoned to the end of some time and later these dogs that had been obliged to participate in the fights are crazy , and the owners are not penalized, because our law little or nothing decides and who suffers are the animals Therefore my proposal is that the new law is elaborated in set with Portuguese Liga of the Rights of the Animal - LPDA - that the list includes the dogs that can be victims of people with problems, that the tests are made annually and analyze
relationship of the dog with the owner, Meeting veterinarians annually to see the state of the animal, that the fights pass to be considered crime to the similarity of several other countries in the Europe where the fights are already disappearing.
We cant condemn a person by the way he/she looks right?
The people also have one 1st time to attack, it is not very rare hearing to say on other people "he/she was very calm"we cannot order to only arrest nobody because we have fear of this person an animal is not an aggressive potential and unhappyly this is the ideia that comes out. the majority has nothing against these dogs but has already heard things. to have something that if used will make wrong things is one thing , another thing is to have an alive being that is well-behaved and never hurt anybody is other different thing. The media transmit a bad side but they do not show the rescues made by these dogs, the dogs playing with children... when they are necessary they use it, but when its necessary to blame someone, they get the blame, there are millions of dogs of strong race spread by the world at this moment, to all, how many cases have you heard? And how many of them are truth?

But I say real cases not the one that a man had a cardiac attack and fell and the dogs were worried to see how he was, but clearly this part of the news, the man,the media were not interested , the goal was to alarm (if it was truth the son of man would not want to keep the dogs), there are no bad dogs, but bad owners, but the people speak seems that they know of what they are speaking, with certain they do not know any dog, nor any case, but they have heard to speak, we should not forget that dog that attacked a sheep, please, I have the surprising news, the dogs eat meat, and so do some people although they have alternatives. are we a dangerous race??????????????? who does not know does not say, and there are other dogs of other races that are bad, for example abandoned dogs, forms groups to survive, one more time the guilt is of the owners for having abandoned them, before speaking, the person must think . the owners make the dogs, and people should blame the owner .certain entities that are proud of teaching animals, they beat them , clearly thus it is wrong bad,
Some say that the living in an apartment makes animals unhappy, this is a lie, an animal wants company, affection does not want to be in one garden with 1 square meter and imprisoned . the number of animals of stronger races in the whole world compared with the number of animals that have already attacked, constitutes a reduced percentage, and the other races also attack, simply these cases are not so publicated. animals should be able to walk freely, since there are many public spaces and infantile parks where the animals are not allowed, only should have to walk on the leash on indicated zones; and would have to be allowed its entrance in commercial zones

2Animal fights

Is it possible that in a society that calls itself civilized still exist violence acts as is the case of the fights of animals? art???????
The art definition says: processes through which if reach the accomplishment of beautiful However what it can have of beautiful so great atrocity, so great crueltyis the suffering of others something pretty to see? Dont we want a better world? are we moving to see if destroy everything as fast as possible? Why did we domesticate animals? All and any form of entertainment of human beings that has as end the suffering of an animal is barbarous and after all sample that we are not to evolve but going back. the fight in the nature is given for the survival or the females, not because of the owners greed and mood, after all the animal is capable of sacrifice for the owner while that the owner prefers the money and does not worry about the animal capable of everything for its owner. After all that is to be rational, to take to the suffering of the others for pleasure and/or money? who has pleasure in this type of things? Arent there better things and cheaper or even free???? Who does not respect an inferior being then does not respect anybody .I think that the applied fines (when they are applied) are so low that it continues to compensate to practise these fights, thus the fines had to be bigger, instead of going up some taxes that are paid by the rich and the poor, people makes badly should pay more . the dogs had to be removed from the owners, anestesiando the dogs and taking the owners besides paying the fine, to work helping the animals and they could never again have animals
It should be necessary to make psychological tests to be owner of a considered strong animal and annually visit credential veterinarians to prove the animal was ok. Missing or presenting a dog with signs of bad treatment would make the owner not capable is having animals The register for chip, the selecction of creators (therefore unhappyly some think that to go to the native country of the animal it is to know everything on its race) the evaluations are the way, extinguishing a race because certain people do not know or does not have capacity to educate them, does not result because many of these animals are used, in the rescue of people .animals are not here for being explored but yes to live coexisting such as we The fights violate the article 3є and 10є of the DUDA the register for chip also allow to control, the abandonment, the accomplishment of psychological tests, relation with the owner and, of obedience to possess an animal of stronger race it would have to also be obligator. Visits the credential veterinarians would constitute the test of that the animal would be well, if were not to the veterinarian or presented signals of bad-treatments would lose the dog. The fights, the abandonment, and the promotion of the inaquality between the animals violates rticles 1є, 3є, 6є and 10є of the DUDA

