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The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan
New Delhi

Your Excellency
We are a group of professionals from Bihar comprising of members of the Bihari online group, an independent non political citizens network
( ) who write to you with a request to intervene in the current turmoil facing Bihar and save the state. Bihar faces the following problems:

1. Wretched Law & Order
The law and order situation in the state has deteriorated ever since the present administration took power. Inter caste massacres and murders are the norm in the state and the government does nothing. Rapes and kidnappings have increased phenomenally and often take place in broad daylight with the connivance or the coincidental absence of the state police. If this were not enough, the police in the state has gone trigger happy on innocent civilians in order to remove the blot in its record and absolve itself of the charges of inaction.

On at least two occasions which happened in the jurisdiction of the Shastrinagar Police Station of Patna and the Manjhaul Police Outpost in Begusarai district, the police is alleged to have killed innocent civilians. In Patna, a supposed dreaded gangster turned out to be a student who had just arrived from Delhi while in Manjhaul, the dreaded gangsters turned out to be a couple of youth who were returning from a marriage engagement. This aggressiveness of the police may be contrasted with its indecision on the issue of Kanchan Mishra. Kanchan Mishra, a housewife, was kidnapped in broad daylight in the capital city of Patna by Sultan Mia, a gangster owing allegiance to Mohammad Shahabuddin, a criminal don in the district of Siwan. The same police claims that it has no idea about the whereabouts of the woman. A team led by Pushpa Advani of the National Council of Women which came to inquire about the issue drew a blank from the local police.

Kidnapping has become a big "industry" and local businessmen are harassed and money is extorted from them. Now even IAS officers have become the target of extortionists. In this situation the plight of the common man who neither has money or the political clout can only be imagined. The police and the state administration have turned a blind eye to the problem. Businessmen have given several lakhs of rupees to free themselves from the clutches of kidnappers. Many thousands have actually relocated from the state. It is estimated that in the decade that Mr.Laloo Yadav ruled Bihar, nearly 10,000 businessmen left the state permanently.

As may be expected, robberies and murders are extremely common and the looted articles are never found nor the gang members apprehended. This is prevalent throughout the state and especially in the capital city of Patna. It is widely believed that the police and the politicians of the regime of Laloo Yadav and Rabri Devi give shelter and support to criminals who engage in such activities. Due to this, the citizens of the state have restricted their movements and keep their doors well barred. Not surprisingly this has hampered business as well.

Honest people who have tried to stem the rot have been killed. The honest forest officer of Rohtas district, Sanjay Singh who took on the mining and forest mafia alone and unaided was killed. He had received many threats and attempts had been made on his life. Yet no protection was provided to him despite repeated requests on his part. Indeed he was a thorn on the side of the corrupt administration and it was ensured that his attackers would have a free hand while encountering him. It needs to be stated that when his distraught wife phoned the chief minister after learning that he had been kidnapped, she was told that the chief minister was busy with her lunch and could not be contacted. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Bihar burns while Ms Rabri Devi has her lunch!

2. Complete Lack of Development
Bihar has not seen any development work in the past decade. No new roads have been built nor have the damaged ones been repaired. The result is that the infrastructure in the state is in a state of complete shambles. The bridge on the river Ganga Mahatma Gandhi Setu is in dire need of repairs and expansion. But repairs are piecemeal and bottlenecks continue as before. The bridge was scheduled to have a railway track too but nothing has been heard on the proposal right after 1987. This is the state of the largest river project in the world so the condition of lesser roads and bridges can only be imagined.

Bihar is situated in the plain of the Ganga and her tributaries and therefore should not face any water problems. Yet water scarcity is an issue in many parts of the capital city of Patna which incidentally is situated on the banks of the Ganga. Many localities of the city do not get water for days at a stretch and repeated dharnas and chakka jams by the residents have no effect on the state administration. The supply facilities remain the same as three decades ago and no new facilities have been added.

Electricity is another issue and several villages in the state are not even connected to the electricity grid. Power cuts to the tune of several hours in the day are common while in some places, the time period of the electric connection can be measured in minutes. There are no electric power plants and there are no plans to establish even one as yet.

Floods are common and an annual occurrence. Crores have been spent on embankments by the irrigation department, to no effect. The reason is that this money has been gobbled up by scamsters. In a state where the chief minister's husband has been implicated in a scam, the chances of any apprehension of sundry scamsters are nil.