3Animal suffering

Is incredible the capacity that the human beings have to invent ways to make to suffer an animal, since a simple fish that only for having a round aquarium makes bad to its eyes, to hamsters that somebody decided that was funny to have in a cage rolling in those things, and little value given to it when it dies .they just buy another one. and birds, how can anyone deprive an animal to use what it has to move itself, the wings? They never saw the joy with that 1 bird flies? Do they think that because it has food,they are happy they also have food living in freedom but it can fly. It should be forbidden to have any type of animal in a bird cage, human go imprisoned when they make any thing wrong and in Portugal never for life .animal that do not give work, the cats only need someone to put food, and are many abandoned , and everybody knows what happens if they dont find an owner. if they want an animal that makes more company then there is the dog that only needs affection and little more, (to take a walk makes good to your health) the important is that the animal feels loved and that it likes to be whereit is, many dogs in the Winter prefer the fireplace, not the street.... E the people who run over animals and nor stop, nor help ? to prevent them this, all the roads would have to be separate of the remaining portion for nets. I find that abandonment and maltreatment given to the animals, their use in shows would have to be punished, marking the animals with chip or tattooing, associating it it an owner and punishing.animals always suffer and the images dont show everything, and hide the truth but, animals dont like bing in the shows. also there are brands that try in animals its products and others use oil of animals in its perfumes because its cheaper than to use alternatives
The tests the animals should not be allowed, Had to be looked alternative to the tests in animals and, created subsidies for such. All entity that could not prove that it treated well the animals before and during death and capture, could not sell its products ,being this controlled one for specific associations. Animal testing should only be allowed when there are no possible alternatives, and in this cases, animals should be treated with the leat suffering posible.

4Animal prison

the circus, the total exploration of animals, they have to travel imprisoned, they eat where they make the necessities, are compelled to pass trough fire, how do you think they make an animal pass trough fire??????????and the zoos? There they separate animals of its families, many times with violence, after all animal traffic is forbidden but for certain entities its not. Species must be kept but preserving the local where they have freedom and a comfortable habitat we do not think about the evil that is beyond but we can confirm that really many of the activities that involve animals imply violence and the suffering of many animal. Violates the DUDA 3є 4є and 8є articles for humans the privation of freedom is so bad, that it is punishment, Zoos to function must have identical conditions to the originals, and the circuses would not be allowed to have animals, or at least they must more have pressed laws, and bigger fines, in respect to the treatment of the animals. Selling cages, would have to be forbidden in any place

5animal abandon
there are not enough hotels for dogs in Portugal that are accessible and economically reliable, the sensitization lack, there are many places where animals cannot enter creating a lack of human/animal sociabilization that can take to the fear of animals, in the school the only relationship with animals that can have is of animals in laboratory I do not understand why it is allowed that they are dissect animal without being an extreme case, when there are not possible alternatives and with ends of saving lives
it is not teached that the animal also suffers and it feels, the animal does not mind if the person is pretty, ugly, fat, lean, old or new,it only interests to it if the person is good, and they only ask for an affection,
the abandonment is not punished, nor controlled, to be owner of an animal, it must have the chip .dogs should be allowed to enter on a leash and it harnesses
restrictions yes, prohibitions not, we do not have of stand with the tobacco insidea public place? Thee are people with fear of animals, but there are also people with very bad aspect and that I cannot only arrest because I have fear or dont like. There should also be beaches where dogs could enter.
Stickers to place in the doors with the drawing of the animal so that in necessity case if people know what type of animal is inside and can for example be saved would have to be adopted
Abandonment leads to the increase of uncontrolled animals because they join to survive The abandonment is forbidden by the DUDA in the article 6є

The animals collected for the kennel would have to be sterilized and chiped, thus an owner who collected it would be responsible, and in case that this animal damaged or were abandoned, he could be punished. Many of the animals in the kennel canbe used as policial forces,etc..have to be created so that an abandoned animal who were adopted, its food/mainteinance must be had in account in the IRS and ther should be more spaces for them to play.

6Animal transportation

How is accepted that the animal that serves for food has to suffer since its born until and even while dies? Was not presumption the animals to have a worthy treatment? According to DUDA article 9є are animals supposed to make trips to the sun, without water, jammed in a truck where there is no space for a needle? That is dignity? Respect? It stops with who? prisoned by a leg, dragged, left without eating days and days, is it necessary? Isnt there anybody competent that likes animals that can work in the transport or inspection of conditions? Is not great the unemployment in Portugal? Then who is imcompetent must be substituted and if exists a law, why isnt it fulfilled? Because it is not possiblefor a person who sees a situation of these to bind for the policy and they came and charge fines that do not compensate the committed crime, great fines, that make some times the profit that would have if they treated the animals worthy? Who is responsible for the verification of its fulfilment ,why doesnt finish this situation? The ones with lower costs, if where the more painfull should be sold as more expensive if it is possible to kill an animal with the minimum of pain.Who controls the slaughter houses? Unhappyly today no one thiks about the others therefore the nature revolts itself. the cows insane, the nitrofuranos in the chickens, everything because the animals do not live like they should, How many timesyou put food in the plate and order outside? the ideia that a hot plate of knife and yoke is only healthful is wrong, for example red meat and potatoes you fry it is hot of knife and yoke, has cholesterol, but a soup, one sandwich of salmon has vegetables, proteins of the fish, cereals(every day you need calcium, proteins, carbon hydrates and fruit), when reducing the meat consumption, the space for the animals increases therefore is not necessary to create as much, the meat has many toxins and it is not necessary to live . the aviaries and etc, leave awful smells and destroy the environment, people make manifestations because they do not want aviaries near them, where should we put them? near me that dont eat meat? Simple patй compels animals to be filled with food until the stomach swelsl and they die that violates 5є article where it gives right to the animals to live consonant its natural longevity. Its necessary to remember that is with the sacrifice of an animal that some people are fed, there should be more fiscalization and punishment and also a moderate consumption of animals
certain products affirm that they treat the animals with dignity, giving adequate space to its growth, feeding, transport (in such a way in conditions as in number of transport hours) with the minimum of suffering possible; however, these companies are not many, and some do not have the certified stamp of the ministry, and when they have, these products are more expensive than the others, leading to, choosing these products, not also a question of will , but possibility, and the producers that more worse treat the animals can profit more, what does not seem ethical nor just. a quality stamp should be created, that guaranteed the fiscalization in the ways of treatment for veterinarians and that would be paid for the companies, but that all were obliged to possess, or either who opted to not placing this stamp would finish for paying very superior fines to the cost of the rank of the stamp.
more rigid rules in relation to this treatment and the fiscalization should be created