3. No Encouragement to Industry
The lack of development is paralleled by a complete lack of interest in developing any industries and help unemployed youths gain any employment. While other states especially the south forge ahead in specialized fields, there is complete absence of any industries in this regard in Bihar. Even the prevailing ones have not been given any help and have been allowed to fall into stagnation. Recently the Indian Express did an expose on the employees of state undertakings in Bihar who had not been paid any salaries for over 10 years. Several of these employees have committed suicide. It was even admitted by the state government that the suicides were due to the lack of payment of salaries but no steps have been taken since then. The state government has not even taken action on auctioning the assets of the state industries so that the poor employees could gain some income and pay off the debts they have accrued over the years.

The private sector is in an equally bad state. Now that there are no big industries and industrialists, small businesses have borne the brunt. Recently Laloo Yadav's daughter was married off. Henchmen of his brothers in law raided the offices of several car dealers and forcibly took away their vehicles to `service the guests'. Marriages in the family of Mr.Yadav and his supporters are a cause of much terror among vehicle owners because the vehicles are seized from their owners with the state police acting as silent spectators. The same practice occurs during the time of elections when cars running on the roads are seized for election duty by political parties.

Small scale industrial units are suffering due to government apathy. The government does not even have the pretence of listening to the concerns of industry and it seems that even the task of policy making is beyond the capacity of the present government. Instead gala events like an IT conference are resorted to in order to meet criticism. After such conferences are over their recommendations are placed in the dustbin.

4. Neglect of Human Resources
Human Resources are said to be the best asset of any region and enlightened governments take special steps to improve the skills and potential of human resources. Far from improving human resources, the Bihar government has engaged in deliberate ruination of whatever exists. The education system of the state received a big jolt in the 1970s under the Congress chief minister Jagannath Mishra whose interventions to reward his supporters and cronies threw the education system out of gear. Since then the situation has gone from bad to worse. The current administration has perpetrated several scams in education. Recently the governor of Bihar blew open the lid on a scheme which had led to illegal appointments in educational posts.

Several universities in Bihar run on paper and produce spurious certificates which are not recognized anywhere in India. The main universities themselves which were once the pride of Indian learning now lie in shambles. Patna's Science College, Patna College, Patna Medical College and the College for Arts and Crafts are now in academic ruins. The teachers go unpaid for several weeks if not months. Appointments to the posts are rarely made on time. Often posts are not even sanctioned and the government pays no attention to the problems being faced by teachers and students. Hostels and educational institutions have become the den of several criminals and student politicians who have every aim other than studies or career advancement.

The result is that the vast majority of students leave the state in search of higher education and careers. All the members of this Bihari group, for example, comprise of professionals who had to leave the state for higher studies and jobs.

It should be clear from the above account that there is no will on the part of the state government to improve matters. In fact there is every evidence that there is a will to engage in deterioration of whatever exists in order to satisfy the petty pockets of political

We therefore earnestly request you to actively intervene to save the state from turmoil and rescue it from the clutches of the current crop of politicians.

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  • 02 January 2016600. Amit S
    I support this petition
  • 25 December 2015599. Indian Orr
    Jab tak Bihar ka shaasan Rabri jaisi RANDIYON ke haath mein hain, Bihar ka kuchh bhalaa nahee ho saktaa
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    Let there be light at the end of tunnel. Bihar is in the era of gloom and darkness. Please help it regain its lost glory Address Patna
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    It is high time that we Biharis do something constructive for our MATRIBHOOMI. This would be a bold first step !
  • 08 October 2015590. Rakesh Myers
    hope to see a developing bihar
  • 07 October 2015589. Rohit G
    I support this petition
  • 03 October 2015588. Amit K
    Save the State, Bring the past glory.
  • 13 September 2015587. Nilesh S
    Bihar - worst form of democracy
  • 23 August 2015586. Ritesh K
    Sir,my hearty congratulations to ufr ur vision.Hope none of us(biharis)shold be found wanted in doing something worthwhile fr our state,inorder to make it a place to live in,and bring it into reckoning with other so called developed states both within and
  • 12 August 2015585. Nawendu B
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    It's High time somebody did something about Bihar.
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  • 06 July 2015579. Rakesh J
    BIHAR needs massive effort at all fronts for improving from this situation
  • 01 July 2015578. Jameel A
    All people should stand together to throw such politicians!! Address Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
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    couldn't agree more Address ny, usa
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