7fur coats
there are people that pay others to commit crimes, the animals are electrocuted, drowned, mutilated, only not to ruin the skin, but before this they are captured and they are trapped days with fear, to the hunger... Nowadays there are many good and cheaper imitations, then to use a coat of skins wants to say they have money to order people to kill and to make animals suffer? she has money to order to commit the crimes Because after all the synthetic skins are equally hot (many people in frozen countries that do not use skins, and they are living creaturse) and pretty, then the difference is in relation to the touch and of who she sees, therefore if a person wants to be noticed by the others to show that she has money to order to kill, then this is a futil.
After all who uses them, people that defends, "yes I am very sensible but its fashion", sensible only to fashion, I work hard (yes going to parties, and to show that it obtained money to pay an assassin more is a very difficult work), even with the hardest job on world could justify that they ordered to kill animals. Instead of using the fact that they are influent to change fashion, they do this. Fashion can change, death cant
There are also fur that are sold with very low prices,so it doesnt even represent any status, if you had to feel in your skin you wouldnt use it anymore. If it is logical to use skins of animals that had been died to serve of food, does not seem so logical ,create animals in needy conditions, to take them it an extreme suffering and later, to kill them of a form, not to reduce pain and suffering, but to use its skin to the maximum. It should be forbidden the use, commerce, importation, or exchange of utensils that were manufactured of animals, that are not used for national feeding. Already the existing ones, would be registred and the ones that were no registred and caught would lead to heavy fines and, the owner of had to deliver its goods derived from products of animals not used in the national feeding to the State. if the animal died of natural causes, animal rights institutions would certifie the product


tradition is the most invoked word, and if there are things that should be kept, others should be stopped .what is tradition?A custom that was kept during sufficient certain time? Then much of our society breaches with the tradition for good of all of us. marriages were arranged for the parents, some tribes to make drawings in the skin through cuts, etc only in countries of 3є world right? So why do they insist on keeping a so cruel act that is of aggression to an animal that reacts to the instinct and also many times the horses end up being punished art?????of what!? of cruelty? it is sad that it is legal, is sad that it remains, r they invent the animal does not feel nothing, if did not feel it wouldnt rebel . For the article 2є of the DUDA all the animal has the right of being respected, 3єno animal will be submitted to maltreatment nor cruel acts..

is it hard to arrest? Then and that article proclaimed for the right UNESCO of the DUDA, number 14є them of the animal must be defended by the law as the rights of the man, isnt no one defended or is there discrimination
For beyond these still violates 10є article that forbidens the exploration of an animal for amusement of the man people get surprised when an animal jumps the walls of the enclosure for bullfighting and attacks . then they go to the hospital occupy vacancies of the ones that got sick without hurting anyone and who pays? me and all, I that do not agree with no type of bullfight. since something hurts the others had to be forbidden and finished, the fight between an irrational being and a supposedly rational one is unjust, if they are not cowards, go an run away from then on the streets join themselves and practise boxe as sport, if they want adventure go to scale the Everest, make bungee jumping, fights the crime etc, want fellowship join social causes and they will gain many friends. If it doesnt hurt to it to yourselves
We all have to die, but all want this to be the as late as possible . Or we choose the good, and we try that we all have a worthy life, or if we choose the evil, and people commit murder , in a few days, there is no life its a choice between good and evil, and who chooses the evil is not sick? I dont feel sorry for those that enter in bullfights hypocritical show , thay make this and participate in social causes, a social cause is not to maltreat the others, do nothing and you are helping, they do not know for what bulls are for if they were not for the bullfights and bullfighters, are bulls best friends . I also do not know what are bullfighters for and I dont put myself inventing ways to be cruel to them, and with friends like this, who needs enemies? Because the bullfights could exist (even though, in my opinion, the use of an animal for amusement, is not acceptable) but being adapted, so that the animal did not feel pain, placing for example a very thick cushion so that it never reached the animal. If really the interest is to see an animal to bleed and to suffer, then I do not perceive what motivations exist for this being kept. Serial killers also have taste in that they make, also like to see its work, which is the difference for a bullfighter? or for those that look? if they like to see the violence and the suffering of the others they have the same mentality,it is not fo,r not having an apparent function that we must maltreat somebody,
There are a lot of better things without hurting nobody, dont they have anything better to make finally the loving ones of tradition, why not to be enslaved? It was a custom at that time...... You do not make to the others what you do not like that they make you .
it is certain that all we have to die, but it does not have to be know and all want to die with the minimum of possible suffering . the animals have right to a worthy life.
Men have the duty to preserve specie and to give dignity to it All the arguments of who defend the bullfights pass for the human interest and always harm the animal. The animals have right to a worthy life, and if it there are many traditions that disappear, why is this kept?
And the partys they do in honor to God, do they think that God, that created life, and the world, needs someone to kill anyone for him? Sacrifice is what is hard for us, not for the others

9Animal traffic

Animal traffic is an act that has fines little weighed, and the practitioners of this contraband, continue to see a compensation in the practise of these crimes. I also suggest that the fines increased a lot for this type of crimes, all the crimes that attempted against others for money would have very high fines, so that it did not compensate to practise theme. every crime against others, should have very high fees, and more control, more cameras at the airports, all the movement of animals would have to get authorizations of different entities.
everyone that does this crimes doesnt respect something that belongs to the world , to all of us and should be punished not only for the agression to an animal, wich is very serious, but also for the destruction of the patrimony how many animals die, so that one is captured? And the animal that doesnt die, will live the rest of his life in a cage, suffering. Being superior, doesnt give us the right to kill others or making them suffer .thats what makes us superior, otherwise, we are below them.


I am in favour that of that the strolls should be clean, but also I am in favour of taking dogs to walk without having to catch the necessities therefore, the retraction of the necessities is made in a bag, that go for the garbage, having thus disabled its bio degradation .although not everyone knows how to live with others that are not themselves , nobody wants the garbage treatmens next to their door, then, the amounts of plastic bags produced world-wide and daily for all the dogs, with certain will contribute to the global increase of garbage
The dejects of dogs, obviously have dangerous bacteria, but to widen the areas for its retraction, leads only to an increase of control lack, because there are serious crimes that happen daily and I prefer to have security in the streets, in stead of people watching the owners of the dogs. to create animal gardens alone to play,owners to prefer to go there, around amusements of the children, they put nets, in the area more close, create a smaller space where the parents can play with the children and the dogs (because it is good for children to play with animals)and, there, if the animals make dirty, the owners clean, and later they create another zone, for where the dogs can go untied to play, without the owners having to catch anything, there are many years with animals making the things in grass and nor grass is ruined, nor the gardens had become places not to go. we must arrange way to coexist all without harming nobody. In the strolls, there yes, it should be forbidden e, the motodogs (machines that catch) or the owners can collect, because the owners of the dogs, pay annually, a tax of ownership, and circulation, that can pay perfectly for this, and because, it is a tax that only serves to give profit to the chambers, since it does not give any special rights. The people have to pay to have a dog , even if this represents a reduction of animals in the kennel.
The solution does not pass by the retraction, but by he separation of spaces. There are no memory of a great illness that has been caught because the animals make the necessities in the grass.


There must be an intervention in relation to the smokers, who pollute, thus the taxes on the tobacco would have to be bigger, and, if it was possible to arrange a catalyst , that minimized the smoke. its consumption in all public places, since gardens to institutions, should be forbidden . pollution has been increasing, and some times people do it because they dont respect the others, nor the environment.there should be a subject in school to teach respect for orthers . the fines should be bigger.
12Fire prevention
people in strategical areas, to control the minimum signal, and also very important the linkings of the roads with the forests must have a separation therefore also there are people that launches its cigar and does not think about what its doing, if it is a protected area, and burns it can not be sold , its reforested


Recycling should be more stimulated, and people more elucidated for the importance of the recycling; the packings should have the colour of the corresponding place to recicle. The places where harmful grass grows, should be used to place there fruit trees, or to make, gardens, or loan to the people with little ownerships so they could cultivate them and remove food from there.

There should be an European model of financial management, where there were established priorities in the expense of the money, if there was lack of money, not to buy more expensive new cars, for example... the European commission says that or Portugal increases some taxes or takes them off for complete, so Portugal increases, but what the European commission forbidens and says that we have to finish, there they dont worry in fulfilling them, for example, the car taxes

Why is that , that Europe, has given so many times , time extension for Portugal to charge taxes, when we buy a new car?we have the lowest minimum wage, and our life cost is brutal, and our governors still buy big and expensive cars. Why dont you do anything, because we all in Portugal, have to pay for this.
I also dont understand why it is allowed for Portugal to forbid, some companies (Portuguese and foreign) to expand for certain areas. Isnt this against loyal competition? Cant you do something? What can we do?

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